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Classic pieces for the frugal shopper

Must being frugal prevent you from being a fashionista? Of course not! You can easily update your wardrobe with the latest trends (even from some high-street brands) if you know the basic items to have and where to get them.

Look a million dollars at minimum expense. This doesn’t even mean buying cheap clothes. Lucy Torres herself told FemaleNetwork that we must buy even just a few classic, quality pieces instead of a lot of cheap disposable ones.

A term used now is “credit-crunch shopping” (or buying fewer but better quality clothes that give maximum return on your money). According to an article in TimesOnline, you must choose pieces that are best in value in terms of quality (will last for more than a few washes), versatility (can stand alone and go with anything), and capacity to update your look (must never go out of style). The article suggests visiting high-street labels Zara, Topshop, Banana Republic, The Gap, and Marks and Spencer when you want to do some CC shopping.

In the list below, high-profile stylist and boutique owner Dawn Del Russo tells what fashionista pieces you must have to look fabulous at “frugalista prices”:

Accessories. Check out local stores for glam accessories that don’t cost much. Layer necklaces (with some pieces from your mom or lola’s jewelry box) or create your own by stringing together funky beads into a bracelet or necklace, and you add instant spunk to your look.

Sunglasses. In a tropical country as ours, having a pair of shades is essential all-year-round. Didn’t you notice it adds instant star-power to your look (the way it does to celebrities who hide under them)? There are a lot of chic pairs to choose from in department stores and local boutiques that will cost you less than P500.

Heels. If you’re not used to wearing heels (at least three inches, mind), maybe the notion that they are wardrobe essentials that upgrade your look for less will change that. They make your calves look slimmer and add instant oomph to a t-shirt-and-jeans attire.

“It” Bag. It need not be a designer bag. Just research on the designer labels’ trims, buttons, straps, zippers, and colors and get the affordable version of the trends. Never sport the fake versions, please. If you can’t afford the real thing then never even attempt to go faux. Check out showbiz magazines to see what celebrities are carrying and take a cue.

Denim. This has always been a wardrobe essential that can last a long time. Look for a great pair from stores like Levi’s or Guess (which are on sale now until August 31).

Coat and blazers. Especially with the cold weather following the rainy season, this is the time to invest in outerwear pieces that instantly add sophistication to a basic outfit. Try buying a double-breasted coat or over-sized knit sweater from The Gap, a bomber jacket from Topshop, or a jacket with military detailing from Zara.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicane Live on Stage

Sept. 27. 2008 saturday!
world Trade center

Tickets and VIP Tables

Preselling Tickets available at all
Folded and HUNG
Music One
O-video and Muisc

more info soon....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Majo's Baby Shower

Its my first time to attend "Baby Shower" as in kasi naman some of my barkada walang ganto kaya naman first time ko umattend.....

Its Majo's Baby Shower Party Today at her place in Molave, Merville Park Paranaque.

i think around 7.00pm ako dumating, at firts sobrang shy ako.... until Mae one of Majo's friends welcome me then i ask Majo agad. we went inside na, then i saw Majo na "OMG... Maj your so big..." hahahah malamang she's buntis... yun then yung mom nya nag hi and etc

yun lang we had chat lang about the father of her baby and soon to be my inaanak... hay kung alam nyo lang yung ginawa nung dad nakakaloka... anyways ayaw ko kwento....

i had fun naman kasi nakita ko again si majo.... the party is ok kahit na 3 people lang kilala ko hahahaha actually 5 dapat yung dalawa umalis na!!!! hahahaha anyways... yun nga... i love the cake so cute hahaha food are masarap.

the finale.... its a GIRL... hahahaha

to my friend majo.... basta im just here lang for you no matter what happen..... ingatan mo inaanak ko ahhhh....

thanks thanks thanks

Project Runway Philippines Ep.4 (

Is it just me or is Aries the designated “star” to start the show? (rofl)

It’s sort of funny, but I just hope it won’t be repetitive, ’cause it can be slightly boring too.

Moving on…

Early in the morning, there was a huge buzz about the usage of a tank top by Veejay and Bo in their “hip-hop” dress. Eli and some of the designers agreed that it’s a technical foul ’cause it wasn’t a part of their design, and it’s obviously a garment, not an accesory.

Now to the runway room, Teresa ordered them - not to go to SoFA - but to go home and have some fun. All of them were delighted, but things won’t be happening as they expected it to be. The designers went to TRIbeca Private Residences in Sucat, Muntinlupa to have some relaxation and take away some stress, but then sparks flew between Eli and Veejay while they were in the same table. According to Eli, Veejay started it by saying bad things about his work history. Veejay said to Aries: “Magaling ka pala noh, hindi ka pa pala nasisisante sa pinagtratrabahuhan mo as a teacher.” Aries replied: “Why would I be fired? I’m in demand.” Aries then realized, those words weren’t for him, but for Eli. On the other face of the crime, Veejay said he was annoyed by the different names Eli’s calling him, like ‘horse’, ‘cheater’, and ‘butiki‘. Veejay then commented that Ivan and Charette also used leggings as part of their dress. Ivan replied that they had permission from the management. Veejay then said he didn’t know that he still needs to ask permission from the production staff.

The designers then became like strangers to each other for a while. They took a rest in the couch, when suddenly their models appeared and jumped to the pool. Seeing the models, they had a feeling that there’s going to be a catch, and it turned out there was. (Well, there’s no such as a break as long as they’re not having KitKat.) After playing volleyball in the pool with the models, Teresa appeared in a dress that looks like a watermelon. The models lined up, and by that it can only mean one thing, they have to choose their model for the next challenge. The last two models were Francy and Sally, Eli chose Lord’s previous model Sally. Francy was eliminated as a result.

After eating together, Teresa appeared again with Trina Abola from Nesvita. Trina announced what their challenge is going to be.

Challenge: Design an outfit for the beach that can be used as day wear and be transformed into nighttime.

Twist: Nesvita colors must be used. (Green, a touch of Yellow and Pink).

The winner of Miss Earth Philippines 2008 will also wear the winning outfit.

Teresa pointed two cavanas in the end of the pool. Inside, are the items they’re going to use. They’ll be given five minutes to grab everything they can, within those time, they can also exchange with the other designers. Philipp was the unlucky one, he arrived last, and so he got the leftovers (Ms. Loida’s curse!).

After they have settled, Teresa announced that they’re going back to SoFA immediately to start doing their challenge. All of them were stressed out, and as expected, unhappy.

In the workroom, there’s no bad atmosphere between Veejay and Eli anymore. Which is a good thing, ’cause other designers can be affected as well while doing their work if they continue being childish. Jojie then came and did his job as their mentor. The next day, he had a private conversation first with Veejay, and then Eli. He told each one of them, that even without the tank top in Veejay’s dress, it is still superior to Lord’s outfit. Jojie added that Mara (in episode one) and Ava (in episode two) also used leggings (which wasn’t sewn by them) in their previous works. Both designers agreed, and everything was concluded as it should’ve been.

To the Runway…

Guest judge: Trina Abola

I was impressed by the ‘transformation’ effects by some of the clothes, even though I can’t seem to like the episode (I sorta felt the stress the designers have, especially Mara’s.)

My ratings:


Ivan - I like that his dress can be worn in different looks and style.
Aries - He constructed it well, and besides the idea of the jacket turning to a bag, the look is really eye-catching.
Average: Jaz - She’s the only one who did a formal gown, which of course sets apart from the rest.


