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This is a recap of the second episode of Project Runway Philippines. We will not be dishing out personal commentary on the designers and their garments, the hosts, judges, the easter eggs, the continuity issues, and the production value of the show. (Uhm, we’ll try.)

The show started with a recap of key scenes from the pilot episode. In the pocket interview cum confessional of Aries Lagat, he shared that he felt awful and sad due to Loida Hunter’s elimination. He recounted that in his last interview, he said some bad things about Loida and for wanting her out of the show.

Teresa Herrera appeared on the runway and welcomed the designers. The models were brought out and Teresa announced that the winning model will get a fashion spread in Mega Magazine. The designers were asked to pick their models. Aries Lagat, winner of the previous challenge got first dibs at choosing a model and he traded his model for another one. Teresa then picked the order of selection by drawing out buttons with names of the designers from the velvet bag (first time to be used in the show). Except for one designer (Ivan?) who picked the model abandoned by Aries, all the other designers stuck with their own models. (See Summary table towards end of this entry).
The Brief
Designers met with Jojie at SoFA and were introduced to not one, but 13 legends. The challenge was to test how well the designers adapt to someone else’s style by assigning them 13 of the most influential designers in Philippine Fashion. Jojie Lloren introdcued Amina Aranaz-Alunan, acclaimed bag designer and one of the founding directors of SoFA.

With some help from students of the School for Fashion and the Arts, the contestants were tasked to create designs based on their assigned legendary designers. The contestants were not given an option to choose their legendary designer but were assigned their respective fashion legends by the producers (see summary table towards the end).

Initial Work
There were mixed reactions to assignment of this week’s inspiration. Ava Paguyo wasn’t so excited because she wasn’t familiar with the works of legendary Filipino designers. Charette Regala got cheers when it was announced that her inspiration would be Inno Sotto. Philipp Tampus showed a surprised-slash-pressured expression on his face. Aries Lagat seemed like he was already in panic mode. Eli Gonzales feigned happiness and surprise. Lord Maturan, upon hearing Ramon Valera’s name, instantaneously got so worried. Bo Parcon was happy and nervous at the same time because to him, it was difficult to be at par with Joe Salazar.

Some of the designers actually knew so little about their own legendary designers, but thanks to the helo of the students of SoFA, some of them became more knowledgable about their inspirations.

Fabric Shopping
This was the first time in the show that the designers went shopping for their own fabrics. Mood’s counterpart in Project Runway Philippines is Metro Gaisano (at Market! Market!). The designers were given 15 minutes and a budget of P2,000.00 (about $50) to purchase their materials.

4 Hours Until End of Day 1
Back at SoFA, the designers started working on their garments. Some of them felt that the challenge was going to be very difficult for them. Some because they knew their inspirations were very well-respected and had designs which were very difficult to imitate. Others were concerned because they didn’t know anything about their legendary designers.

Day 2 of Challenge
Back at SoFA, the designers continued working on their garments.

9 Hours until end of Day 2
Jojie comes in with the models for them to fit the garments the designers have created so far.

6 Hours until end of Day 2
Designers still working on their garments. Ava is tired and goes outside to cry.

During the consultations with Jojie, Eli made a faux pas of saying the wrong name for his legendary designer:
Eli Gonzales: Mine is Christian Santiago.
Jojie Lloren: Espiritu!

Lorymer worriedly told Jojie that his creation, according to Eli, was “Draga”. Eli denied this and jokingly asked Lorymer what the term meant. Lorymer replied that it “Draga” meant “drag queen”. He went on his knees fixing his garment while crying out: “Mang Ernest.”

Ivan Raborar asked Jojie if his work was good enough and Jojie merely said: “Eh ano pa bang magagawa ko? (There’s nothing I can do about it, is there?)

1 hour until end of Day 2:
Jojie reminded the designers that they had an hour left. He asked the designers to make use of the shoes provided by VNC and the accessories from Get Happy. He further announced that the designers will go straight to the runway to meet with their models then head to the L’Oreal Paris make-up room and the L’Oreal Professionale hair room.

Day of Runway Show
Ava woke up feeling bad. Eli asked Lord if he was nervous about the elimination. Lord replied that he indeed was worried that he might be in the bottom 3. Two designers were worried that if their butterfly sleeves didn’t stand on their own, they might become “bottom one”. Two others implied something about Lorymer’s dress since it had too many details. Jaz said that all the garments were beautiful and the contest would be about whose garment was the most beautiful: “Magaganda lahat, pagandahan na lang.”

Philipp asks who would be eliminated, to which Lord replied: “Lahat kayo! (All of you!).”

The designers headed back to SoFA, met with their models and had them made-up and styled at the L’Oreal Paris make-up room and the L’Oreal Profesionale hair room.

The Runway Show
Teresa Herrera shows up in a short blue number on the runway announcing the prizes to be won by the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 1: P 500,000.00 (about US$ 11,000.00) from Beverly Hills 6750; a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine; a designer showcase by Mannequin Inc.; Sewing Machines from Brother International; and the chance to show their collection in Philippine Fashion Week. She then announced the judges for the challenge: “Fierce fashion designer Rajo Laurel; model and fashion editor Apples Aberin-Sadhwani; and our guest judge for today, bag designer and founder of School of Fashion and the Arts, Amina Aranaz-Alunan. Let’s start the show!”

