Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choosing between LOVE and SEX

There has been this long-standing question: Would you go with the one you love or the one who loves you? It can be more difficult than a board exam question but that’s just how it goes; life sometimes throws a joke on us, and the difficult part is how we have to make a stand.

Now here is another eternal puzzle: if you only have one option, would you stay in a relationship that has great sex but less love or in a partnership with pure love yet sex is bad? You might say this question is a no-brainer. It’s easy to say you’ll choose a relationship with greater love over sex; yet let’s still try to see both sides of the coin.

Believe me, it will burn you big time to sleep every night with a guy who is “Microsoft” (micro and soft) or with a partner that can never bring your sail to the harbor. You’ll only end up resorting to porn flicks or fantasizing about your ex who happens to be a jerk yet is gifted with a really nice, huge member. If your man cannot satisfy your needs in bed, you end up hanging out with friends too often, all the while pretending that all is good, including the humping. But if you remain unable to resolve this issue, the relationship will eventually crumble; it is in fact one of the grounds for annulment or divorce.

On the other hand, what if sex is heavenly but you remain just that: a fuck buddy with no commitment to hold on to, with nothing more than a smoke and shower after sex? Would you settle for this kind of situation? The good thing about this is you’ll have a lot of happy hormones, making your immune system more efficient. There are also no emotional attachments, allowing you to have more with another person, if you wanted to. Yet the downside is quite harsh: you’ll feel like a big slut, used and misused. And there will be a time when you’ll finally get satiated.

Sex alone would only make you lonely, while love without great sex would leave you quick-tempered and rose petal-dry. Love and sex should go together; it should co-exist and complement each other. If one is missing, the couple should strive to obtain both. It’s always better if the relationship is founded on true love: love that is less of a concept and more of a decision and passion that springs from within.

Humans have a hierarchy of needs. If one need is unsatisfied, you will get fixated. No matter how hard you try to move further, your unsatisfied needs will haunt you. So it is your job to pursue love, then real making love, and finally nirvana.

Kate and Leo reunite for Revolutionary

Just like most romantics who adored Jack and Rose in the '90s, I cant wait to see Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio reunited in Revolutionary Road, a film based on the Richard Yates novel. Im just as thrilled to learn that the chemistry between the two actors is undeniable even if it has been ten years since they teamed up for James Cameron's Titanic!

This time, Leo and Kate play Frank and April Wheeler, a young suburban couple in the mid-1950s who see themselves as different from their neighbors. April eventually fails at her dreams of becoming an accomplished thespian and moving to Paris when she stars in a terrible production, while Frank, though able to provide for his family well, is unsatisfied with his bland corporate job. On top of this, he later finds himself having an affair with a colleague as his marriage falls apart.

Interestingly, the director behind Revolutionary Road is Kate's husband Sam Mendes, who also directed American Beauty. Kate confessed that being directed on sex scenes by her husband was a very strange experience. "I just kept saying, 'This is too...weird,'" Winslet told Entertainment Weekly. "And Leo was like, 'Oh, get over it.' And I'm going, 'Yeah, a little reminder: You're my best friend. He's my husband. This is a bit weird.’"

Despite the "weirdness," however, Kate can't deny that they still have chemistry. "It's great to discover we can just slip right into it, like muscle memory," she said.

Leo, meanwhile, has nothing but praise for Kate. "She's definitely an adult now...it's great to catch up and it's ironic that we've grown up so much since that movie (Titanic) but we're still kind of the same people," he told Entertainment Tonight. "We just enjoy being around each other."


Sunday, September 28, 2008

High heels for babies?

Because the baby is now a lady…she’s ready her for first set of high heels.

Founded in 2007 by childhood friends Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, Heelarious was borne out of a hilarious idea—creating a shoe for baby girls that mirrored mommy’s favorite heels. With comfort, safety, and a cute sense of fashion in mind, Britta and Hayden were able to create a line of soft, fully-functional, and fashionable baby shoes designed to look like high heels. Going from the crib to the runway has never been this fun and fabulous!

Although these soft crib booties are not recommended for walking or for babies over six months, friends and family will still have a blast taking photos of their kids posing in these shoes. The worst thing that can happen? An overdose of extreme smiling and hysterical laughter when these heels are in use.

Heelarious shoes are available in six fun styles: Kayla, Elle, Brooke, Sophie, She’s a Little Lady, and Kate. Found in top baby boutiques around the world, these junior high heels have made customers out of Hollywood celebrity moms like Nicole Richie and Elisabeth Rohm. Unfortunately, these trendy baby shoes aren’t available in the Philippines yet.

Heelarious are set to make their red carpet debut in the “Everybody Wins at the Emmy Awards” Nominee Gift Bags this September.

Fashion Watch: Jun Escario's stunningly romanticized collection

Jun Escario unveiled his 20s-inspired collection in another leg of the 2008 Fashion Watch. Models in dramatic makeup and draped in elaborate yet highly sophisticated creations paraded around the Lobby Lounge of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

The Cebuano designer is known for his sensual and sophisticated designs and reportedly does his best work using soft draping fabrics that complement the wearer's contours--apparent in his 20s-inspired Fashion Watch collection. From chic flapper dresses and stunning gowns to elegantly wearable wide-leg pants and embellished tops, the collection evokes the romanticism of the era: highlighted by the prevalence of lace, loose silhouettes, and shades of red, black and white in his glamorous pieces.

one of his design

CREAM 2008

Reserve your Tickets & VIP tables as early as Now

6348238 // 6327762

we live to party

Chicane and Fiemma (after party)

Monday, September 22, 2008



from the original creator of bigfish crew...



in 2006, JOHN "00" FLEMING played at the most attended and longest party in Boracay Island to date - 10am!

Project Runway Philippines Ep.8

Not Emergency Room, nor the drama series.

Eli’s a Roller coaster! (and yes, I know he’s human.)

So what’s with the metaphor? You’ll soon know…

In the lobby, the designers had a really GOOD morning, ’cause they were served with an extravagant breakfast. Jojie then entered the room and announced that since there was no eliminated designer last week, two people will be cut off in this challenge. Also, immunity won’t be given to the winning designer anymore. I hope they’ll just replace the immunity with a reward from their sponsors, ’cause winning without a reward, is the same as being safe.

Their special guest and judge, Mutya Laxa, then explained their next challenge.

Challange: Design an outfit for a wife’s romantic evening with her husband.

Twist: Use the color red in the design. (As a symbol for POND’s.)

For this challenge, they won’t be using their models, but instead they’ll be using real moms. They were given 30 minutes to have a one-on-one meeting with one other to talk about the design. Eli’s the luckiest one, ’cause he got a well-figured model. Eli said that Judy, his model, is like the female version of him, she works out, had a great smile, and great personality (O RLY?).

In Metro, Mara went overbudget (Php 4,000), so she cut down some of her fabrics. Back to SoFA, both Veejay and Eli’s inpiration was a goddess. Speaking of Eli again, he and Philipp has the same design. Philipp gave way, and re-designed his outfit for his model.

Before the runway, Eli said he has finished packing his things so it’ll be easy to leave when he’s eliminated. I think, he should’ve just quit the competition if everything he sees is negative. Why bother saying bad things about the judges, trust his own design, and take the competition seriously (not someone who’s acting like a clown infront of a camera).

