Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PINOY!!! what do you love best being PINOY! survey from my friends

Well…. Since wala akong magawa i sent a text msg sa lahat ng friends ko....and they in fairness they answer my text naman i love it!!!! thanks guys!!! love you all....

whether they were born and raised here or elsewhere, these people have strong sense of pride about their heritage......

they tell FAB GERI what they love best about being PINOY....

Chinggay Andrada:
well welcome almost anyone into our home for a good home cooked pinoy meals.

Luke Jickain:

Brent Javier:
The beautiful women and the good foods

Brian Tan:
Values like respecting our olders and dirty ice cream

Abby Acosta:
Im proud that I can eat balut.

Shiera Jacob:
We still find ways to laugh even through the toughest times.

Joseph Ramos:
Traffic at ang isaw, Halo-Halo, dinuguan hahahaha….

Shayne Marasigan:
Family Orieted ang mga pinoy… that’s what I love best.

Marga Fe:
I love that when you mix pinoy with another race you get to have a lovely children. I love that when your so down and out pinoys have the most sincere and loyal friends there is in the whole world.

Camille Gallo:
Physically, Our skin color and dahil galing tayo sa hirap, yung diskarte or our streetsmarts.

Jelly Foz:
What I love in being a pinoy are as follows….. family oriented, we have tons of patience in our system (in short martir!) fear to God, Love to our friends… (we treat our barkada as if our own blood), color of our skin!(of course! Foreigners envy us with our color!), we love to death… (kaya swerte mga magiging boyfriends natin), we can easily adapt to dif. Cultures, friendly even to a total stranger, we are capable of speaking diff. languages especially English, we are naturally beautiful inside and out.

Peter Mendoza:
I love being pinoy bec. We have such qualities that other nationalities donta have, we are more loving and kind. Being Pinoy is something that we need to be proud of bec. We are more talented than the other. We can stand what is right for us and get wat we deserve and commitment for every pinoy is very important.

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