Philipp - The upper part looks hard and tight.
Charette - The fabric of the dress looks like a paper bag.
Veejay - The swimsuit is just unattrative, and the design of the dress isn’t something to be amazed.
Winnie - The top looks thin, and the bottom was big, wrong proportion.
The judges faves were Ivan, Jaz, and Aries. They liked what Ivan has shown them while he kept on changing the look of his dress. Jaz’s gown was something Miss Earth would love to wear, commented by Ms. Trina from Nesvita. While Aries` dress looked very fresh and modern. What sets these three apart from the other designs is that there’s no need to remove the whole dress just to reveal the bikini. It’s just one single dress, do a simple trick and taa-daa, you can wear it for day or night.

Philipp, Charette, Veejay, and Winnie got the low scores. Philipp’s dress looks like a costume, and looked halloween all over ‘again’, said by Apples. Charette’s outfit looks like an apron, again commented by Apples, and it was ‘nakakalungkot bukod sa nakakatakot‘ (sad besides being scary), said Mr. Laurel. The most disappointing of all the designers was Veejay, he made a bikini that shows too much skin. From someone who had a lot of experience, it was a huge slap to the judges. Lastly Winnie, she on the other hand had a good comment from Apples, telling her that she sees hope from her. Though, as Rajo said, coming from a young lady designer like her, the design isn’t flattering.

Winner: Aries
Out: Charette

Charette being out is really unexpected, but sadly it was her time.

We now have the top 10, but I’m more interested who’s going to enter the top seven. Because it will show who are the top designers, and the bottom-half from fourteen competitors who joined the show.

Is it love or lust? How to tell if it's just a booty call

How do you tell if a man is really interested in you…or in going to bed with you?

At some point in a woman’s life, she would really meet a man who, one way or another, would go to great lengths just for a booty call or no-strings-attached sex. In a moment of weakness, some women really do fall for the act—and end up regretting it. So beware of these men and be among the smart ones who elude them. Here are the red flags to take note of:

He only calls late at night. “Late night calls do not equal serious intentions,” reads the article “10 Signs a Man is Not Ready to Commit.” If he only calls late at night, shouldn’t that make you wonder what he could possibly be doing between 8AM to 9PM? Surely, at some point between those hours, he’ll find the time to call or at the very least exchange a few text messages with you. Unless he has a really strict or erratic schedule, if the man has any respect for you, he will call you in a reasonable hour.

He Only Comes to See You Late at Night. He is always too busy to come see you during the day, but as soon as it gets dark (or sometimes in the wee hours of the morning) he’s suddenly at your doorstep—or inviting you to meet up. Similar to late night calls, unless he has a pretty good excuse not to see you during the day, don’t fall for it. The biggest giveaway: the venue. Is it always either at your house or his—behind closed doors? If a guy is truly into you, he will make an excuse to see you during the day.

He is totally focused on your looks and body—and not on anything you have to say. tells men that it’s lust if they only care about a woman’s looks and body, already fantasizing about what it would be like to have sex with her. Take a hint. Are you barely talking when you’re out together, and you only see him staring mesmerized at your face—and other parts of your body for that matter? Don’t be fooled; it’s not pure-hearted adoration, trust us. Does he seem bored or irritated when you’re hanging out in a place and situation that could not possibly lead to some action? Or can he go for days or weeks without talking to you? If you answered “yes” to these, whatever he has for you can only be lust.

He does not do things that indicate he’s in love with you. In the same article, lists signs that a man is falling for a woman. If he’s not doing any of the things that spell he’s in love with you—such as finding you beautiful even when you look your worst, wanting to spend so much time with you no matter the activity or time of day, introducing you to his family and friends, among other things—and instead does the red flags we’ve listed above, you know what to do: get out of that potential mess.

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Club Bureau

ri Aug22, 2008 , The place is CLUB BUREAU this is where you want to be as they unveil their Hottest Club in Makati.

a true Night of the Sexiest House Tracks.


The First 100 to present the flyer will come in for Free ( valid till midnight )
Door charges Php 300 inclusive of 2 Free Drinks

For VIP reservation contact the club
we Live to party !

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pinoy Idol Finale!

after ng birthday ni Jei i went to Mall of Asia SMX for the Pinoy Idol Finale..... hahahaha pagud na pagud ako

kaloka im with Tria, Lenz my barkada, kasi naman you know naman kung sino kasali sa pinoy ideol dba one of my frien Walton na asawa ni tria

anyways, i dont like the stage ang chaka, the place sosyal kaso i dont like the set up eh....

hay! kaloka.... nag perform lahat ng natanggal.... then yung final 3 tapos nag award tapos yun na...

guest rin nila ang Pupil, Rivermaya, Callalily then Luke, Hadji, Duncan Ramos, i dont know pa yung iba eh... wala lang... hay...

I dont like the nanalo... really i dont like her... rich lang kasi eh... hay anyways... yun yun lang!

Happy Birthday Jei

whaaa its Jei's GV day!!! love it!! what will i do should i go to his Birthday celebration or what? mmmmmm???? no idea!

the party was like 9.00 as in maaga.... i dont know kung punta ako kasi sobrang i dont have tulog dahil galing akong bar.... hmmm....

Mark Abellon, Kat and Tots was like sobrang nag text sa akin kung punta ako... hmmmm yeah may be i think....

yesterday like mga 8.30 after downloading some songs for my IPOD, napag isipan kung mag punta yeah fine!!! hahaha kasi alam ko i have lakad pa..... its PINOY IDOL FINALE gv gv lang nga...

birthday bi Jei saan? Burby's lang naman, yeah not so good place but its fine lang, kumain na kasi sila YELLOW CAB, then drink drink na lang....

yun na nga drink drink drink na nga....

tots, sinabi nya bili daw kami ng cake for him sabi ko gv lang, ayun bili naman kami ng cake for him... natuwa naman sya hahahaha!!!!

anyways the birthday is not a normal bday party na pinuntahan ko... but then again i really really had fun kasi lahat adik sa picture... gv lang yun nga pero sobrang nag enjoy ako as in!!! hahahahaha

thanks Jei Happy Happy birthday again!

Dealing with office romance (baby James????)

“Don’t sh*t where you eat” is what they all say.

Yet one way or another, a lot of us can still say “been there, done that” when it comes to office romance. Only the experience differs, of course. A lot of people would not recommend romance in the workplace for a lot of reasons. Yet others can attest they have found their true love (life-long partners, even) at work. Given this, is it worth a try?

To ensure your relationship with a co-worker ends up a success (or would at least have a clean ending, sans anyone getting fired or resigning), here are a few rules to observe:

1. "One year rule." recommends adhering to this rule “by gradually letting a workplace or business acquaintance become a friend. Even then, try to keep it a casual, non-intimate friendship.” They also caution against getting into this tricky situation when you are new in the office.

2. Too small for comfort. The article “The dangers of dating a coworker” lists the potential benefits and disasters of having an office romance, cautioning against it in a small- to medium-size office environment since that’s where it is most potentially disastrous; everyone is bound to know about it sooner or later and will certainly get on your case. Horrible downsides (like ugly public quarrels and losing concentration at work) also tend to outweigh all perks.

3. Keep it professional. “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers” author and career consultant Andrea Kay shares with, “My best advice is if you're going to embark on a relationship with someone you work with, you absolutely need to keep it professional. Otherwise, you open it up to offending others, letting your decisions be based upon the personal relationship as opposed to what's best for the job or the project you're working on." Andrea also believes you can offend people through public displays of affection, so avoid these at all costs (hand-holding, mushy e-mails, and make-out sessions included).

Don't allow the romance to distract you from what you should be doing in the office: your job.
4. Stay real. An article by Denise Kersten for USA Today advises that you must not lose touch with reality. Don’t allow the romance to distract you from what you should be doing in the office: your job. Do other activities away from the office so your relationship will not revolve around it.

