Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dating on a Budget

Yes we love it when our boyfriends or husbands take us on a fancy dinner or treat us to a grand vacation. But of course, we can’t expect to always eat in expensive restaurants and spend so much on dates. What matters anyway is that you and your partner get to spend quality time and have fun together.

I asked ten women (and their boyfriends, for some) for ideas on what to do and where to go when they date on a budget. Try their tips, and maybe you could find your own ways of spending quality time with your man without having to shell out so much cash.

Leah, 24, and Reybert, 26: We jog around the UP Diliman campus (free) then eat at their coop (P60-100 per meal), or swim at Amoranto Stadium (P25 per head) then have dirty ice cream sandwich (P15 each).

Camille, 26, and Chino, 32: We usually just watch a movie in Robinsons Galleria and eat at their food court. We usually spend around P200-250 per person on these dates.

Tina, 24: We just stay at my place, where I cook for him. Sometimes we cook together.

Giorjean, 26, and France, 27: We go to Read and Brew coffee shop in Fairview. We only spend P200, yet get two hours’ worth of kwentuhan and quality time.

Jenny, 23, and Chax, 28: We hold an indoor picnic with chips and wine as we watch a movie at home.

Weng, 24: My boyfriend and I just stay in and order a bucket of Chickenjoy! We both find it extremely comforting to binge and eat with our hands. In a way, it’s more intimate and without inhibitions.

Andie, 26, and Bimbo, 26: When it’s just the two of us, we go to Promenade in Greenhills to watch a movie and eat dinner at Tender Bob’s, where we order their sandwich, which costs less than P200 so the total bill for both of us is only around P350-plus. Total expense for that entire date is only a little over P300 per person. If we’re in a group date with other friends, we’d usually hang at Chilli’s where we each get a bottomless drink and an order of bottomless nachos shared by everyone.

Kai, 25, and Tom, 27: There was a time when we went to the back of Mall of Asia. We just hung out by the Manila Bay, along with other “love birds.” And guess what, that’s where we had one of our deepest conversations!

Suzy, 24: My boyfriend and I watch UAAP basketball games. We both graduated from Ateneo so we’re cheering for the same team. It’s fun because it reminds us of college and tickets are cheap.

Carrie, 25: We usually hang out at his place, where he cooks for me. We eat while watching a really funny movie or whatever we find on TV. When we go out at night, friends usually put us on the guest list in clubs such as Embassy, Alchemy, or Ascend, so we can get in for free and just dance the night away.

Gv gv lang!

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