In the runway, the bestfriends Eli and Ava both didn’t use much red in their outfits, but the outcome for the two were different.

Guest judge: Mutya Laxa

My ratings:

High: Eli - His color combination is the best, though it’s similar to McDonald’s, but the yellow is very light so it pops up the color red.


Mara - She finally managed to create a decent formal dress.
Jaz - The flower design is cool.
Aries - Nice fit, and design.
Low: Ava - Her outfit was totally opposite to being romantic.

Mara, Veejay, and Aries were all safe. With Aries saying “Hindi ako nasisante.“, I wonder if he’s referring to Eli as a fashion instructor.

The top two were Jaz and Eli. Jaz did a great job constructing the rose-part of her gown. While Eli did a flattering, sexy design for his model. The bottom three were Philipp, Ivan, and Ava. Philipp’s dress made her model looked old (or a ninang, according to Rajo Laurel). Ivan’s design was simple, ’cause of that, his taste level was questioned. Ava’s outfit isn’t for a romantic date, it’s more like for a casual/beach party.

Winner: Eli
Out: Ava and Ivan

We now have the top 6, only 3 challenges to go, and we’ll finally have the big showdown of the top 3 designers in Philippine Fashion Week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sunday... LINGGO.... walang magawa pag linggo... as in like me... ano ba ginawa ko for today? mmm.... isa isahin natin....

katext si
TOTS- may something daw.... hay ewan ko sa kanila... magulo sila as in...
Vince- he cant sleep daw ng madaling araw... thats why mag ka text kami
Bd- always asking me kung nag text si Jei

then update ng accounts ko:
Friendster- add ng new friend
Blog- add ng article
Multiply- read ng mga reply

then search ng kung ano ano lang... whaaaaaa....

then YM:
ka chat
Tessa Mae- kamusta daw kami lahat
Ken Ruiz- wala naman ganun pa rin tuwang tuwa sa UZZAP nya from smart hahahahaha
Vince- dota daw sya

Then Watch TV
The Buzz
Showbiz Central
Project Runway

yan yung mga detailed churva na ginawa ko for today... katamad noh.... hahahah enjoy your sunday!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Ep.7

Just like Lord Maturan’s “I star Eli”, Bo also made a customized t-shirt for his roommates. Aries’ shirt has a print saying: “Expensive like Louis Vuitton, Bo Parcon”, while Philipp’s has “Choose pro or con, Bo Parcon”. Pretty cool idea by Mr. Bo.

Eli Won?

Yes, he did. Though Mara said, without Philipp’s idea he wouldn’t. Philipp also helped Jaz in the vision challenge, where Jaz won. In my opinion, Philipp’s helping hand is too much, especially now that they are getting a bit closer to the Top 3.

Now that Bo is out of the competition, Jaz now has Lexxi entirely for her (assuming the other designers would stay loyal to their own models). Mara had to choose between the two remaining models, and as I predicted she will stay with Jo-An (her model from the very start), bidding farewell to Jhen.

The designers was then told to get pampered. They all went to Beverly Hills 6750, and this time they were really given some real relaxation (even though hours later they’ll be dealing with a new challenge). All of them was given a treatment worth Php 14,000. After the facial service, Jojie came and announced their new challenge.

Challenge: Design a uniform for Beverly Hills 6750 staff that is representative of the brand.

Twist: All designers have only four yards black, and three yards white of the same fabric.

Jojie clarified that the uniforms will be worn in an office, so there shouldn’t be evening gowns or backless outfits.

Back to SoFA, the other designers love the challenge, because it’s fair in a way that they have the same fabrics to work with, so it’s all up to their own ideas and skills to step up from the rest. The buddies Ava and Eli didn’t like the type of fabric, with Eli saying that it isn’t for women nor for a human being, it’s something for a camp (a tent maybe?).

This challenge will show who’s the best in tailoring, Eli - the immune one, didn’t care ’cause he knows he’s going to be safe. He also thinks that his outfit is simple enough that the people in Beverly Hills 6750 would appreciate it - the other designers think the other way around. Mara on the other hand is getting back from the Mara we first seen in episode one. She’s being unstable, ’cause she’s obviously not inspired at all. I think Mara’s design is for something that’s not formal-looking. In the past challenge, she was able to survive the bridal challenge, and now she’s going to face the uniform task… what a nightmare for her.

Before Jojie started his consultation, he told Ivan that Francy will be his model, ’cause Hailey has undergone an operation. If I can remember well, in the uniform challenge of the original Project Runway season one, Jay’s model wasn’t also available so he needed a replacement, and it was no other than his co-competitor - Austin Scarlett who modeled his uniform outfit for him. (Ah, funny episode… those were the days.) Now in the consultation, Eli said he’ll come up something surprising for the upper part tomorrow - Will he?

Jojie then had a private conversation with Mara regarding what she said about the usage of the glue in her bridal gown. Mara explained that she might’ve not said it properly, and the judges misinterpret it in some way, especially with the tension she had on the stage at that time. In the end she said sorry, and Jojie accepted her apology.

In the conference room, Eli said he’s not thinking of the prize nor winning Project Runway. His purpose was to deliver a positive message, which is to help each other - again, the other designers look the other way (well not completely, they are helpful too, but the percentage of competitiveness is higher compared to Eli). Philipp on the other hand, was very confident that he’ll be safe or even win the challenge, ’cause for him, his design stands out from the rest.

In the runway, Teresa announced that the winner will get free services from Beverly Hills 6750 (unfortunately that’s all she said, so I guess that’s just it - no immunity).

Guest judge: Suzette Lopez

My ratings:


Philipp - Unique in a way he’s the only one who made pants, and the design of the jacket was really cool.
Aries - Although the design was simple, it’s very classy - just what Beverly Hills 6750 is looking for. Also, the fit was perfect.

Veejay - The design was modern, but the skirt was a little bit long.
Jaz - Another clean work, and this time her design improved.
Low: Eli - Wrong fit, and very unflattering design.

Philipp, Aries, and Jaz got great reviews. Phil’s pants and fashionable jacket, Aries’ professional-looking design, and Jaz’s show of her range were their huge points.

Ivan, Mara, and Eli were the bottom three. Ivan’s uniform doesn’t fit Beverly Hills’ style. Mara’s excuse and her low confidence let down the judges. While Eli got, I think, his worst review so far, that Rajo would be willing to give him the tongue-lashing of his life. He used his immunity as an excuse, which is unforgivable. It’s like a student not studying for an exam just because he entered the Top 10 once, and wouldn’t mind getting a low score ’cause he knows what matters is the average. Eli is either having fun, or he’s just using his charm to lure people on his side.

Winner: Aries
Out: None.

When it came to the bottom two, Teresa and the other judges, let Ivan, as well as Mara to stay in the competition. Mainly because, neither of the two got the lowest score. It was Eli who should’ve been eliminated but he’s immune, so they can’t send him home.

Back to the confession room, Eli said that he’s ready to be out. While Jaz, and Mara expressed their feelings about Eli being fake to them.

Next week, we’ll be saying goodbye to two designers because no one was eliminated in this challenge.


I love the ending music for this episode.

