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Project Runway Philippines Ep.3 (from

Previous Episodes Recap

The show started with a recap of the first two episodes where Loida Hunter and Lorymer Villareal were minated.

The Challenge

Carla Sibal, Editor-in-Chief of Mega Magazine, is introduced. The winning design for this challenge will be featured in a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine.

Jojie Lloren introduced model, TV host, writer Sarah Meier. The challenge is for the designers to design an outfit for Sarah Meier.

Sarah explained to the designers her own personal style. She wanted a fusion of music and fashion. She wanted a fusion of designs inspired by Motown, jazz and blues and high fashion. Sara wanted something like Erika Baduh meets Yves Saint Laurent.

Challenge Title: Design an outfit for Sarah Meier that has both hip-hop and couture sensibilities.

The winning design will be worn by Sarah in a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine. Only six designs will be chosen to be shown on the runway.

The designers were given 15 minutes to sketch. Then one by one, they pitched their designs and concepts to Sarah.

During the consultation with Sarah, various design concepts were presented to her. Lord Maturan was pretty interesting (as he always is) during his presentation. He told Sarah.

Lord: I just hope you’re digging it, coz I’m digging you.

Sarah: And honey, I am digging you too.

Lord: Coz if I were straight, I’d be like, so having a crush on you!

Sarah seemed satisfied when she heard the magic word from Ava: Sneakers!

It was quite interesting that Sarah actually told Mara (and sincerely at that) that they would get along (well) and that they could hang out even after the show.

Sarah picked the following designers (with the corresponding reasons):

Mara Reyes - Sarah tried to design a dress once and it looked exactly like Mara’s design.

Veejay Floresca - Sarah announced that she has already tried on one of his dresses before and she felt beautiful in it.

Lord Maturan - The designer said all the right words

Aries Lagat - Sarah has always been kinda schizophrenic not knowing if she’d wear pants or skirt.

Ava Paguyo - same as the previous designer. Sarah’s unsure if she wanted a boy or a girl but wanted to do both

Charette Regala - a little bit out of realm, but want to see it happen

Pick Me Up!

Like we mentioned in last week’s recap, this episode would be a team challenge. The six chosen designers
Ava - Philipp
Veejay - Bo Parcon
Lord Maturan - Eli Gonzales
Mara Reyes - Jaz Cerezo
Charette Regala - Ivan Raborar
Aries Lagat - Winnie Chua

When it came down to Aries, he was stumped because even if he was left with one designer, he had difficulty “choosing” because he actually forgot Winnie’s name!

Thank You, Metro!

The designers then headed to Metro Gaisano where they were given 15 minutes to shop for their fabrics. The budget for this challenge was not mentioned at anytime during the show.

6 Hours until end of Day 1
The teams started working on their dresses. Aries was worried about how Winnie was going to perform since she was not very strong in the sewing department.

Charette explained that she chose Ivan because they complemented each other.

Jaz thought Mara chose her because of her sewing skills and that her dress in the rpevious challenge had a serpentine cut which was similar to Mara’s current design.

Ava shared that she chose Philipp as a partner because she knew he was good in the craft, plus he won the last challenge. She said she picked the best.

4 Hours Until End of Day 1

Aries said that he found Winnie a bit slow but it was alright since he was able to monitor her progress.

Winnie commented that she felt that Aries was treating her like a househelp because he was giving her a

Ivan noticed that Bo always made some comments on everyone else. Case in point:

Bo Parcon: Ayoko talaga ng mga sunog-sunog portion

Jaz Cerezo: Ayoko ng sunog na damit!

Bo Parcon: Ayoko ng mga sunog-sunog kagaya ng ginagawa ng iba diyan.

Jaz Cerezo: Basta sabi ni Rajo malinis ang gawa ko.

2 Hours until end of Day 1
Lord and Eli seemed pretty comfortable and worried at the same time. Lord quipped that they couldn’t concentrate because nature was calling. Eli said that he felt quite indebted to Lord since he has only finished so much.

Veejay noted that Eli, instead of “talking much”, could have just helped Lord with the garment since the construction was very poor.

Day 2 of Challenge
Jojie went to the workroom to check on the progress of the designers.

Jojie advised Lord that he had to make his garment more cohesive because it looked too chopped-chopped.

On Veejay, Jojie asked where the hip-hop style was in the dress.

Jojie was very happy with the “better creations” and gave them further instructions like making use of the shoes provided by VNC as well as the accessories from Get Happy.

The designers had until midnight to finish their designs.

6 Hours until Deadline
Lord and Eli still had too much to do.

Bo admitted that their design lacked the hip-hop style.

Some of the designers noticed that Veejay added a hoodie to his garment. Some cried foul over the incident saying that it was unfair and that Veejay should stick to his sketch.

Model Fitting

The models arrived for a 30-minute fitting with the designers.

Veejay decided to remove hoodie last minute because he did not want a fight with anyone. He talked to Mara and explained that it didn’t matter if he didn’t win as long as he did not have bad blood with others.