5. Be discreet yet honest. The “Office romance survival guide” by Caro Handley tells us that the “key to successful office romance, whether it lasts or not, is how you handle it at work.” The article advises readers to be discreet by only meeting up after work at a place far from the office and not flaunting the relationship around the workplace (especially through favoritism). It also maintains that both parties should be honest enough to admit the truth to people when asked, but to spare them the details. And after a break up, “avoid drama and resist revenge”—this includes resisting the urge to bad-mouth the other person.

Now you know better, ladies. We won’t tell you to drop that blossoming office romance; just make sure when you're getting into one, you remember these rules.

Would you recommend romance in the workplace? Tell us why or why not!

David Cook live in Manila

David Cook’s rendition of many hits most especially Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” made him be loved by many Filipinos. In fact, few days after performing that particular song over the seventh season of American Idol, it made it’s way to the top spots of Philippine music charts. With his great popularity in the Philippines, if he’s gonna do a concert here, for sure it will be another event that everybody shouldn’t miss. In a recent interview with a US-based radio station, Chum FM, David Cook will be doing a concert in the Philippines some time in January 2009. “We actually just booked my first show, post-idol, January 27 from the Philippines,” said Cook. Cook, together with other American Idol contestants, is touring the rest of the U.S. for a series of shows.

Fashion Watch: Wearable shapes

Rajo Laurel recently unveiled his Shapes Collection in the third series of the 2008 Fashion Watch Quartet.

Models draped in conceptual yet wearable creations paraded around the Lobby Lounge of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Called “Shapes” for their obvious geometric inspiration, the collection features colorful yet elegant dresses and shimmering harem pants that complement a wide range of body types.

Provocative new campaign for Levi's 501

Levi’s went bold, provocative, and unconventional in its new campaign for the iconic Levi’s 501 collection, “Live Unbuttoned,” launched worldwide simultaneously yesterday.

Pegged to be the next big Levi’s campaign after the Clayman advertisements in 1995 (wherein clay figures starred in the global commercials for Levi’s 501 buttonfly line), “Live Unbuttoned” features three sizzling TV commercials that may spawn some controversies for their uninhibited themes.

Are you a stalker-girlfriend?

There is such a thing as a woman’s intuition, wherein we know, we just know, when our man is cheating on us. Yet there is a thin line that separates this from simply being too paranoid—and that’s the sheer lack of trust in your partner.

Dating coach David Wygrant names six relationship-ending behavior you must avoid at all cost (apart from cheating, of course). Trust is one of the strongest foundations of a relationship, and anything that would threaten or ruin this could spell the end of your relationship. So based on David’s list, assess yourself by answering the following:

1. Are you checking his email, his phone, or his Friendster account for suspicious names and messages?
2. Are you telling “white lies” to prevent your partner from being hurt by the truth—or simply to avoid a heated argument?
3. Are you snooping around your partner’s private things (i.e. his wallet, drawer, private records—even mobile phone bills?)
4. Are you stalking your own boyfriend—by driving by his house, checking if he’s at work, or worse, following his car?
5. Are you asking one or more of your friends to spy on your partner during a gimmick, listen in on his conversations, or gather information about him for you? Or do you actually request that they take photos of him for you while he’s out?
6. Do you call or text him excessively to check up on him? Did you ring his phone at least 10 times when he still won’t pick up or reply to your messages?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these self-evaluation questions, get a grip on yourself and think of the consequences of your actions. Assess if you are being reasonable or just paranoid. By losing trust in him, you will eventually cause him to lose trust in you—ruining a potentially beautiful relationship. Don’t let that fault fall upon you, no matter what.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

How do you know a relationship is turning out to be really bad for you?

We recently got to chat with someone who has been in an on-again-off-again relationship for the past five years. All their friends have been advising them to finally go their separate ways, yet they still insist on getting back together—only to eventually hurt each other. Neither of them is happy with the relationship, yet both are too scared to let the other go, for fear they may never find another suitable partner. When the guy cheated on her, she swallowed everything and continued to go out and sleep with him, even after they have decided to breakup.

You wonder, how could these people allow themselves to stay in such an unhealthy relationship? The answer could be as simple as: they do not know the relationship is actually bad for them. So to clue you in, here are a few tell-tale signs you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Go Ask Alice, the health question and answer online resource produced by Columbia University, lists some of the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship as follows:
- Either of you makes the other feel bad about himself
- One is manipulating the other
- One or both of you do not make time for the other
- One controls the other’s money or other resources

Inspirational writer Heather J. Tait writes that an unhealthy relationship often causes us stress and is detrimental to our well-being, leaving us down and exhausted. “Common symptoms of unhealthy relationships include sickness, stress, and a negative outlook of ourselves and the world around us. People who are accustomed to unhealthy relationships often stay cornered in situations like this because they do not recognize that there is another way of living,” writes Tait.

This shows us that the first step toward having a better relationship is recognizing you are in a bad one. Follow your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, then something must be wrong. Now that you know the signs to watch out for, assess yourself and start talking to your partner about it so you can make the necessary adjustments while you still can. If it’s too late, you must know that there really is no other way but out. Do not waste your precious time on a relationship that would eventually make a turn for the worse—and consequently bring out the worst in you.

What other signs of an unhealthy relationship do you know? Share it with us.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Ep.3 (from

Previous Episodes Recap

The show started with a recap of the first two episodes where Loida Hunter and Lorymer Villareal were minated.

The Challenge

Carla Sibal, Editor-in-Chief of Mega Magazine, is introduced. The winning design for this challenge will be featured in a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine.

Jojie Lloren introduced model, TV host, writer Sarah Meier. The challenge is for the designers to design an outfit for Sarah Meier.

Sarah explained to the designers her own personal style. She wanted a fusion of music and fashion. She wanted a fusion of designs inspired by Motown, jazz and blues and high fashion. Sara wanted something like Erika Baduh meets Yves Saint Laurent.

Challenge Title: Design an outfit for Sarah Meier that has both hip-hop and couture sensibilities.

The winning design will be worn by Sarah in a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine. Only six designs will be chosen to be shown on the runway.

The designers were given 15 minutes to sketch. Then one by one, they pitched their designs and concepts to Sarah.

During the consultation with Sarah, various design concepts were presented to her. Lord Maturan was pretty interesting (as he always is) during his presentation. He told Sarah.

Lord: I just hope you’re digging it, coz I’m digging you.

Sarah: And honey, I am digging you too.

Lord: Coz if I were straight, I’d be like, so having a crush on you!

Sarah seemed satisfied when she heard the magic word from Ava: Sneakers!

It was quite interesting that Sarah actually told Mara (and sincerely at that) that they would get along (well) and that they could hang out even after the show.

Sarah picked the following designers (with the corresponding reasons):

Mara Reyes - Sarah tried to design a dress once and it looked exactly like Mara’s design.

Veejay Floresca - Sarah announced that she has already tried on one of his dresses before and she felt beautiful in it.

Lord Maturan - The designer said all the right words

Aries Lagat - Sarah has always been kinda schizophrenic not knowing if she’d wear pants or skirt.

Ava Paguyo - same as the previous designer. Sarah’s unsure if she wanted a boy or a girl but wanted to do both

Charette Regala - a little bit out of realm, but want to see it happen

Pick Me Up!

Like we mentioned in last week’s recap, this episode would be a team challenge. The six chosen designers
Ava - Philipp
Veejay - Bo Parcon
Lord Maturan - Eli Gonzales
Mara Reyes - Jaz Cerezo
Charette Regala - Ivan Raborar
Aries Lagat - Winnie Chua

When it came down to Aries, he was stumped because even if he was left with one designer, he had difficulty “choosing” because he actually forgot Winnie’s name!

