Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What is HIS speaking STYLE?

The way a guys chats with you holds mega clues about his personality, kaya naman listen closely to gauge your compatibility.

The Storyteller.
He’s a creative and charming guy who’s more likely to share an anecdote that expresses his emotions than to come right out and say how he feels. He also craves the spotlight, so you might have to fight for airtime.

The Investigator
A man with an inquiring mind wants to get to know better. But is it for the right reason? If the shoot off rapid fire queries about your life, he’s judging your answer against his internal checklist. Sincerely curious dudes dis deeper, ask follow up questions and violley back info about themselves.

The Confessor.
Whether he boast about his salary or blabs about his past life as a players, beware the babe who lays all his cards out on table. Though he appears frank, odds are he’s painfully insecure. Reconsider this romance unless you enjoy being a therapist.

The Debater
The guy who challenges your view on issues has an agile mind. Arguing pros and cons is his flirtatious way of trying to understand what makes you tick. Wishy washy women bore him, so be sure to stick your guns.

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