Oh… and this: (I can’t believe I’ll be seeing this two so, no, make it - very close.)

If you didn’t know, Eli and Aries used to have a cat and dog relationship in the beginning…but now..well just look at them xD *sigh*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Familiarize yourself with foreign fashion lingo

Do you sometimes find yourself confused with fashion lingo?

Since fashion encompasses culture across the globe, it's only natural to encounter strange words like prêt-a-porter, tulle, and jodhpurs when you read a fashion magazine or talk to an expert. Aside from being updated on the latest trends, a fashionista like you should also be familiar with foreign fashion lingo. Read on to enrich your fashion vocabulary!

Aaglet, aiglet: metal tag of a lace, intended primarily to make it easier to thread through eyelet-holes, but afterwards also as an ornament to pendent ends.

Á la mode: in fashion; fashionable look; funky; in vogue; in style.

Ápplique: French for applied or laid on; decoration in the form of embroidery, cut-out motif, or contrasting fabric stitched onto a foundation.

Avant-garde: pioneers or innovators in any art in a particular period; the characteristic quality of such pioneering.

Babushka: triangular head-scarf; head covering folded diagonally and tied under the chin.

Bagheera: fine uncut pile velvet; imitation made of rayon crepe.

Bateau neckline: décolletage having a bow-shaped curve from shoulder to shoulder; boat-neck.

Blasé: blah; boring; dull; insipid; passé; square.

Caftan (kaftan): a full length garment with elbow or full length sleeves. Originally from the Middle East, often highly embellished with embroidery, kaftans now come in all lengths.

Chape: backside of a buckle attaching to it a strap.

Chenille: velvet-like cord, having short threads or fibers of silk and wool standing out at right angles from a core of thread or wire, like the hairs of a caterpillar, used in trimming and bordering dresses.

De rigueur: as required by current fashion.

Faux: artificial.

Froufrou: fussy, showy dress or ornamentation.

Haute couture: high fashion, always made to measure.

Jodhpurs: pants cut full over the thighs but fitting tightly from knee to ankle, originally worn for horse riding as less formal alternative to breeches and knee-high boots.

Kitsch: vulgar design and appearance, often pretentious bad taste.

Maquette: a preliminary sketch.

Mignonette: lace; fine net.

Prêt-a-porter: French term for ready to wear.

Rocaille: style of ornamentation based on rock and shell motifs; rococo.

Savoir-faire: ability to act suitably.

Savoir-vivre: knowledge of the world and ways of society; sophisticated; hip.

Trousseau: a bride's outfit.

Tulle: a stiffened silk net, which can also include synthetic nets.

Zori: Japanese thonged sandals with straw, leather, or wood soles.

European Flicks at Shangri-La Mall

The Cine Europa film festival at Shangri-La Plaza Manila kicked off last Thursday, but if you missed it this weekend, don't fret. You still have plenty of time to catch featured films from France, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom this week.

Learn more about the films and screening schedules after the jump.

Les Chansons d'Amour (Love Songs) by Christophe Honoré (France)
Les Chansons d'Amour is all about the intricacies and beauty of falling in love. It is about too many people loving a person, not surviving without love, and saying sorry for love.
Sept. 18 (Thursday), 12PM; and 20 (Saturday), 9:30PM

Mozart in China by Bernd Neuburger (Austria)
Danny and Li Wei, two 10-year-old boys from Salzburg, spend an adventurous summer in the southern Chinese island of Hainan. With the help of Mozart and a Chinese shadow princess, they manage to save an old shadow theater from being turned into a greedy hotel chain.
Sept. 16 (Tuesday), 9:30PM

Beauty in Trouble by Jan Hrebejk and Petr Jarchovsky (Czech Republic)
A young woman faces the dilemma of loving two men at once. Which should she choose--sexual dependence or a good future for herself and her children?
Sept. 20 (Saturday), 7PM

After the Wedding by Susanne Bier (Denmark)
Nominated in the 2007 Oscar Awards Best Foreign Film category, After the Wedding is the story of Jacob Petersen, who has dedicated his life to helping street children in India. When the orphanage he heads is threatened to close down, he receives a donation of $4 million, but with a condition: not only must Jacob return to Denmark, he must also take part in the wedding of his donor's daughter. The wedding proves to be a critical juncture between past and future and catapults Jacob into the most intense dilemma of his life.
Sept. 18 (Thursday), 2:30P; and 20 (Saturday), 4:30PM

Colorado Avenue by Claes Olsson (Finland)
Colorado Avenue tells the story of Hanna, a young woman who migrates to America, determined to make money in the Great West. She later returns to her home country to face civil war, alcohol smuggling, and humiliation. With her American dollars she buys a parcel of rocky land and opens a country store. The store becomes the village center and local people begin to respect the industrious “Dollar-Hanna” as they choose to call her. The film deals with humiliation, shame, respect, and making peace with one's past and is set in the early years of Finland's independence.
Sept. 17 (Wednesday), 2:30PM; 18 (Thursday), 7:30PM; and 21 (Sunday), 9:30PM

Hands Off Mississippi by Detlef Buck (Germany)
The winner of awards for Best Children’s and Family Film in the 2007 German Film Awards and 2007 Bavarian Film Awards, Hands Off Mississippi is about a young city girl sent off by her busy parents to spend some time in the country with her grandmother, where she discovers strange events at the neighboring farm, which involve a horse called Mississippi. The horse is likely to be sold unless other arrangements are made, and this is where the girl and her grandmother step in. The film develops into a broad comedy where all is not what it appears. Tip: Make sure you stay for the closing credits as the film ends with a witty and cleverly animated sequence.
Sept. 18 (Thursday), 5PM

Children of the Moon by Manuela Stacke (Germany)
Twelve-year-old Lisa makes it a point to play along with her brother Paul's fantasy game of travels to the moon faithfully every afternoon. But when she falls in love for the first time and another afternoon appointment gets in the way, brother and sister have to learn to adapt to the new reality.
Sept. 20 (Saturday), 2:30PM

Chemical Hunger by Antonio Bocola and Paolo Vari (Italy)
With a backdrop set in a grim housing project of a Milan suburb teeming with social tension, three youngsters, Claudio, Manuel, and Maja, face up to the passage from youth to adulthood.
Sept. 16 (Tuesday), 2:15PM; 19 (Friday), 12PM; and 21 (Sunday), 2:15PM

One Hundred Steps by Marco Tullio Giordana (Italy)
"I cento passi" (one hundred steps) was the distance between Peppino Impastato's house and the house of Tano Badalamenti, an important Mafia boss, in the small Sicilian town of Cinisi. Impastato is a young left-wing activist in the late 70s (when almost nobody dared to speak about Mafia, and several politicians maintained that Mafia did not even exist) who repeatedly denounced Badalamenti crimes and the whole Mafia system using a small local radio station. In 1978, at age 30, Impastato is killed by an explosion. The police record the case as an accident or a suicide, but his friends try to trace his death to the Mafia.
Sept. 16 (Tuesday), 4:45PM; 19 (Friday), 2:30PM; and 21 (Sunday), 4:45PM