Thank You, Metro!

The designers then headed to Metro Gaisano where they were given 15 minutes to shop for their fabrics. The budget for this challenge was not mentioned at anytime during the show.

6 Hours until end of Day 1
The teams started working on their dresses. Aries was worried about how Winnie was going to perform since she was not very strong in the sewing department.

Charette explained that she chose Ivan because they complemented each other.

Jaz thought Mara chose her because of her sewing skills and that her dress in the rpevious challenge had a serpentine cut which was similar to Mara’s current design.

Ava shared that she chose Philipp as a partner because she knew he was good in the craft, plus he won the last challenge. She said she picked the best.

4 Hours Until End of Day 1

Aries said that he found Winnie a bit slow but it was alright since he was able to monitor her progress.

Winnie commented that she felt that Aries was treating her like a househelp because he was giving her a

Ivan noticed that Bo always made some comments on everyone else. Case in point:

Bo Parcon: Ayoko talaga ng mga sunog-sunog portion

Jaz Cerezo: Ayoko ng sunog na damit!

Bo Parcon: Ayoko ng mga sunog-sunog kagaya ng ginagawa ng iba diyan.

Jaz Cerezo: Basta sabi ni Rajo malinis ang gawa ko.

2 Hours until end of Day 1
Lord and Eli seemed pretty comfortable and worried at the same time. Lord quipped that they couldn’t concentrate because nature was calling. Eli said that he felt quite indebted to Lord since he has only finished so much.

Veejay noted that Eli, instead of “talking much”, could have just helped Lord with the garment since the construction was very poor.

Day 2 of Challenge
Jojie went to the workroom to check on the progress of the designers.

Jojie advised Lord that he had to make his garment more cohesive because it looked too chopped-chopped.

On Veejay, Jojie asked where the hip-hop style was in the dress.

Jojie was very happy with the “better creations” and gave them further instructions like making use of the shoes provided by VNC as well as the accessories from Get Happy.

The designers had until midnight to finish their designs.

6 Hours until Deadline
Lord and Eli still had too much to do.

Bo admitted that their design lacked the hip-hop style.

Some of the designers noticed that Veejay added a hoodie to his garment. Some cried foul over the incident saying that it was unfair and that Veejay should stick to his sketch.

Model Fitting

The models arrived for a 30-minute fitting with the designers.

Veejay decided to remove hoodie last minute because he did not want a fight with anyone. He talked to Mara and explained that it didn’t matter if he didn’t win as long as he did not have bad blood with others.

Day of Runway Show
After arriving from the Amorsolo Mansions, the designers did some final fittings and had their models made-up and styled at the L’oreal Paris Make-up Room and the L’Oreal Professionale hair care.

Runway Show
Teresa Herrera announced the prizes for the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 1: P 500,000.00 (about US$ 11,000.00) from Beverly Hills 6750; a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine; a designer showcase by Mannequin Inc.; Sewing Machines from Brother International; and the chance to show their collection in Philippine Fashion Week.

Teresa then introduced the judges: Fantastic fashion designer Rajo Laurel; Fashion Model and Editor Apples Aberin-Sadhwani; Editor-in-Chief of Mega Magazine, Carla Sibal; and top model, host and writer, Sarah Meier.

Project Runway Philippines Episode 3
Design: Charette Regala • Team Member: Ivan Raborar • Model: Hailey
Design: Ava Paguyo • Team Member: Philipp Tampus • Model: Paola
Design:Aries Lagat • Team Member: Winnie Chua • Model: Lois
Design: Veejay Floresca • Team Member: Bo Parcon • Model: Lexxi
Design: Mara Reyes • Team Member: Jaz Cerezo • Model: Joan
Design: Lord Maturan • Team Member:Eli Gonzales • Model: Jhenn
After the show, the following designers were asked to step forward:

Aries • Winnie • Ava • Philipp • Lord • Eli • Mara • Jaz

The others who were not called were “Safe”:
Charette and Ivan • Veejay and Bo


The 8 designers represent the highest and the lowest scores. One will be the winner, one will be out.
The models of the four designs were asked to come back to the runway.

The judges started grilling the designers about their designs.

On Aries Lagat (and Winnie Chua):

Apples appreciate the hardwork but it didn’t work that well for her. Sarah said it came out bridal-ish and she doesn’t think she could pull that off.

When asked who should be voted out between them, Winnie said it should be Aries because she does not want to get eliminated for something which was not hers. Aries said that Winnie should be voted out because she still has a lot to learn in the fashion industry.

On Ava Paguyo(and Philipp Tampus):

Rajo Laurel saw the symbiosis of the style of Ava and the technique of Philipp. Carla Sibal liked the way they interpreted the design theme, the contrast of the masculine fabric with pink, and the fact that each piece can stand on its own.

Sarah quipped: “Four words. Can I keep it?”

On Lord Maturan (and Eli Gonzales):

Rajo had issues with the sewing and the construction like puckering and the garment looks poorly done.

When Apples asked Eli who should be eliminated between the two of them, Eli replied with his “safest answer” which was a smile, followed by a statement on how he loved working with Lord and how great of a time they had making the garment. Apples bitchified him with a, “That’s not an answer.” Lord gave a very well-said answer saying that just like a ship, when it sinks, the captain has to sink with it. He added that since it was his vision and his design, he takes responsibility for the work.

On Mara Reyes (and Jaz Cerezo):

Teresa said that the garment was fresh, new, and wearable. Rajo said he was a fan of Mara and told her that she was going to go a long way.

The designers were sent backstage while the judges deliberated.


Rajo loved the collaboration, the energy, and the fact that they captured Sarah to a T. Sarah found the garment gorgeous and loved the colors. She said that Ava and Philipp surpassed her expectations.

Rajo thought Mara and Jaz hit the right tones. Sarah said that her eternal problem when it comes to clothes is bringing that kind of edgy and funky street side of her to the red carpet, and if ever she needed something like that, she would run to Mara and Jaz to hook her up with a dress. Teresa and Carla said they could see Sarah wearing the garment to a red carpet event.

The garment from Lord and Eli disappointed Sarah because it was not how she envisioned the dress from the sketch. It had problems with the construction, colors, and materials. Carla thought that the silhouette was outdated and agreed with Rajo when he said that Mega Magazine would not put something like that in their magazine.

Carla had problems with the choice of color for Aries and Winnie’s garment. Sarah envisioned it to be boho patchwork type of dress but was disappointed with that. Carla added that it didnt really hit the design theme. Apples did not like the fact that Aries did not take responsibility and wanted Winnie out instead of himself because he was the leader. Rajo added that the designers are all in the same playing field and that no one was a teacher and no one was a student.


The designers were called back to the runway.

Philipp and Jaz were called out and told they were safe.

The winner of this challenge is… Ava Paguyo.

Next to be called were Mara, Winnie, and Aries.

Two designers were left: Eli and Lord.

Teresa told Eli that although their design aesthetics were in sync, it did not mean that that would necessarily translate into a harmonious outcome. Teresa told Lord that the construction was poor, and that it didn’t live up to the promises of the sketches. Furthermore, it seemed that they did not take this challenge seriously.

Teresa closed by saying that like Lord said himself, he’s the captain of the ship and that ship has sunk. Lord is out.

“Take Care.”

“It’s not the last time that you’ll hear about Lord Maturan. So I’ll pretty much rock your worlds. yeah, that’s for damn sure.”


Something to consider

Next time you go shopping for Lipstick....... This comes from someone who works in the breast cancer unit at
Mt. Sinai Hospital , in Toronto From: Dr. Nahid Neman

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It contained lead. Lead is a chemical which causes cancer. The lipstick brands that contain lead are:

RED EARTH (Lip Gloss)
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The higher the lead content, The greater the chance of causing cancer. After doing a test on lipsticks, It was found that the Y.S.L. Lipstick Contained the most amount of lead. Watch out for those lipsticks Which are supposed to stay longer.

