Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pleasurable but Dangerous

To spice up their sex life, many people resort to different sexual activities considered to be beyond the norms. Some do this to break the matrimonial monotony; others want to feel the hype of extreme risk. There are also those who enjoy having power over a helpless sexual partner. These pleasurable but dangerous activities include engaging in group sex or orgy, trying multiple positions, resorting to sex toys, and attempting erotic asphyxiation.

Group sex. You can actually ask your friends to join you and your partner in this act. However, we shy away from this most of the time. We’d rather do it with strangers than with people we already know. There are certain groups that can arrange your participation in group sex. I don’t mean those fortune tellers at the church patio or outside 7/11 stores. For a certain fee, you can be part of an orgy, just like in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

You will be astonished to learn that a big chunk of orgy participants are highly educated people, so if you see your college professor or TL in one, don’t be alarmed. Group sex is both exciting and dangerous: it is a thrilling smorgasbord, yet you risk catching a disease. What makes it more detrimental is it can be addictive. Before joining an orgy (if you have the guts), ask for the profile of the participants. Know the ratio—for instance, is it two females to three males? Avoid situations wherein you might end up the only female among five participants. Just imagine how swollen your “precious” will be after consummation. Another issue you might want to resolve with yourself is: are you a one-hole, two-hole, or three-hole girl? Use your imagination, then do the math.

Erotic asphyxiation. This is also known as scarfing, choking, edge-play, or breath-control game. It is a process of cutting-off one’s air supply to intensify orgasm. The human brain lacks oxygen as you reach climax. In the movie “Killing Me Softly,” the guy used scarfing to intermittently cut-off the woman’s air supply. The result is euphoric—hence the maxim “You take my breath away.”

Some say it is one of the highest forms of orgasm. Have you ever noticed that holding your breath prolongs orgasmic sensations? Not only that, it releases deep-seated fears. Have you ever felt that, while you are on top, it’s too satisfying it scares you to death?

As much as I would like to advocate edge-play, I wouldn’t—unless a medical professional is nearby. The act is very dangerous. Several accidental deaths are caused by cutting one’s air supply to the point where the victim is unable to bring oxygen back into his or her lungs in time.

I have discussed just two among many double-edged sexual activities. You might opt to try them or shun them completely. I believe many will remain in the conventional way of coitus. Now here’s the deal: if you want to do new, weird things, make sure it’s sane, safe, and consensual. Don’t do it just to please your partner. Never do it just to be cool or to belong. Do it because you love your partner and you want to bring your sexual experience to the next level.

Men usually womanize because they are bored. So why not be everything to your partner? Be his best friend, fuck buddy, whore (excuse my French), loving wife, loving mother, sex goddess—in bed and in every aspect of his life.

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