The Paper Will Be Blue by Marco Tullio Giordana (Romania)
When Lieutenant Neagu's armored unit is ordered to patrol the suburbs, the unit's radio functions intermittently and communications between the different armored units and fragments of radio and TV broadcasts give vague reports of "terrorist" attacks on the national television station held by anti-Ceausescu forces, throwing members of the unit into utter confusion.
Sept. 17 (Wednesday), 12PM; and 19 (Friday), 2:30PM

Un Franco, 14 Pesetas by Carlos Iglesias (Spain)
Two friends named Martin and Marcos leave their families behind in Spain to become mechanics in Switzerland. But the arrival of Martin's wife Pilar and son Pablo, and Marco’s girlfriend Maria del Carmen marks the end of the bachelor life they were living. When Martin's father dies, they realize they've already got what they went there for and the time has come to return. Much to their surprise, going home is much harder than leaving.
Sept. 17 (Wednesday), 7:30PM; 18 (Thursday), 10PM; and 21 (Sunday), 12PM

Late Bloomers by Bettina Oberli (Switzerland)
Lisi encourages Martha, 80, to realize a long-held dream: to open a boutique with her own handmade lingerie. This news turns the placid Swiss Emmental village upside down. When Martha's son, the vicar, orders her to close the shop, she and her best friends decide it's high time to show the village what they are made of.
Sept. 16 (Tuesday), 12PM

Vitus by Fredi M. Murer (Switzerland)
Vitus is a boy who almost seems to be from another planet: he has hearing like a bat, plays the piano like a virtuoso, and studies encyclopedias at age 5. No wonder his parents begin to anticipate a brilliant future for him. However, the little genius prefers to play in his eccentric grandfather's workshop and dream of flying. Ultimately, with one dramatic leap, Vitus takes control of his own life.
Sept. 17 (Wednesday), 9:30PM

Night Run by Dana Nechustan (The Netherlands)
Dennis van der Horst is a kind-hearted young entrepreneur who lives by the rules of the street and looks after his brother Marco and his family. When Dennis gets the chance to obtain an extremely expensive but lucrative taxi-license, he seizes it. Soon, however, Dennis finds out that the law is being altered, allowing competition in the taxi market and rendering his licenses and many of his colleagues' worthless. He gets deeper into trouble when he finds out that he has unwittingly become part of the criminal organization behind MOTAX. Even the police turn out to have secret ties with MOTAX and there is only one thing left for Dennis to do to free himself: confront the man pulling the strings.
Sept. 17 (Wednesday), 5PM; 19 (Friday), 5PM; and 21 (Sunday), 7:30PM

And When Did You Last See Your Father? by Anand Tucker (United Kingdom)
The film tells Blake Morrison's moving and candid memoir of his father in the weeks leading up to his death. As his father's condition worsens, Morrison contemplates their shared experiences, the intimacies and irritations of their relationship.
Sept. 16 (Tuesday), 7:30PM; and 20 (Saturday), 12PM

Can virginity be restored?

Even in a Catholic-centric and conservative country like the Philippines, women are more confident in taking action when it comes to their sex life. And while some still choose to wait until they’re married before having sex, it seems a growing number of Filipinas now belong to the “sexually active” group. For some, it also seems that virginity has become overrated given the growing number of Filipinas marrying at a late age.

However, what if through science, it is now possible for a woman to reclaim her virginity?

A website called Revirgination.net offers women a way of becoming a “virgin” again: vaginal surgery, which forms the core of re-virgination. “Forget Botox, liposuction or breast enlargement. The newest trend in plastic surgery for US women is vaginal reconstruction, including hymenoplasty, which offers patients new virginity,” reads the site.

CosmeticSurgery.com defines hymenoplasty as a surgical procedure designed to repair and reconstruct the hymen. Bleeding occurs when the hymen tears after penetration when having sex for the first time. This type of surgery pulls the tissue back together to restore a “virgin-like” quality. Hymenoplasty generally takes one to two hours to perform, with patients able to return to work the next day.

In the country, the Belo Medical Clinic offers a similar procedure. Perineorraphy is a surgical procedure to tighten and repair the vagina. It is a safe, out-patient procedure that allows tightening of a relaxed vaginal outlet resulting from previous childbirth as well as repairing vaginal muscles for better muscle control. This treatment prevents occurrence of chronic and recurrent urinary tract and vaginal infections.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alchemy for Jei

this event is for jei para naman may mga girls sya..... well.... friend.... nagawa ko na ang dapat ikaw na bahala sa iba hahahahhaha ill update this soon...... just go to http://fabulousgeri.blogspot.com

UNO Mag Party

ill update this soon.... pics coming from my phone.... im waiting for ..... hahahaha secret... hindi pwd

Cosmo 69 Party 2008

After the Bench Blackout Jeans and Underwear Fashion Show, the next big thing, literally and figuratively, dahlings, is the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008! Just like in the past editions, it will surely be a night of excitement. Imagine the sensation of being immersed in a scorching sea of 69 sultry, passionate men, the 69 hottest, and Cosmo promises them to be the wettest too, bachelors of the Philippines. Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008 promises a wet, steamy, sizzling night with 69 of the most eligible bachelors in town!

The drool-worthy event, one of the most anticipated event in Manila, will be held on September 11, 2008 (think 9/11 dear), at around 8PM on A. Venue Events Hall along Makati Avenue, Makati City.

And this is the fun part. Cosmo is giving away 150 tickets to girls only (apparently, you have to be one), who will email cosmopromos@summitmedia.com.ph and the email should contain their: name, age, contact number, and email address. One important detail also is that the email subject should be: “Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008,” to make sure your entry counts. The 150 lucky chicks gets to bring one more “girl” friend each to the event. Hurry up coz deadline is already on August 31, 2008!!

The Night!

A teaser for the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2008 stayed true to its promise that it was going to be a wet and wild party—seriously. Even the weather that night seemed to be one with the theme: in spite of the torrential rain on September 11, the A. Venue Events Hall in Makati City was packed with screaming females (mixed with a good number of males) ready to see 69 gorgeous single men and this year’s Celebrity Centerfolds in all their muscular, half-naked glory

Readers of Cosmopolitan Philippines were treated to an evening of fun and excitement (complete with water guns that they could spray the hottest men with) when 69 scorching-hot bachelors stripped to their bare essentials, strutted their stuff, and mingled with fun, fearless females. The crowd went wild as seven of Cosmo’s ten Celebrity Centerfolds—actor Paolo Contis, entertainer Billy Crawford, cager Macky Escalona, Be-Bench runner-up Ron Morales, PBB star Bruce Quebral, and models Rocky Salumbides and Akihiro Sato—made their much-anticipated grand entrance.

Paolo was the last of the Celebrity Centerfolds to strut down the ramp that night, showing off his ripped body. He literally made a splash as he stopped right in the middle of the mini-fountain at the center of the stage, kneeling down as if in abandon and rendering his white pants almost see-through. He even stretched out on the ramp to have his photo taken with the audience that went crazy with his antics.

Sorely missed that evening were Geoff Eigenmann, Derek Ramsay, and Jon Avila—the three Celebrity Centerfolds who were unable to attend the event.

Eric Tai, one of the 69 bachelors, had his memorable share of the spotlight when he started off the bachelors’ parade down the stage with his impressive break-dancing moves. He even did an impromptu showdown with performer Billy Crawford toward the end of the show.

