Friday, July 18, 2008

FHM Victory Party

whaaaa... IM VIP! yeah again im VIP for this event, yap.... really now!!!
we know naman na lahat ng event i have acess eh.... yeah that the use of ganda lang!! un like some people.... hahahahah
show starts at arounf 8.30 ata, yeah kasi naman nung nakapasok ako saw some friends like Margo GMA7 Stylist, then Bruce of PBB short talk with him asking me kung nasan si Bea bakit hindi ko kasama, I saw Gail Nicolas also number 63 for FHM.

Tha Party is ok... kakaloka lang yung mag outfit nila very very whaaaaa.... the fuck hahahahahah i really really love it!

i think natapos yung show ng mga 12am. grabee... the good thing also with this event is yung place for VIP and normal tickets is hiwalay i mean other side yung mga VIP's then other side yung mga normal

Daming cutie as in some professional cutie... thats hot!

eto pa... did you know na i did not bring my cam.... hay wala lang kasi ayaw ko mag dala ng bag thats why i did not bring my cam.

its all good kasi my cam phone naman ako na pwd na rin to take pictures. hehehehehe love it! i really really had fun!!!! next event BENCH

for more pic.

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