Monday, August 4, 2008


What did i do?

Nothing.... yesterday sunday, mmm... rest rest and rest as in.. kasi naman last saturday im sobrang busy as in. I hosted F&H event and fashion show with Angel Locsin, then after hour party sa PACHA. kaya naman im so so pagud last saturday.

Yesterday naman i just watched TV like then eat then internet, i updated my blog but i havent uploaded all the pictures kasi its hard to upload i dont know why may be bec. the size of the pictures.

Then after updating my blog, i also checked my email: personal email: geri_gilbert@********.com and nothings new spam and spam hahahaha joke. on my personal email im so nagulat about one of the email ng friend ko sa ofc. her name is angel. she resigned na raw, hay.... gulat ako kaya naman i sent her a text msg and she told me the real story why she filed her resignation.

"well, for angel! i will miss you so much as in.... hay.... thanks for everything as in. thanks for the friendship, thanks for the advices thanks thanks thanks, be good and be safe always"

then, after that sad story, well i logged in to my YM to checked kung sino online, hahahah well same old friends ang naka online, Ara (my girl friend) Jelly Foz (High school girl friend) Mylene (my friend sa unitel) some ka-chat hahahaha.... actually i also miss this people kasi i dont see them a lot. i also logged in and checked new themes for my phone, whaaaa.... im so nagulat when i saw the new site ng its new as in new site. love it! i downloaded i think 6 themes for my phone and 10 wallpapers and 2 alert tone. its for free..... just sign up... then thats it you can get free themes, mp3's for your phone etc, anything you need for your mobile phone lahat nasa (thanks)

Sad! yeah my Lola died last friday afternoon she the sister of my lola kaya naman my uncle Nap went to bicol for her mom and what we did naman yesterday sunday offer a prayer for her with my Tita's and Tito's. hay too bad for us... but thats life. well we need prayers guys. thanks..

The Buzz: well every sunday you know naman that i always watched The Buzz noh, wala lang just love them.... esp. Tito Boy who always greet me sa show. kaya naman yesterday, Tito Boy greeted me and my dad bec its his birthday last July 25, tito boy greeted him plus my mentor Gemma Gusi bec its her bday last Aug. 1.... hahahahahahah thanks Tito Boy. love you!

while doing this story, nakikinig ako sa Magic and nag on air ako, nothing just want to call them.... hehehehe

Need to prep na kasi need to go to my office pa....

hay..... love sunday! its raining.... and i love it!

GV GV lang!

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