The event opened with fun and sexy games that involved ladies grinding with, slathering lotion on, and eating marshmallows off the chiseled bodies of hot Cosmo Bachelors. The Cosmo Bachelor Bash was hosted by Wave 89.1 DJs Jada Pangan and Eri Neeman.

Spotted among the audience that night were Paolo’s girlfriend Isabel Oli, Ornussa Cadness, Phoemela Baranda, Juliana Palermo, Rajo Laurel, Maggie Wilson, and Andrew Wolfe.

Feast your eyes on this year’s most gorgeous hunks which graced, not only the special supplement that comes with the September issue of Cosmopolitan, but also the Bachelor Bash’s wet and wild catwalk.


They are coming back for one of a kind dance concert :: No ordinary morning :: Salt water :: off shore :: stoned in love :: bruised water :: love on the run :: and many more.

Sep27 WTC // world trade center

presold tickets: 1200 available at all f&h folded & hung stores Music one and odyssey.
Door charges : 1500 plus 1 free drink

VIP tickets and VIP tables call 6348238/ 6327762

be one of the 100 to win tickets for chicane log on and register to www.nokia.com.ph/iac

look for the registration form. Nokia will contact the winner through email and cellphones.

work hard party harder

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roundup: September happenings

* Some of the hottest local bands will perform live in the Nike Special Retail Installation Store at Gateway Mall in Cubao! Check out Parokya ni Edgar on Thursday, September 4, at 8PM, and Sandwich on Saturday, September 6, also at 8PM. Admission is free so don't miss it!

* West Side Story, the popular Broadway musical starring Christian Bautista, Karylle, Joanna Ampil, Gian Magdangal, and Rowena Vilar is opening on Friday, September 5, at the Meralco Theater! Check out our exclusive video of Christian, Joanna, Gian, and Rowena performing songs from the musical here. The show runs until October 12, 2008. For tickets, call Ticketworld (891-9999) or STAGES (818-1111 local 225). Ticket prices range from P500 to P1,200.

* Instituto Cervantes has a new line up of films this month, which you can all see for free! The weekly films start with Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba), directed by Mikhail Kalatozov on September 6, followed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabío's Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate) on September 13. Another Alea and Tabío film, Guantanamera, is scheduled for September 20, while Benito Zambrano’s Habana Blues closes the month’s film rounds on September 27.

* Don't miss the 29th Manila International Book Fair, running from September 12 to 16 at the SMX Convention Center beside SM Mall of Asia. Over a hundred publishers and book sellers will be there, and you can also attend seminars, workshops, storytelling sessions, book launches, contests, and other learning activities!

Doing it for the first time

Intense pain and possible bleeding (or implications if they don’t) are among the many causes of apprehension women have about having sex for the first time. The first experience is very important because it dictates the woman’s sexual behavior: if the first is too painful or traumatic, she might develop distaste for the act itself and eventually her partner.

You must then understand that the sexual act is both art and science. Read this article with your partner to have a better understanding of how the act should be done, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Talk about sex. If you care for each other, you have to talk about sex. Compare notes. It is all right to discuss this so you can understand each other’s preferences, wants, needs, and even the level of your ignorance about it. It is also important to talk about past sexual experiences, if there are—without naming names, of course, because this might only cause unnecessary trouble. Be honest about your sexual experiences. Figure out if you and your partner are on the same page about sex.

Foreplay. You must start the act by kissing and touching each other’s body to prepare both reproductive organs: in terms of erection for him, and dilation for you. Foreplay stimulates the vagina to produce natural lubricants. You should also use this time to think if you really are ready to take the plunge. You know there’s no turning back once you’ve done the act.

Start “small.” Once the vagina is fully lubricated, ask your partner to carefully insert his ring finger in a circular manner, eventually inserting two or more. The purpose of using fingers is to familiarize the vagina with foreign matter: start with something smaller before going for upsize. Generally, two fingers may represent up to a 1.5”-diameter penis and so on.

Penetration. Ask him to introduce his penis very slowly and gently, and while this is being done, it would be nice to keep saying “I love you” to each other. Advance with care up to the hilt. This would be the painful part of penetrative sex. At this moment, the woman’s hymen will break, possibly causing pain and bleeding. Once the penis is in, ask your man to leave it inside for two to four minutes without pumping. Imagine a fresh wound: you wouldn’t want it poked, since any form of friction or pressure will certainly hurt. After a few glorious minutes, tell him to withdraw and let you rest.

Re-insertion. I know both of you are excited to try it again. Just repeat the steps, but this time, allow your partner to pump a little. Tell him to be sensitive! If it is still painful, tell him so he would stop. If it already feels pleasurable, allow him to pump harder. Remember, the aftermath is more consequential than the act itself.

Why he hasn't proposed--yet

You’ve been in a serious relationship for three to five years, you’re close to each other’s family, and you’ve shared many deep conversations and intimate moments (not to mention great sex). Or, for those who want to formalize relationships: you may have been dating seriously for at least a year or more but he still hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend. In both cases, you’re left wondering: why hasn’t he proposed?

Before you start tearing your hair out and exhausting your brain in trying to figure him out, understand the possible reasons he may have for not proposing yet and know how to deal with them, as discussed in the articles “Why Hasn’t He Proposed? 7 Reasons And How to Fix Them” and “Will He Ever Propose?” Even if you’re only wondering why he hasn't asked you to be his girlfriend, simply replace all references to “wife” and “marriage” with “girlfriend” and “relationship” and you’ll find these tips useful for you, too.

1. He hasn’t thought of it. He doesn’t need to get to the next level the way you do. It might go against his ways to be tied to a wife at the moment. But show (not tell) him that you’re a prize catch.

2. You’re his virtual wife already—why should he make it formal? You already do for him the things a wife does: cook, shop, give advice, sex, and care for him. If you want to marry him, it has to be worth his while. “Ask yourself: What does he get if he marries me that he doesn’t get if we keep things the way they are—and is that valuable to him?” Get the correct answer to this and put it into action.

3. None of his pals are married and he doesn’t want to give up his independence. He may love you with all his heart and looks at no other woman but you, yet the thought of settling down and possibly losing his independence may discourage him. Assure him of the freedoms he will keep and new ones he’ll enjoy once you’re committed.

Show (not tell) him that you're a prize catch.
4. He likes it the way it is, why change? "Lucky for you, eventually he’ll realize he’s getting older. Not as quickly as women realize it, but time does come when guys realize they don’t want to be alone forever." If he speaks of such things, agree that it’s a valid concern—nothing more.

5. He is in no hurry biologically or emotionally. Guys can take no notice of the biological clock’s ticking much longer and with less consequence. And for most of them, earning money is "supplying plenty of satisfaction;" kids are not in their list of priorities because they want to maximize their “fulfillment quotient.” But he will eventually want kids. Question is: will it be with you?

6. He’s not yet ready financially. We all know it’s expensive to get married and eventually start a family. He may just be saving up or would like to be secure in his career first so he can provide for and take care of you.

7. He’s unsure about you. Realize that having been together long enough to even think of taking it to the next level is already a good sign. Maybe he’s just contemplating really well and being extra careful before he devotes himself fully to you. Just enjoy each moment with him, and he’ll soon decide that you really are the one for him.

