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Project Runway Philippines Ep.4 (

Is it just me or is Aries the designated “star” to start the show? (rofl)

It’s sort of funny, but I just hope it won’t be repetitive, ’cause it can be slightly boring too.

Moving on…

Early in the morning, there was a huge buzz about the usage of a tank top by Veejay and Bo in their “hip-hop” dress. Eli and some of the designers agreed that it’s a technical foul ’cause it wasn’t a part of their design, and it’s obviously a garment, not an accesory.

Now to the runway room, Teresa ordered them - not to go to SoFA - but to go home and have some fun. All of them were delighted, but things won’t be happening as they expected it to be. The designers went to TRIbeca Private Residences in Sucat, Muntinlupa to have some relaxation and take away some stress, but then sparks flew between Eli and Veejay while they were in the same table. According to Eli, Veejay started it by saying bad things about his work history. Veejay said to Aries: “Magaling ka pala noh, hindi ka pa pala nasisisante sa pinagtratrabahuhan mo as a teacher.” Aries replied: “Why would I be fired? I’m in demand.” Aries then realized, those words weren’t for him, but for Eli. On the other face of the crime, Veejay said he was annoyed by the different names Eli’s calling him, like ‘horse’, ‘cheater’, and ‘butiki‘. Veejay then commented that Ivan and Charette also used leggings as part of their dress. Ivan replied that they had permission from the management. Veejay then said he didn’t know that he still needs to ask permission from the production staff.

The designers then became like strangers to each other for a while. They took a rest in the couch, when suddenly their models appeared and jumped to the pool. Seeing the models, they had a feeling that there’s going to be a catch, and it turned out there was. (Well, there’s no such as a break as long as they’re not having KitKat.) After playing volleyball in the pool with the models, Teresa appeared in a dress that looks like a watermelon. The models lined up, and by that it can only mean one thing, they have to choose their model for the next challenge. The last two models were Francy and Sally, Eli chose Lord’s previous model Sally. Francy was eliminated as a result.

After eating together, Teresa appeared again with Trina Abola from Nesvita. Trina announced what their challenge is going to be.

Challenge: Design an outfit for the beach that can be used as day wear and be transformed into nighttime.

Twist: Nesvita colors must be used. (Green, a touch of Yellow and Pink).

The winner of Miss Earth Philippines 2008 will also wear the winning outfit.

Teresa pointed two cavanas in the end of the pool. Inside, are the items they’re going to use. They’ll be given five minutes to grab everything they can, within those time, they can also exchange with the other designers. Philipp was the unlucky one, he arrived last, and so he got the leftovers (Ms. Loida’s curse!).

After they have settled, Teresa announced that they’re going back to SoFA immediately to start doing their challenge. All of them were stressed out, and as expected, unhappy.

In the workroom, there’s no bad atmosphere between Veejay and Eli anymore. Which is a good thing, ’cause other designers can be affected as well while doing their work if they continue being childish. Jojie then came and did his job as their mentor. The next day, he had a private conversation first with Veejay, and then Eli. He told each one of them, that even without the tank top in Veejay’s dress, it is still superior to Lord’s outfit. Jojie added that Mara (in episode one) and Ava (in episode two) also used leggings (which wasn’t sewn by them) in their previous works. Both designers agreed, and everything was concluded as it should’ve been.

To the Runway…

Guest judge: Trina Abola

I was impressed by the ‘transformation’ effects by some of the clothes, even though I can’t seem to like the episode (I sorta felt the stress the designers have, especially Mara’s.)

My ratings:


Ivan - I like that his dress can be worn in different looks and style.
Aries - He constructed it well, and besides the idea of the jacket turning to a bag, the look is really eye-catching.
Average: Jaz - She’s the only one who did a formal gown, which of course sets apart from the rest.


Philipp - The upper part looks hard and tight.
Charette - The fabric of the dress looks like a paper bag.
Veejay - The swimsuit is just unattrative, and the design of the dress isn’t something to be amazed.
Winnie - The top looks thin, and the bottom was big, wrong proportion.
The judges faves were Ivan, Jaz, and Aries. They liked what Ivan has shown them while he kept on changing the look of his dress. Jaz’s gown was something Miss Earth would love to wear, commented by Ms. Trina from Nesvita. While Aries` dress looked very fresh and modern. What sets these three apart from the other designs is that there’s no need to remove the whole dress just to reveal the bikini. It’s just one single dress, do a simple trick and taa-daa, you can wear it for day or night.

Philipp, Charette, Veejay, and Winnie got the low scores. Philipp’s dress looks like a costume, and looked halloween all over ‘again’, said by Apples. Charette’s outfit looks like an apron, again commented by Apples, and it was ‘nakakalungkot bukod sa nakakatakot‘ (sad besides being scary), said Mr. Laurel. The most disappointing of all the designers was Veejay, he made a bikini that shows too much skin. From someone who had a lot of experience, it was a huge slap to the judges. Lastly Winnie, she on the other hand had a good comment from Apples, telling her that she sees hope from her. Though, as Rajo said, coming from a young lady designer like her, the design isn’t flattering.

Winner: Aries
Out: Charette

Charette being out is really unexpected, but sadly it was her time.

We now have the top 10, but I’m more interested who’s going to enter the top seven. Because it will show who are the top designers, and the bottom-half from fourteen competitors who joined the show.

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