If your lipstick stays longer, it is Because of the higher content of lead. Here is the test you can do yourself:
1. Put some lipstick on your hand.
2. Use a Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick.
3. If the lipstick colour changes to black,

Then you know the lipstick contains lead. Please send this information to all your girlfriends, Wives and female family members. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer, Especially breast cancer …

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Reasons a guy disappears on you

Everything was going so perfectly: the guy you like asks you out; you go on a fantastic date; he asks you out two or three more times; he seems to be really into you; you take things a little further. The next day, he’s gone. Without so much as an excuse or an explanation. How upsetting is that?

Before you tear your hair out figuring out what went wrong (and blaming yourself for that matter), realize that this might actually be the best way to go. Remember the adage “What you don’t know won’t hurt you?” The article "Why men go poof" cites one of the reasons a man disappears on you: he probably just wants to spare your feelings by not telling you what’s really on his mind—which could be along the lines of “You’re a great woman but there is no chemistry between us,” “I’m looking for casual dating and it seems you want more,” or “I just wanted a booty call.” You wouldn’t want it if he ever told you that to your face, right? He’s also probably just avoiding the drama that would ensue if he ever does.

A male-point-of-view article on cited six other reasons why a guy would inexplicably stop seeing and communicating with you. Learn from these and move on. You’re probably better off without him anyway.

1. He’s chasing someone else. Men love the chase. Some even enjoy just the chase. So if he suddenly lost interest after you’ve gone out, you know he’s found another prey. Don’t take it personally.

2. He’s focused on everything but love. It could be his family, the rent he has to pay, his upcoming promotion or trouble with his boss. While your few dates may have been amazing at some point, it might have been a temporary thing to distract him from the other things going on in his life.

3. You’re a friend. The author warns women that sometimes men can’t tell when we’re interested in them. Romance can complicate friendships, and since guys value friendships as much as women do, they are always wary of elevating things to a more serious level.

4. He thinks you’re too serious. If he’s not ready to take the relationship seriously (and by this we also mean making it exclusive) then it’s not going to work. If he thinks you’re “too serious” for him, then you’re better off without him: it wasn’t clicking at the right time.

5. His damned sidekick. Guys love to have partners in crime. And if his best buddy is still playing the field and partying hard, it will still be very hard for him to pull himself away from it all.

6. He’s into one of your friends. If a guy you like happens to like one of your friends, naturally he’s going to try to get to her by being with you. This can be very misleading for you, and while usually it works itself out pretty quickly, we hope this never happens to you. Never risk your friendships for any romantic prospects.

So if you find that a once so persistent guy suddenly stops seeing or talking to you, he is most likely doing so for one of the reasons above. Spare yourself the time and trouble of finding out what went wrong. He’s probably not worth it. The right guy for you will never leave you wondering about such things.

Have you ever had a similar experience or know of reasons men disappear on women? Share it with us

Let your feet relax--wear grass flip-flops

As a Pinoy, I'm sure you've owned quite a number of flip-flops in every style--from bejeweled to sequined and even the platform-type. And even if you already own every color and design Havaianas ever came up with, I'm quite sure this is the first time you’re hearing about Krispy Kreme flip-flops.

The cult doughnut brand found a fun and practical way of going green by creating the world's first grass flip-flops. The concept stems from the fact that contact with nature reduces stress, so they decided to bring the park green right under their customers’ feet.

"What better way to escape the concrete jungle than by slipping on a pair of grass flip-flops and walking around in your own mobile meadow," says Katie McDermott of Krispy Kreme UK.

The pair is said to be made of 5000 blades of grass each and can last for four months if watered regularly. While scoring a pair might be difficult since it is being distributed only in London at the moment, ingenious ideas such as this might inspire you to create the next cool pair.

Beach slippers with real sand on it, anyone?

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Pleasurable but Dangerous

To spice up their sex life, many people resort to different sexual activities considered to be beyond the norms. Some do this to break the matrimonial monotony; others want to feel the hype of extreme risk. There are also those who enjoy having power over a helpless sexual partner. These pleasurable but dangerous activities include engaging in group sex or orgy, trying multiple positions, resorting to sex toys, and attempting erotic asphyxiation.

Group sex. You can actually ask your friends to join you and your partner in this act. However, we shy away from this most of the time. We’d rather do it with strangers than with people we already know. There are certain groups that can arrange your participation in group sex. I don’t mean those fortune tellers at the church patio or outside 7/11 stores. For a certain fee, you can be part of an orgy, just like in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

You will be astonished to learn that a big chunk of orgy participants are highly educated people, so if you see your college professor or TL in one, don’t be alarmed. Group sex is both exciting and dangerous: it is a thrilling smorgasbord, yet you risk catching a disease. What makes it more detrimental is it can be addictive. Before joining an orgy (if you have the guts), ask for the profile of the participants. Know the ratio—for instance, is it two females to three males? Avoid situations wherein you might end up the only female among five participants. Just imagine how swollen your “precious” will be after consummation. Another issue you might want to resolve with yourself is: are you a one-hole, two-hole, or three-hole girl? Use your imagination, then do the math.

Erotic asphyxiation. This is also known as scarfing, choking, edge-play, or breath-control game. It is a process of cutting-off one’s air supply to intensify orgasm. The human brain lacks oxygen as you reach climax. In the movie “Killing Me Softly,” the guy used scarfing to intermittently cut-off the woman’s air supply. The result is euphoric—hence the maxim “You take my breath away.”

Some say it is one of the highest forms of orgasm. Have you ever noticed that holding your breath prolongs orgasmic sensations? Not only that, it releases deep-seated fears. Have you ever felt that, while you are on top, it’s too satisfying it scares you to death?

As much as I would like to advocate edge-play, I wouldn’t—unless a medical professional is nearby. The act is very dangerous. Several accidental deaths are caused by cutting one’s air supply to the point where the victim is unable to bring oxygen back into his or her lungs in time.

I have discussed just two among many double-edged sexual activities. You might opt to try them or shun them completely. I believe many will remain in the conventional way of coitus. Now here’s the deal: if you want to do new, weird things, make sure it’s sane, safe, and consensual. Don’t do it just to please your partner. Never do it just to be cool or to belong. Do it because you love your partner and you want to bring your sexual experience to the next level.

Men usually womanize because they are bored. So why not be everything to your partner? Be his best friend, fuck buddy, whore (excuse my French), loving wife, loving mother, sex goddess—in bed and in every aspect of his life.

Dating on a Budget

Yes we love it when our boyfriends or husbands take us on a fancy dinner or treat us to a grand vacation. But of course, we can’t expect to always eat in expensive restaurants and spend so much on dates. What matters anyway is that you and your partner get to spend quality time and have fun together.

I asked ten women (and their boyfriends, for some) for ideas on what to do and where to go when they date on a budget. Try their tips, and maybe you could find your own ways of spending quality time with your man without having to shell out so much cash.

Leah, 24, and Reybert, 26: We jog around the UP Diliman campus (free) then eat at their coop (P60-100 per meal), or swim at Amoranto Stadium (P25 per head) then have dirty ice cream sandwich (P15 each).

Camille, 26, and Chino, 32: We usually just watch a movie in Robinsons Galleria and eat at their food court. We usually spend around P200-250 per person on these dates.

Tina, 24: We just stay at my place, where I cook for him. Sometimes we cook together.

Giorjean, 26, and France, 27: We go to Read and Brew coffee shop in Fairview. We only spend P200, yet get two hours’ worth of kwentuhan and quality time.