8. He’s afraid to ask (but don’t count on it). Unless he’s really clinically torpe, he’s not afraid. He just isn’t ready, hasn’t thought of it, or simply doesn’t want to. So if you can’t wait any longer, best to get his thoughts on getting married now—specifically with you. You may not like the answer, but at least you know. But if you still have time, practice the previous tips, and the answer might sweep you both off your feet.

Project Runway Philippines Episode 6

The dark clouds has passed away.

Well not quite, in the beginning of the episode, Eli was taking all his stress out in the conference room. Saying the judges are very unfair, and they are already preparing for Aries to be the winner of this first season.

Before taking their new challenge, all the models went out wearing a bridal gown. The designers were all shocked and happy… except for Aries who was I think in his twilight zone thinking something very deep. As the last week’s winner, Jaz had to choose first, and she picked Lexxi. For that, Bo ended up with Jhen again. Michelle was on the luck ‘coz Eli promised Winnie that he will let her model stay in the competition (not sure how long though). It was Veejay who get to choose from the remaining two models - Sally and Angel. He’s so loyal, so he stayed with his Angel.

Now for their challenge, Jojie walked in the runway stating their new challenge, which is to make a bridal gown.

Challenge: Design a new bridal outfit from an existing thrift bridal gown.

Twist: 50% of original bridal gown must be used.

They’ll be given 20 minutes, and 3,000 pesos to shop.

In choosing the fabric, Philipp took a risk by usng a tablecloth-fabric for his gown.

Back to the workroom, the designers expressed their opinions about the unfashionable gowns, with Mara saying: “The dress is obviously very ugly.” (Let’s just hope the original designers of the thrift gowns doesn’t watch Project Runway *lolz*, ‘coz they might curse the designers or maybe themselves.) Jojie then also started expressing his own opinion to the current designs, telling Veejay to redesign some part of his dress ‘coz he has already seen it. Asking Eli if he could improve his design, etc. After the consultation, the designers started being serious in their work, especially with the high expectations of the judges from them. It’s like they’ve become strangers to one another.

The next day, Aries’ chosen fabrics didn’t match well with the fabric of the thrift gown, so he’s starting from scratch with only a day remaining. Eli on the other hand also changed his design, but this time it looks effortless ‘coz he didn’t do any sewing-stuff. Will their gowns work on the runway? hm…

While I was watching the show I was like half-awake, then suddenly Philipp was singing this glorious song “Hallelujah… Hallelujah… To the lamb… “, after that he turned around and faced the camera like he saw the killer in the movie Scream. I laughed so hard, but in a good way, it woke me up for the runway show. Eli was being so negative again, saying that the judges might not like his gown because they don’t like him, but he doesn’t care ‘coz he doesn’t like them either. All I know is, what the Judges didn’t like were his previous works, not his personality.

To the runway…

Guest judge: Dennis Lustico

My ratings:


Eli -His ‘effortless’ gown worked after all. His labandera-inspired wedding gown looked so flawless.
Jaz -Again, very neat design.
Veejay -Love the construction and the fabrics he used. So modern.

Philipp -The circular end of his gown was really different.
Ivan -His effort in the bead-works were worth it.
Low: Bo -His gown was way too sweet, like Teresa said it looked like he made it for a Disney character.

The judges literally liked all the wedding gowns made by each designer. These are their comments for those who remained: (But wait! When Teresa told Ivan, Aries, and Philipp they were safe, Aries was so shocked that he even hugged Eli out of his enjoyment! Eli’s reaction was like “Do you know who you are hugging to?”)

Eli -”Your dress definitely reflects elegance.” -Teresa “I have to say, of all the wedding gowns I’ve seen for this challenge, this is one of my favorites. I also have to tell you that this is probably the most glamorous labandera I’ve ever seen.” -Rajo “You’ve made me really happy today.” -Apples
Bo -”Too sweet.” -Dennis
Jaz -”You can walk away today and charge a lot of money for that.” -Rajo “I’m amazed of the construction, the fitting, the thinness of this part here, it’s beautiful. Perfect. ” -Dennis
Ava -”I see you, I see Ava.” -Teresa “I just want to congratulate you because one, you’re true to yourself, and two you remained true to your vision.” -Rajo
Veejay -”I’ve been waiting for you to step up all this weeks and you have finally.” -Apples “There’s going to be a lot of bread and butter for you after this.” -Rajo
Mara -Well there’s no much really praise for Mara this time ‘coz she used glue again. But they said that if she just changed the color of the sach then it could’ve look for bridal-ish.
By the end of the chat, Rajo congratulated all the designers for giving their best in this challenge, he even had goosebumps ‘coz of what they’ve displayed. Apples also added “The fight is on!”

Winner: Eli
Out: Bo

Jaz was really funny, after she left the runway she did the “I love it” expression again. Then Eli followed her jumping for joy ‘coz he won, but Jaz didn’t believe him, not until Veejay entered the room and congratulated (also hugged) Eli.

Bo was the first designer of the Fab 4 to be eliminated, leaving Philipp, Aries, and Veejay in the contest.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Invites for UNO Girls Party

We all live in SIN. lets all sin together on Sept 12. 2008 9pm at A-venue Hall for the real HOTTEST UNO GIRLS PARTY. MSG me before Sept 5, 2008 for guest list inclusion.

how to be in Guestlist:

*if you know my number just text me your name (full name)

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* you can go to my blog site look for my chat box and put your name.

ill see you all......

Spicy Finger

There’s something about spicy food that draws me to take a bite despite not knowing whether my tongue is in for a first degree burn or not. I think my bias towards all things spicy started when I discovered that crushing the big green chili found in sinigang soup makes it more delicious than it already is. From then on, I’ve always made it a point to add something to make my meals spicy---hot sauce, black pepper, jalapeno, chili flakes and even minced siling labuyo (red chili). I think adding something to tickle the taste buds gives the dish more oomph and character. It never gets boring when your meal is hot.

So when Comedy Cartel, this stand-up comedy group headed by Tim Tayag, invited us to watch their show in Spicy Fingers, it piqued my interest. Spicy food and stand-up comedy? —I’m in. This was recipe for a rambunctious night.

Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers is a new restaurant amongst the row of dining establishments in Greenbelt 3 that just opened October of last year. The entire place is noticeably reddish, rather amber in tone with warm interiors and subdued lighting. It kind of sets you in the mood to be daring--with a hot date, perhaps, or at the very least, with your palate.

Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers

The first thing I had to taste was the curious-looking Hot Fingers (P180), described as stuffed chili fingers with minced beef and creamy cheese. I’m not a fan of huge chili peppers because they taste like hot sauce with newly-picked leaves but this particular dish eliminated that, with no after-taste at all. True to its name, the golden Hot Fingers gave a zing with every bite but then the spiciness is suddenly pared down with the creaminess of the melted cheese dip. I recommend making this dish your appetizer when visiting the restaurant for the first time because it’s a very apt overview of what their chef has to offer.

