Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let your feet relax--wear grass flip-flops

As a Pinoy, I'm sure you've owned quite a number of flip-flops in every style--from bejeweled to sequined and even the platform-type. And even if you already own every color and design Havaianas ever came up with, I'm quite sure this is the first time you’re hearing about Krispy Kreme flip-flops.

The cult doughnut brand found a fun and practical way of going green by creating the world's first grass flip-flops. The concept stems from the fact that contact with nature reduces stress, so they decided to bring the park green right under their customers’ feet.

"What better way to escape the concrete jungle than by slipping on a pair of grass flip-flops and walking around in your own mobile meadow," says Katie McDermott of Krispy Kreme UK.

The pair is said to be made of 5000 blades of grass each and can last for four months if watered regularly. While scoring a pair might be difficult since it is being distributed only in London at the moment, ingenious ideas such as this might inspire you to create the next cool pair.

Beach slippers with real sand on it, anyone?

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