Here’s a summary of the designers, their legendary designer-inspiration, and their models:

Designer- Inspiration- Model

Charette Regala- Inno Sotto- Christimarie

Winnie Chua -Josie Natori- Michelle

Ivan Raborar -Cesar Gaupo -Hailey

Lorymer Villareal -Ernest Santiago- Jhenn

Mara Reyes -Steve De Leon- Jo-an

Aries Lagat -Boy Gonzales- Lois

Jaz Cerezo -Patis Tesoro -Francy

Lord Maturan -Ramon Valera- Sally

Veejay Floresca -Pitoy Moreno -Angel

Philipp Tampus- Auggie Cordero -Kat

Bo Parcon -Joe Salazar -Lexxi

Ava Paguyo -Ben Farrales -Paola

Eli Gonzales -Christian Espiritu -Chen

After the runway show, the following designers were called to step forward:
Philipp Tampus
Ava Paguyo
Eli Gonzales
Mara Reyes
Lorymer Villareal
Veejay Floresca
Jaz Cerezo

The designers mentioned above represented the designs with the highest and lowest scores.

The following designers were “Safe”:
Lord Maturan
Aries Lagat
Winnie Chua
Bo Parcon
Charette Regala
Ivan Raborar

Q&A aka Grill the Designer portion
The models were asked to go onstage and stand beside their respective designers. Here are the explanations, comments, reactions,a nd questions during the “grilling” portion:

On Veejay Floresca
Veejay explains that he designed Sophisticated gown that reflects his personality as a designer with influences from Pitoy Moreno. Rajo Laurel commended Veejay for his clean work.
Rajo: Ang tanong ko sa’yo, matutuwa ba si Pitoy diyan? (Will Pitoy be happy about your creation?”
Veejay: I hope so.
Rajo: Well, congratulations mahirap yung ginawa mo, maganda! (What you did was difficult, it’s beautiful!)
Apples then threw some bitch-slapping (go girl! That’s what we want to hear more of in this show!). She said that she had the privilege of modeling for Pitoy Moreno and she couldn’t see anything Pitoy in Veejay’s work.

On Eli Gonzales
Eli explained that he was assigned Christian Espiritu and that the latter’s designs were architectural and simple. He added that one of Espiritu’s clients is former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Apples said that Eli’s creation was more of a literal translation of Espiritu’s work. Eli reasoned out that the reason for his use of butterfly sleeves was that he had a really huge respect for Philippine history and that was something that should be respected. Apples threw another dose of bitch-slappin by saying that given the respect for tradition and all that, designers should also learn to play around a little a little and use their creativity because they were DESIGNERS.

On Mara Reyes
Mara explained that based on the information provided to her by the SoFA students, origami and vibrant colors were the things that were noticeable. With this knowledge at hand, she developed a modernized “Saya”. Rajo was impressed at her improvement from the previous challenge and Apples asked if Mara used any glue this time. Mara said she didn’t. Apples added that she loved the garment and that it was great to see both the legendary designer and Mara in the design.

On Lorymer Villareal
Lorymer explained that he decided to play with colors since he and his designer inspiration (Ernest Santiago) were alike in that aspect. Rajo quipped: “Baka multuhin ka ni Ernest. Kase, kilala ko si Ernest. Baka umikot siya sa kanyang ataul!” (Ernest’s ghost might come after you. I knew Ernest. He might flip inside his coffin!). On to positive scripting, Rajo commended Lorymer for his bravery and boldness in using color. Amina Aranaz-Alunan asked if Lorymer used the ever-so-famous Gina Silk. Lorymer said he used Tafetta. Apples told Lorymer that he has to be careful with quality as it will make the judges think he used cheap fabric. Lorymer admitted that he wasn’t that confident with his construction.

On Jaz Cerezo
Jaz explained that she got worried when she found out that she was assigned Patis Tesoro since it was not her style. She got praised for great construction, clean finish, wonderful design (of the panuelo/bolero). She also got some criticsim on the disparity of the the dress and the panuelo/bolero as well as with the styling (the neckpiece). Apples said that editing is really important since the work was very clean and that cluttering it up was unnecessary.

On Philipp Tampus
Philipp, who got Auggie Cordero, explained that he made the back deeper down so it would come out as a sexy silhouette. He also mentioned that he wanted to make a hairpiece to match the dress. Teresa could tell Philipp’s love for a woman’s shape and body as the garment fit the model really well. Rajo said that the garment looked like a million dollars. Apples was happy that she saw feathers in the creation since Auggie Cordero also loves feathers. Amina fell in love with the gown the minute the model went on the runway.

On Ava Paguyo
Muslim culture was the primary design inspiration of Ben Farrales, her assigned legendary designer so she wanted to use vinta sales as atextile graphic. Rajo said that the dress was so Ava, but it seemed as if she did not get any design influence from Ben Farrales. Apples thought the dress was a bit messy and it didn’t fall well. She added that Ben uses the real vinta colors.

Judge’s Deliberation
The designers were sent backtage as the judges discussed their designs. Rajo thought that Philipp really captured the essence of the challenge by making his design look expensive, look Auggi Cordero and still looked Philipp. Mara got praises with her funky, streetwear and very young design that the look of Steve De Leon and Mara herself were evident in the garment. Veejay’s gown was very glamorous and his craftmanship, use of color, attention to detail and technical skills got raves from the judges.

The judges thought Jaz’s garment was just okay. Rajo was very disappointed with Lorymer’s work. Amina thought that Lorymer was trying hard to make it look couture but it just was not. Apples said that it was difficult to make Tafetta look cheap, but Lorymer did, that’s why the design was a failure. Eli’s was “Nakakatakot!” It was also old and that everything was just all wrong. Ava’s design did not appeal to a broader market and looked too amateurish.

The designers were called back onto the runway. Mara was called first, safe. Eli, safe. Jaz, safe.

Philipp was called out next as the winner of this week’s challenge (unanimous vote). He gets immunity for the next challenge.

Veejay was called out next, safe. Ava and Lorymer were left on the runway.

Lorymer is out. Ava is in.

Teresa Herrera to Lorymer: Take Care!

Winner: Philipp Tampus

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