Spicy Fingers
Hot Fingers
As if to battle the indulgent combination of chili + cheese + meat that I just had, I decided a salad would be a great contrast. The Tomato and Parma Salad (P314) had tomatoes and fresh white cheese wrapped in Parma ham resting on a bed of salad greens and then dressed with aged balsamic vinaigrette. Now, anything wrapped in ham tastes great, what more if it’s a slab of soft cheese? The greens were crisp and the light vinaigrette just makes everything guilt-free.

Spicy Fingers
Tomato and Parma Salad

Another starter that is definitely a little more filling than your typical appetizer is the quaint ensemble of rolled Duck Crepes (P202). It is served with a little saucer of salty-sweet nut sauce that goes so well with the crispness of the bamboo shoots and the pieces of duck meat. Munch only on a couple of rolls if you’re planning to have other entrees because it’s already as good as a light meal.

Spicy Fingers
Duck Crepes

On to heavier entrees---first off, the Spicy Chicken Quesadillas (P353). Now, these Mexican delights are on fire! I loved how the soft tortilla wrap enveloped those tender chicken chunks without flaking or crumbling and causing a mess. Cut in wedges and ready for dipping, the quesadillas were served with little saucers of rich and creamy guacamole, fresh salsa and tangy sour cream. The spice factor is manageable if you incorporate gulps of water or any non-alcoholic/dairy-infused beverage in between.

Spicy Fingers

Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

Spicy Fingers is a far cry from being a Thai restaurant but they make one of the meanest Pad Thai Noodle (P213) dishes I’ve ever tasted. The stir-fried rice noodles were covered with a blanket of scrambled eggs and mixed with generous amounts of eggs, bean sprouts, peanuts and your choice of either chicken or shrimp. There have evolved two different styles of Pad Thai: the light and dry version commonly found in the streets of Thailand and the rich version, which is a bit smothered with nutty sauce. I like my Pad Thai a bit heavy-tasting with lots of toppings that’s why the Spicy Fingers version gets my vote.

Spicy Fingers
Pad Thai Noodle

Spicy Fingers

I cooled down with the Banana Baileys Colada (P180), which had just the right amount of dairy to make my taste buds momentarily forget the spiciness it had just recently encountered. The concoction is a combination of a really good banana shake with pina colada mix, banana liquer, Baileys Irish cream, rum, coconut cream and crushed ice.

Spicy Fingers
Banana Baileys Colada

Spicy Fingers

Bubble Gum Cocktail
A cocktail for the sweet tooth is what I call the Bubble Gum Cocktail (P180). This drink tastes a bit too syrupy for my liking. Probably, too much grenadine? It looks and smells yummy though. I recommend going for another cocktail mix since all house cocktails are priced at P180 anyway.

I survey the room and declare it refreshingly laid-back but still edgy. Notice the booming club scene nowadays? I think Spicy Fingers is a welcome respite from the usual club and bar spots peppering the city now. While some restaurants along the strip of Greenbelt 2 have come and gone, Spicy Fingers shows remarkable promise of staying for a long time by combining laid-back ambiance with an interesting menu and one-of-a-kind entertainment that is sure to add spice to your typical night out.

Spicy Fingers has an early dinner special from Sunday to Thursday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm for only P338.00, inclusive of VAT. Catch the Comedy Cartel in their future shows at Spicy Fingers - visit http://www.ecircleentertainment.com/ for details and show schedules.

Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2 Ground Level Makati Metro Manila Tel: (63 2) 729-8761, (63 2) 729-8932, (63 2) 817-4729

Understanding male sexuality

Do men think about sex all the time? What does it truly take to please them? well yeah... they like sex... as in!!!!!

Let’s face it: there are a lot of things we do not understand about men, especially when it comes to their sexuality. Why else would there be speculations about shoe size (and apparently even the length of the nose) as indications of their manhood’s size? Does size even matter at all?

To stem the ambiguity and for you to understand your man better sexually, here are nine things you must know about male sexuality, according to About.Com: Sexuality.

1. Penis size isn’t a simple measurement. Most men worry about the size of their penis at some point their lives, but usually with very little understanding about the average penis size. While some say that size matters, most people agree that it isn’t as important as skills in bed and sexual compatibility.

2. Men don’t always want to have sex. There is a notion that men always want sex, which a lot of men tend to act out—engaging in sex just because it is expected of them and not because they like it. Fact is, there are many times when men don’t feel like having sex due to several factors that don’t necessarily spell a “problem.”

3. Men can have multiple orgasms. Because most men learn to stimulate themselves to orgasm easily, they tend to believe there’s nothing more to learn by the time they are 19. As a result, most men only get to experience a small percentage of their orgasmic potential—and that includes male multiple orgasms.

4. Men can control ejaculation (most of the time). While most men experience problems with ejaculation at some point in their lives, many don’t know that the timing of ejaculation can be controlled most of the time with relatively simple exercises, which can also lead to a greater sexual pleasure—for both of you.

5. Men can (and do) use sex toys. The myth is sex toys are only for women who use them as stand-in for men. Yet these don’t replace people and are meant to do things none of us can—and the pleasure they cause can be for men as much as women: they provide great stimulation, and using sex toys with a partner can open up all sorts of unexplored possibilities in bed.

6. Men do have a “special button.” While not all men like having it pressed, it’s true that the prostate gland, often referred to as the “male G-spot,” can be a source of intense sexual pleasure for men. Knowing how to stimulate this opens more possibilities for him to experience pleasure—which will certainly benefit both of you.

7. Anal pleasure is for all men. Contrary to the common, homophobic belief that wanting anal play makes a man gay, it can actually make him feel very excited. In fact, many heterosexual couples are already exploring the physical and psychological pleasure it brings.

8. Masturbation is good for men. Did you know that many of the secrets to a man’s desires can be found in the way he masturbates and that men who are good at pleasuring themselves can teach their partners what turns them on?

9. Male sexuality isn’t simple. Because men’s genitalia are external and they can usually get themselves off easily, we assume there is nothing new to know about their sexuality. As a result, men are thought to have to work extra hard to discover their own sexual potential—which is in fact already there.

What do you think of these information? Share them with your man, too!

Gv gv lang!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


last saturday we had our POOL House Party.... whaaa love it!!!
after work party, nakipagmeet na kami sa mga friends ko na gusto sumama namely:

Mark Abello- na nag leave pa just for this event
Romel Ciego- he also filed his leave just for this
kat- na absent for two days just for this
Lorenz- na nag resign para sa POOL party na toh! hahaha joke
Ann Dael- na nag leave din para lang makajoin
Totz- nakipag swap ng sched para lang makaligo
Ken- nag absent para maagang makapag packed ng things
Pia-normal kasama talaga sya at walang ginawa....
Jei- normal din same with Pia, nag charge ng camera just for this event
Sheng- gumawa ng way para makipag peace kay Kat kaya sumama
Monet- gusto sumama para ipa-taste ang bicol express nya hahahaha

Mommy Reg- sumama sa lang sa amin just to help us for the place and food

"Mommy Reg, thanks thanks thanks talaga.... as in sobra wala akong masabi even lorenz, thanks for helping us find place and helping the boys for the food. thank thanks kahit na hindi ka na nakabalik"

dumating kami sa place like maagaga as in, yung place is somewhere sa antipolo, OVERLOOK RESORT

place is nice kasi overlooking manila plus the fact na mura sya i think 4.5k lang sya and entrance of about 180 something which is not bad.