Day of Runway Show
After arriving from the Amorsolo Mansions, the designers did some final fittings and had their models made-up and styled at the L’oreal Paris Make-up Room and the L’Oreal Professionale hair care.

Runway Show
Teresa Herrera announced the prizes for the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 1: P 500,000.00 (about US$ 11,000.00) from Beverly Hills 6750; a fashion editorial in Mega Magazine; a designer showcase by Mannequin Inc.; Sewing Machines from Brother International; and the chance to show their collection in Philippine Fashion Week.

Teresa then introduced the judges: Fantastic fashion designer Rajo Laurel; Fashion Model and Editor Apples Aberin-Sadhwani; Editor-in-Chief of Mega Magazine, Carla Sibal; and top model, host and writer, Sarah Meier.

Project Runway Philippines Episode 3
Design: Charette Regala • Team Member: Ivan Raborar • Model: Hailey
Design: Ava Paguyo • Team Member: Philipp Tampus • Model: Paola
Design:Aries Lagat • Team Member: Winnie Chua • Model: Lois
Design: Veejay Floresca • Team Member: Bo Parcon • Model: Lexxi
Design: Mara Reyes • Team Member: Jaz Cerezo • Model: Joan
Design: Lord Maturan • Team Member:Eli Gonzales • Model: Jhenn
After the show, the following designers were asked to step forward:

Aries • Winnie • Ava • Philipp • Lord • Eli • Mara • Jaz

The others who were not called were “Safe”:
Charette and Ivan • Veejay and Bo


The 8 designers represent the highest and the lowest scores. One will be the winner, one will be out.
The models of the four designs were asked to come back to the runway.

The judges started grilling the designers about their designs.

On Aries Lagat (and Winnie Chua):

Apples appreciate the hardwork but it didn’t work that well for her. Sarah said it came out bridal-ish and she doesn’t think she could pull that off.

When asked who should be voted out between them, Winnie said it should be Aries because she does not want to get eliminated for something which was not hers. Aries said that Winnie should be voted out because she still has a lot to learn in the fashion industry.

On Ava Paguyo(and Philipp Tampus):

Rajo Laurel saw the symbiosis of the style of Ava and the technique of Philipp. Carla Sibal liked the way they interpreted the design theme, the contrast of the masculine fabric with pink, and the fact that each piece can stand on its own.

Sarah quipped: “Four words. Can I keep it?”

On Lord Maturan (and Eli Gonzales):

Rajo had issues with the sewing and the construction like puckering and the garment looks poorly done.

When Apples asked Eli who should be eliminated between the two of them, Eli replied with his “safest answer” which was a smile, followed by a statement on how he loved working with Lord and how great of a time they had making the garment. Apples bitchified him with a, “That’s not an answer.” Lord gave a very well-said answer saying that just like a ship, when it sinks, the captain has to sink with it. He added that since it was his vision and his design, he takes responsibility for the work.

On Mara Reyes (and Jaz Cerezo):

Teresa said that the garment was fresh, new, and wearable. Rajo said he was a fan of Mara and told her that she was going to go a long way.

The designers were sent backstage while the judges deliberated.


Rajo loved the collaboration, the energy, and the fact that they captured Sarah to a T. Sarah found the garment gorgeous and loved the colors. She said that Ava and Philipp surpassed her expectations.

Rajo thought Mara and Jaz hit the right tones. Sarah said that her eternal problem when it comes to clothes is bringing that kind of edgy and funky street side of her to the red carpet, and if ever she needed something like that, she would run to Mara and Jaz to hook her up with a dress. Teresa and Carla said they could see Sarah wearing the garment to a red carpet event.

The garment from Lord and Eli disappointed Sarah because it was not how she envisioned the dress from the sketch. It had problems with the construction, colors, and materials. Carla thought that the silhouette was outdated and agreed with Rajo when he said that Mega Magazine would not put something like that in their magazine.

Carla had problems with the choice of color for Aries and Winnie’s garment. Sarah envisioned it to be boho patchwork type of dress but was disappointed with that. Carla added that it didnt really hit the design theme. Apples did not like the fact that Aries did not take responsibility and wanted Winnie out instead of himself because he was the leader. Rajo added that the designers are all in the same playing field and that no one was a teacher and no one was a student.


The designers were called back to the runway.

Philipp and Jaz were called out and told they were safe.

The winner of this challenge is… Ava Paguyo.

Next to be called were Mara, Winnie, and Aries.

Two designers were left: Eli and Lord.

Teresa told Eli that although their design aesthetics were in sync, it did not mean that that would necessarily translate into a harmonious outcome. Teresa told Lord that the construction was poor, and that it didn’t live up to the promises of the sketches. Furthermore, it seemed that they did not take this challenge seriously.

Teresa closed by saying that like Lord said himself, he’s the captain of the ship and that ship has sunk. Lord is out.

“Take Care.”

“It’s not the last time that you’ll hear about Lord Maturan. So I’ll pretty much rock your worlds. yeah, that’s for damn sure.”

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