Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You are so Papansin!

Pansinis vs. Papansin

Are you an attraction or distraction? Here, the little ways you can tell


-Speaking up and taking part in the conversation
-Wearing shorts and wedges to show off your legs
-Socializing in a Party
-Adopting a take-charge attitude
-Complimenting someone on her/his appearance or great work (Good Job)


-Hogging the Conversation with your derailed monologue (Like one of my ……)
-Wearing tight hot pants to show off your butt cheeks
-Social Climbing in a Party
-Adopting a know it all attitude ( I know someone……like this )
-Patronizing someone for her appearance or great work

Well … now tell me are you Pansinin or PaPamPam (Papansin)

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