Sunday, August 17, 2008

Are you a stalker-girlfriend?

There is such a thing as a woman’s intuition, wherein we know, we just know, when our man is cheating on us. Yet there is a thin line that separates this from simply being too paranoid—and that’s the sheer lack of trust in your partner.

Dating coach David Wygrant names six relationship-ending behavior you must avoid at all cost (apart from cheating, of course). Trust is one of the strongest foundations of a relationship, and anything that would threaten or ruin this could spell the end of your relationship. So based on David’s list, assess yourself by answering the following:

1. Are you checking his email, his phone, or his Friendster account for suspicious names and messages?
2. Are you telling “white lies” to prevent your partner from being hurt by the truth—or simply to avoid a heated argument?
3. Are you snooping around your partner’s private things (i.e. his wallet, drawer, private records—even mobile phone bills?)
4. Are you stalking your own boyfriend—by driving by his house, checking if he’s at work, or worse, following his car?
5. Are you asking one or more of your friends to spy on your partner during a gimmick, listen in on his conversations, or gather information about him for you? Or do you actually request that they take photos of him for you while he’s out?
6. Do you call or text him excessively to check up on him? Did you ring his phone at least 10 times when he still won’t pick up or reply to your messages?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these self-evaluation questions, get a grip on yourself and think of the consequences of your actions. Assess if you are being reasonable or just paranoid. By losing trust in him, you will eventually cause him to lose trust in you—ruining a potentially beautiful relationship. Don’t let that fault fall upon you, no matter what.

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