Jenny, 23, and Chax, 28: We hold an indoor picnic with chips and wine as we watch a movie at home.

Weng, 24: My boyfriend and I just stay in and order a bucket of Chickenjoy! We both find it extremely comforting to binge and eat with our hands. In a way, it’s more intimate and without inhibitions.

Andie, 26, and Bimbo, 26: When it’s just the two of us, we go to Promenade in Greenhills to watch a movie and eat dinner at Tender Bob’s, where we order their sandwich, which costs less than P200 so the total bill for both of us is only around P350-plus. Total expense for that entire date is only a little over P300 per person. If we’re in a group date with other friends, we’d usually hang at Chilli’s where we each get a bottomless drink and an order of bottomless nachos shared by everyone.

Kai, 25, and Tom, 27: There was a time when we went to the back of Mall of Asia. We just hung out by the Manila Bay, along with other “love birds.” And guess what, that’s where we had one of our deepest conversations!

Suzy, 24: My boyfriend and I watch UAAP basketball games. We both graduated from Ateneo so we’re cheering for the same team. It’s fun because it reminds us of college and tickets are cheap.

Carrie, 25: We usually hang out at his place, where he cooks for me. We eat while watching a really funny movie or whatever we find on TV. When we go out at night, friends usually put us on the guest list in clubs such as Embassy, Alchemy, or Ascend, so we can get in for free and just dance the night away.

Gv gv lang!

08.08.08 whaaaaa.......

Project Runway Philippines Ep.2 (from: http//

This is a recap of the second episode of Project Runway Philippines. We will not be dishing out personal commentary on the designers and their garments, the hosts, judges, the easter eggs, the continuity issues, and the production value of the show. (Uhm, we’ll try.)

The show started with a recap of key scenes from the pilot episode. In the pocket interview cum confessional of Aries Lagat, he shared that he felt awful and sad due to Loida Hunter’s elimination. He recounted that in his last interview, he said some bad things about Loida and for wanting her out of the show.

Teresa Herrera appeared on the runway and welcomed the designers. The models were brought out and Teresa announced that the winning model will get a fashion spread in Mega Magazine. The designers were asked to pick their models. Aries Lagat, winner of the previous challenge got first dibs at choosing a model and he traded his model for another one. Teresa then picked the order of selection by drawing out buttons with names of the designers from the velvet bag (first time to be used in the show). Except for one designer (Ivan?) who picked the model abandoned by Aries, all the other designers stuck with their own models. (See Summary table towards end of this entry).
The Brief
Designers met with Jojie at SoFA and were introduced to not one, but 13 legends. The challenge was to test how well the designers adapt to someone else’s style by assigning them 13 of the most influential designers in Philippine Fashion. Jojie Lloren introdcued Amina Aranaz-Alunan, acclaimed bag designer and one of the founding directors of SoFA.

With some help from students of the School for Fashion and the Arts, the contestants were tasked to create designs based on their assigned legendary designers. The contestants were not given an option to choose their legendary designer but were assigned their respective fashion legends by the producers (see summary table towards the end).

Initial Work
There were mixed reactions to assignment of this week’s inspiration. Ava Paguyo wasn’t so excited because she wasn’t familiar with the works of legendary Filipino designers. Charette Regala got cheers when it was announced that her inspiration would be Inno Sotto. Philipp Tampus showed a surprised-slash-pressured expression on his face. Aries Lagat seemed like he was already in panic mode. Eli Gonzales feigned happiness and surprise. Lord Maturan, upon hearing Ramon Valera’s name, instantaneously got so worried. Bo Parcon was happy and nervous at the same time because to him, it was difficult to be at par with Joe Salazar.

Some of the designers actually knew so little about their own legendary designers, but thanks to the helo of the students of SoFA, some of them became more knowledgable about their inspirations.

Fabric Shopping
This was the first time in the show that the designers went shopping for their own fabrics. Mood’s counterpart in Project Runway Philippines is Metro Gaisano (at Market! Market!). The designers were given 15 minutes and a budget of P2,000.00 (about $50) to purchase their materials.

4 Hours Until End of Day 1
Back at SoFA, the designers started working on their garments. Some of them felt that the challenge was going to be very difficult for them. Some because they knew their inspirations were very well-respected and had designs which were very difficult to imitate. Others were concerned because they didn’t know anything about their legendary designers.

Day 2 of Challenge
Back at SoFA, the designers continued working on their garments.

9 Hours until end of Day 2
Jojie comes in with the models for them to fit the garments the designers have created so far.

6 Hours until end of Day 2
Designers still working on their garments. Ava is tired and goes outside to cry.

During the consultations with Jojie, Eli made a faux pas of saying the wrong name for his legendary designer:
Eli Gonzales: Mine is Christian Santiago.
Jojie Lloren: Espiritu!

Lorymer worriedly told Jojie that his creation, according to Eli, was “Draga”. Eli denied this and jokingly asked Lorymer what the term meant. Lorymer replied that it “Draga” meant “drag queen”. He went on his knees fixing his garment while crying out: “Mang Ernest.”

Ivan Raborar asked Jojie if his work was good enough and Jojie merely said: “Eh ano pa bang magagawa ko? (There’s nothing I can do about it, is there?)

1 hour until end of Day 2:
Jojie reminded the designers that they had an hour left. He asked the designers to make use of the shoes provided by VNC and the accessories from Get Happy. He further announced that the designers will go straight to the runway to meet with their models then head to the L’Oreal Paris make-up room and the L’Oreal Professionale hair room.

Day of Runway Show
Ava woke up feeling bad. Eli asked Lord if he was nervous about the elimination. Lord replied that he indeed was worried that he might be in the bottom 3. Two designers were worried that if their butterfly sleeves didn’t stand on their own, they might become “bottom one”. Two others implied something about Lorymer’s dress since it had too many details. Jaz said that all the garments were beautiful and the contest would be about whose garment was the most beautiful: “Magaganda lahat, pagandahan na lang.”

Philipp asks who would be eliminated, to which Lord replied: “Lahat kayo! (All of you!).”

The designers headed back to SoFA, met with their models and had them made-up and styled at the L’Oreal Paris make-up room and the L’Oreal Profesionale hair room.

The Runway Show
Teresa Herrera shows up in a short blue number on the runway announcing the prizes to be won by the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 1: P 500,000.00 (about US$ 11,000.00) from Beverly Hills 6750; a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine; a designer showcase by Mannequin Inc.; Sewing Machines from Brother International; and the chance to show their collection in Philippine Fashion Week. She then announced the judges for the challenge: “Fierce fashion designer Rajo Laurel; model and fashion editor Apples Aberin-Sadhwani; and our guest judge for today, bag designer and founder of School of Fashion and the Arts, Amina Aranaz-Alunan. Let’s start the show!”

Here’s a summary of the designers, their legendary designer-inspiration, and their models:

Designer- Inspiration- Model

Charette Regala- Inno Sotto- Christimarie

Winnie Chua -Josie Natori- Michelle

Ivan Raborar -Cesar Gaupo -Hailey

Lorymer Villareal -Ernest Santiago- Jhenn

Mara Reyes -Steve De Leon- Jo-an

Aries Lagat -Boy Gonzales- Lois

Jaz Cerezo -Patis Tesoro -Francy

Lord Maturan -Ramon Valera- Sally

Veejay Floresca -Pitoy Moreno -Angel

Philipp Tampus- Auggie Cordero -Kat

Bo Parcon -Joe Salazar -Lexxi

Ava Paguyo -Ben Farrales -Paola

Eli Gonzales -Christian Espiritu -Chen

After the runway show, the following designers were called to step forward:
Philipp Tampus
Ava Paguyo
Eli Gonzales
Mara Reyes
Lorymer Villareal
Veejay Floresca
Jaz Cerezo

The designers mentioned above represented the designs with the highest and lowest scores.

The following designers were “Safe”:
Lord Maturan
Aries Lagat
Winnie Chua
Bo Parcon
Charette Regala
Ivan Raborar

Q&A aka Grill the Designer portion
The models were asked to go onstage and stand beside their respective designers. Here are the explanations, comments, reactions,a nd questions during the “grilling” portion:

On Veejay Floresca
Veejay explains that he designed Sophisticated gown that reflects his personality as a designer with influences from Pitoy Moreno. Rajo Laurel commended Veejay for his clean work.
Rajo: Ang tanong ko sa’yo, matutuwa ba si Pitoy diyan? (Will Pitoy be happy about your creation?”
Veejay: I hope so.
Rajo: Well, congratulations mahirap yung ginawa mo, maganda! (What you did was difficult, it’s beautiful!)
Apples then threw some bitch-slapping (go girl! That’s what we want to hear more of in this show!). She said that she had the privilege of modeling for Pitoy Moreno and she couldn’t see anything Pitoy in Veejay’s work.

On Eli Gonzales
Eli explained that he was assigned Christian Espiritu and that the latter’s designs were architectural and simple. He added that one of Espiritu’s clients is former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Apples said that Eli’s creation was more of a literal translation of Espiritu’s work. Eli reasoned out that the reason for his use of butterfly sleeves was that he had a really huge respect for Philippine history and that was something that should be respected. Apples threw another dose of bitch-slappin by saying that given the respect for tradition and all that, designers should also learn to play around a little a little and use their creativity because they were DESIGNERS.

On Mara Reyes
Mara explained that based on the information provided to her by the SoFA students, origami and vibrant colors were the things that were noticeable. With this knowledge at hand, she developed a modernized “Saya”. Rajo was impressed at her improvement from the previous challenge and Apples asked if Mara used any glue this time. Mara said she didn’t. Apples added that she loved the garment and that it was great to see both the legendary designer and Mara in the design.

On Lorymer Villareal
Lorymer explained that he decided to play with colors since he and his designer inspiration (Ernest Santiago) were alike in that aspect. Rajo quipped: “Baka multuhin ka ni Ernest. Kase, kilala ko si Ernest. Baka umikot siya sa kanyang ataul!” (Ernest’s ghost might come after you. I knew Ernest. He might flip inside his coffin!). On to positive scripting, Rajo commended Lorymer for his bravery and boldness in using color. Amina Aranaz-Alunan asked if Lorymer used the ever-so-famous Gina Silk. Lorymer said he used Tafetta. Apples told Lorymer that he has to be careful with quality as it will make the judges think he used cheap fabric. Lorymer admitted that he wasn’t that confident with his construction.

On Jaz Cerezo
Jaz explained that she got worried when she found out that she was assigned Patis Tesoro since it was not her style. She got praised for great construction, clean finish, wonderful design (of the panuelo/bolero). She also got some criticsim on the disparity of the the dress and the panuelo/bolero as well as with the styling (the neckpiece). Apples said that editing is really important since the work was very clean and that cluttering it up was unnecessary.

On Philipp Tampus
Philipp, who got Auggie Cordero, explained that he made the back deeper down so it would come out as a sexy silhouette. He also mentioned that he wanted to make a hairpiece to match the dress. Teresa could tell Philipp’s love for a woman’s shape and body as the garment fit the model really well. Rajo said that the garment looked like a million dollars. Apples was happy that she saw feathers in the creation since Auggie Cordero also loves feathers. Amina fell in love with the gown the minute the model went on the runway.

On Ava Paguyo
Muslim culture was the primary design inspiration of Ben Farrales, her assigned legendary designer so she wanted to use vinta sales as atextile graphic. Rajo said that the dress was so Ava, but it seemed as if she did not get any design influence from Ben Farrales. Apples thought the dress was a bit messy and it didn’t fall well. She added that Ben uses the real vinta colors.

Judge’s Deliberation
The designers were sent backtage as the judges discussed their designs. Rajo thought that Philipp really captured the essence of the challenge by making his design look expensive, look Auggi Cordero and still looked Philipp. Mara got praises with her funky, streetwear and very young design that the look of Steve De Leon and Mara herself were evident in the garment. Veejay’s gown was very glamorous and his craftmanship, use of color, attention to detail and technical skills got raves from the judges.

The judges thought Jaz’s garment was just okay. Rajo was very disappointed with Lorymer’s work. Amina thought that Lorymer was trying hard to make it look couture but it just was not. Apples said that it was difficult to make Tafetta look cheap, but Lorymer did, that’s why the design was a failure. Eli’s was “Nakakatakot!” It was also old and that everything was just all wrong. Ava’s design did not appeal to a broader market and looked too amateurish.

The designers were called back onto the runway. Mara was called first, safe. Eli, safe. Jaz, safe.

Philipp was called out next as the winner of this week’s challenge (unanimous vote). He gets immunity for the next challenge.

Veejay was called out next, safe. Ava and Lorymer were left on the runway.

Lorymer is out. Ava is in.

Teresa Herrera to Lorymer: Take Care!

Winner: Philipp Tampus

(copy right )

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well.... we know naman na 2003 up to now i still collect Cosmo mag as in until now. i love Cosmo Mag i dont know why... hahahaha may be bec of the fashion, articles etc... basta lahat ng gusto ko nandun.... hahahaha

anyways for this month meron Angelika Panganiban is the cover... love it!! she pretty talaga... Santa Santita (UNITEL) days palang pretty na talaga sya. well sympre since nag collect nga ako.. sympre i have copy.

Sa Office palang binabasa ko na sya.. as in while working ahahahah sorry naman kasi i know naman pag nakita nila yung mag hihiramin naman nila whaaaaa.... anyways, barwell saw me reading this mag kala ko papagalitan ako.... hahaha but then again no! instead hiniram nya and he started scanning the page! whaaaa hahahaha ok,,, even Candy ask me kung sino cover... well.... thats life! whaaa hahahaha

ohhhh then yun na nga i started reading the mag. until naloka ako kasi may portion dun na parang.....

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY Indulge in splendor. Be a joy to be hold with these beauty loot. well ako naman may i read kung ano latest beauty product hahahaha as if naman!!! hahahaha joke anyways yun na nga. kasa sa features beauty product nila yung ilan sa mga gamit ko like;

they have Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray and i have that! it was given to me by Mom and i love naman amoy... love it! plus good thing pa is fave ni Kris Aquino who is one of my idol. why? comment? no!

next product naman that i have is

Cosmetic and Radiance Section to be continue....... whaaaaaa

Event Update for the WEEK

Nokia Music Present BIG FISH GODSKITCHEN WORLDwide TOUR, a true night of progressive and trance music feat.Anjunabeats duo SUPER8 and Tab together with Johnyboy and MC Lavoce. August 8, 2008 friday makati ave.

dress code: red and black be creative.

GV GV lang friends!!!!!!

What is HIS speaking STYLE?

The way a guys chats with you holds mega clues about his personality, kaya naman listen closely to gauge your compatibility.

The Storyteller.
He’s a creative and charming guy who’s more likely to share an anecdote that expresses his emotions than to come right out and say how he feels. He also craves the spotlight, so you might have to fight for airtime.

The Investigator
A man with an inquiring mind wants to get to know better. But is it for the right reason? If the shoot off rapid fire queries about your life, he’s judging your answer against his internal checklist. Sincerely curious dudes dis deeper, ask follow up questions and violley back info about themselves.

The Confessor.
Whether he boast about his salary or blabs about his past life as a players, beware the babe who lays all his cards out on table. Though he appears frank, odds are he’s painfully insecure. Reconsider this romance unless you enjoy being a therapist.

The Debater
The guy who challenges your view on issues has an agile mind. Arguing pros and cons is his flirtatious way of trying to understand what makes you tick. Wishy washy women bore him, so be sure to stick your guns.

GV GV lang friends

PINOY!!! what do you love best being PINOY! survey from my friends

Well…. Since wala akong magawa i sent a text msg sa lahat ng friends ko....and they in fairness they answer my text naman i love it!!!! thanks guys!!! love you all....

whether they were born and raised here or elsewhere, these people have strong sense of pride about their heritage......

they tell FAB GERI what they love best about being PINOY....

Chinggay Andrada:
well welcome almost anyone into our home for a good home cooked pinoy meals.

Luke Jickain:

Brent Javier:
The beautiful women and the good foods

Brian Tan:
Values like respecting our olders and dirty ice cream

Abby Acosta:
Im proud that I can eat balut.

Shiera Jacob:
We still find ways to laugh even through the toughest times.

Joseph Ramos:
Traffic at ang isaw, Halo-Halo, dinuguan hahahaha….

Shayne Marasigan:
Family Orieted ang mga pinoy… that’s what I love best.

Marga Fe:
I love that when you mix pinoy with another race you get to have a lovely children. I love that when your so down and out pinoys have the most sincere and loyal friends there is in the whole world.

Camille Gallo:
Physically, Our skin color and dahil galing tayo sa hirap, yung diskarte or our streetsmarts.

Jelly Foz:
What I love in being a pinoy are as follows….. family oriented, we have tons of patience in our system (in short martir!) fear to God, Love to our friends… (we treat our barkada as if our own blood), color of our skin!(of course! Foreigners envy us with our color!), we love to death… (kaya swerte mga magiging boyfriends natin), we can easily adapt to dif. Cultures, friendly even to a total stranger, we are capable of speaking diff. languages especially English, we are naturally beautiful inside and out.

Peter Mendoza:
I love being pinoy bec. We have such qualities that other nationalities donta have, we are more loving and kind. Being Pinoy is something that we need to be proud of bec. We are more talented than the other. We can stand what is right for us and get wat we deserve and commitment for every pinoy is very important.

Monday, August 4, 2008


What did i do?

Nothing.... yesterday sunday, mmm... rest rest and rest as in.. kasi naman last saturday im sobrang busy as in. I hosted F&H event and fashion show with Angel Locsin, then after hour party sa PACHA. kaya naman im so so pagud last saturday.

Yesterday naman i just watched TV like then eat then internet, i updated my blog but i havent uploaded all the pictures kasi its hard to upload i dont know why may be bec. the size of the pictures.

Then after updating my blog, i also checked my email: personal email: geri_gilbert@********.com and nothings new spam and spam hahahaha joke. on my personal email im so nagulat about one of the email ng friend ko sa ofc. her name is angel. she resigned na raw, hay.... gulat ako kaya naman i sent her a text msg and she told me the real story why she filed her resignation.

"well, for angel! i will miss you so much as in.... hay.... thanks for everything as in. thanks for the friendship, thanks for the advices thanks thanks thanks, be good and be safe always"

then, after that sad story, well i logged in to my YM to checked kung sino online, hahahah well same old friends ang naka online, Ara (my girl friend) Jelly Foz (High school girl friend) Mylene (my friend sa unitel) some ka-chat hahahaha.... actually i also miss this people kasi i dont see them a lot. i also logged in and checked new themes for my phone, whaaaa.... im so nagulat when i saw the new site ng its new as in new site. love it! i downloaded i think 6 themes for my phone and 10 wallpapers and 2 alert tone. its for free..... just sign up... then thats it you can get free themes, mp3's for your phone etc, anything you need for your mobile phone lahat nasa (thanks)

Sad! yeah my Lola died last friday afternoon she the sister of my lola kaya naman my uncle Nap went to bicol for her mom and what we did naman yesterday sunday offer a prayer for her with my Tita's and Tito's. hay too bad for us... but thats life. well we need prayers guys. thanks..

The Buzz: well every sunday you know naman that i always watched The Buzz noh, wala lang just love them.... esp. Tito Boy who always greet me sa show. kaya naman yesterday, Tito Boy greeted me and my dad bec its his birthday last July 25, tito boy greeted him plus my mentor Gemma Gusi bec its her bday last Aug. 1.... hahahahahahah thanks Tito Boy. love you!

while doing this story, nakikinig ako sa Magic and nag on air ako, nothing just want to call them.... hehehehe

Need to prep na kasi need to go to my office pa....

hay..... love sunday! its raining.... and i love it!

GV GV lang!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


thanks for including my blog. thanks a lot! thanks thanks and thanks! My blog is to entertain you, nothing more nothing less.... thanks topblog!

How it works! (formerly PinoyTopBlogs) was created to measure the popularity of filipino blogs.

We are the largest tracking site for filipino blogs, covering a large latitude of blogs and readers.

We track the number of unique visitors and pageviews each blog gets. Every week we reset this number to zero, and we rank blogs according to the number of unique visitors they get in the week.

Our topsites have tracked over 250,000,000 unique visitors, and we have developed some advanced anti-cheating methods to keep the riff-raff out.

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Globe Smart so what? i dont care... hahahah you know why this past few days after kung mag change ng number sa GLOBE (thanks) for letting me change my number, sobrang fun kung magtext ng kung ano ano as in...

First i used to forward some messages coming from my friends.. well same old thingy but then again naisip ko na bakit hindi ako gumawa ng sarili ko.... i mean il not make as in gagawa ako ng quotes or what but ill forward qoutes na binabasa ko every morning. as in like collection of qoutes coming from my friends.... you dont get it no!!!! hahahhaha its like this before kasi my friends ako na nagbigay sa akin nito and before i dont read them aksi every morning lagi akong nag mamadali... eh ngaun no na kaya my time ako to read them... one outes per day then after that ill forward that qoute to all my friend wala lang just want to share kung ano yung na read ko thats it lang.

after that ill also sent them events updates ..... some are naloloka na sa daming events everyday hhahahaha... well they are updated naman... hahaha some kasi walang social life nabubuhay lang sa chismis hahahahaha anyways i dont want to churva that person kasi baka sumikat pa. hahahah

all my friends who always nakakatanggap nito sorry but thats life.... hahahahah love yah

GV GV lang friend!

Friday, August 1, 2008

MY Date !!!! away agad!!!

i Hate it!!! i had my date last week.... nakakaloka... nag away agad kami but then again small things lang i hate it! =) anyways naloka lang ako kasi pinagsabihan lang ako about something!! well sabi nga his concern lang about me kaya yun he said sorry naman eh.

His Name is Lance, his tall and nice body... hay... i have pictures... ill post it na lng...

GV GV lang!

Project Runway Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of Project Runway Philippines was aired Wednesday night on ETC. The First challenge for the contestants was to create an outfit that shows who they are as a designer.

Host Teresa Herrera called the 6 designers with the highest and lowest scores. Here are their designs:

Aries Lagat

Lorymer Villareal

Loida Hunter

Mara Reyes

Philip Tampus

Veejay Floresca

Joji Lloren served as mentor. Top model and lifestyle feature writer Apples Aberin-Sahdwani and fashion designer Rajo Laurel served as resident judges. Guest judge of the night is international award-winning Pinoy designer Frederick Peralta.

Aries, Mara and Veejay were the top three designers of the night with Aries winning the challenge.
Philipp, Lorymer and Loida were the bottom three designers of the night with Loida leaving the competition.


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