Lorenz, Jei, Mark and Romel went to wet market for our food with Mommy Reg. food for our lunch.

then us girls waited for them lang Me, Ann, Totz and Kat tamang chill lang. hahaha

then around 11am dumating na ang mga boys with food. hahah love them all

Food for our lunch
Inihaw na fish
Inihaw na Hotdog
Inihaw na Pork
salty egg
and banana
plus Soda

thats our food for lunch, after that we started drinking na hahaha daming beer as in.... we are so so rich daming beers

by the way 12nn dumating sila Pia Ken and Bd.

then Jei mix our drinks at tawag nya dito ay BARAG MIX hahaha love it! its a combination of

Red Horse

infairness love it! medyo walang tama sa akin but taste good naman love it!!!!

then card game kami tawag nila "in between" kung sino talo mag-shot ng Binarag ni Jei at kung sino naman ang Panalo yung katabi nya mag shot ng Binarag ni Jei... hahaha love it! sympre lagi akong talo kasi naman i dont know the value of Jack, King, Queen, etc kasi naman i dont play cards noh... hahahahah love it!

then after thats Pia and Lorenz went again to Wet market for our dinner.

Food for Dinner
Inihaw na Pork
Inihaw na Chicken
Inihaw na Hotdog
Inihaw na Fish

"thanks Kat for cooking this all.... ang sarap sarap nya as in"

then after that drink ulit kami, nagswiming naman yung iba at dumating naman si monet and sheng.

hay.... saya saya ng party... really really had fun kahit na medyo nag kadramahan kami nila totz, kat gv lang.... after the citadel, pool house then whats next???????

Guys thanks thanks for coming!!!!! love it!

Revenge sex or kiss-and-make-up sex?

After a break up you usually end up missing the other person terribly, especially if it was a long relationship. You suddenly become nostalgic about so many things you shared with him, such as things you did together, places you visited, food you ate, and—admit it—the lovemaking you had. You cannot sleep and nights become colder everyday because you yearn for him.

With this predicament, some would then resort to masturbation, while others prefer having a sexual partner. The worst part is how that longing builds up as time goes by and becomes too painful and unbearable. That’s why one text or call can make you run toward him.

And now here’s the scenario: you accept his invitation to have dinner, wearing your sexiest lingerie to boot. You go to your favorite restaurant, where you eat a lot of oysters and have a couple of drinks. And because you miss him so much, you give yourself to him once more. There’s nothing wrong with that but make sure you qualify the intention beforehand: is it a kiss-and-make-up sex or just revenge sex?

Whatever it is, you have to be careful because more often than not, the wild sex you would certainly have results to pregnancy: since you miss him so much, you get right into the act—and in your haste, you can get pretty careless.

But what happens if, after one wild unprotected sex and he simply says, “See you when I see you”? You have unwittingly become his new fuck buddy. Dumbfounded, you end up crying again, realizing how stupidly you acted.

This scenario is in fact very common. So before you get yourself into this situation again, don’t miss that important step of making clear what his intentions are. Does he truly miss your whole being? Or does he just miss your sex face?

Among the reasons guys call their exes are when they had a fight with their new girl, when they have personal problems, when they’ve heard you’ve moved on and started dating again, or when they want to know if they still have control over you and can still hurt you. If you find out that any of these are his reasons, don’t even think about having sex with him. Sex may be therapeutic for him, but it might hurt you even more—and you’ll now be the one in need of therapy.

Some guys do have noble reasons for calling on you again: maybe they still love you or they suddenly realize that you’re the one they want to be with forever. How do you know? These guys will not give you sob stories to get you in the sack; they will give you realities. These guys will not nitpick on the relationship and would instead focus on things that can be done to nurture love.

Remember, true love involves wanting the other person’s greater good. It also does not rush. He’ll give you time to think if you want him back. And before you decide to get back together, you try to resolve all issues first.

Don’t get carried away. Avoid having sex prior to thinking and talking in bed; it is better to start with thinking and talking, then later deciding to have sex—for as long as you like.

Project Runway Philippines Episode 5

I didn’t like this episode.

There I said it.

Two disappointing episodes in a row… Episode 4 has fights, and instead of some “relaxation”, the designers got tired (Who wouldn’t lost his/her energy after swimming then hours later make an outfit?! I myself got tired watching it, I even wanted to just turn off the tv.)

Now this episode …I’m not suppose to tell you this early, but I will anyway. First, the reward of the winner was a… digicam, hate it, hate it, hate it! A gadget?! An immunity is waaaaaay better than that! Second was this sermon thing, I don’t think it’s delightful to see grown ups being reprimanded. I know they are just trying to open the eyes of the designers, even Apples encouraged them. (Yes, Apples, I think it would’ve been better if it’s Rajo who did it. Apples is like the bitchy but doesnt-mean-any-harm judge, while Rajo is the professor-type.) Still, it was too straight-forward, and I felt bad for the designers.

Childish fights, grown ups lecturing grown ups, what’s next?

To the main episode…

The designers got all tanned up after their swimming “break”. In choosing the models, Eli stayed with Lord’s model Sally, while Philipp had to choose from the remaining two models, which he have both worked with - Chrismarie and Kat. In the end, he stayed with Chrismaria. Teresa told them that they’re going for a field trip, and this time they should “open their eyes”. At first, they thought they are going to a very depressing place. Aries and Mara even thought they are going to work with garbages, turns out it’s a vision challenge. After seeing Teresa and Jojie, Teresa gave them all digicams which they would use to capture images in Cubao Expo that would catch their interest. They’ll be given two and a half hours, after that they’ll go to Metro, then to their workroom and choose one picture that will be their inspiration for their outfit.

Challenge: Take a photo and create an outfit that shows your thought process.

Jojie explained to them, they (the judges) don’t want to see flowers just because they took a picture with flowers. In short, they shouldn’t be literal in their work. Instead, they want to feel/experience the texture and ambience of the photo in their dress.

After the picture taking, they went to Metro Gaisano to buy their needed materials. Ivan took a nap, while Aries was very joyful, he danced and even flirted with a salesman (or maybe just some man). Eli and Ava bought spray paints, with Ava saying it’s the solution to your (their) problems. Mara thought of going to the hardware to use different materials, but unfortunately there’s no much time left. After some time Ivan woke up, unlucky for him no one is there to accomodate him.

In the workroom, they started to print their captured photos.

Their inspirations:

Aries - antique cart owned by Niño Mulach
Ivan - Philippine Eagle
Eli - antique vase
Philipp - moroccan-inspired / mexican texture of a wall
Veejay - a fish-like abstract
Bo - tear-like structure
Jaz - Bamboo lamp with a red fabric on top
Mara - a spikey pillow
Ava - painting by Noel Pascual with circular texture
Winnie - mural places in Italy
I don’t know if what they are doing will benefit theirselves, but each designer are really very helpful to each other. In episode one, there’s Ms. Loida helping Mara, in this one, Eli helped Winnie, and Philipp took care of Jaz’s problem in the skirt she’s making. I know it’s good to help, but then at the same time, this is a competition. If it’s a technical issue like the sewing machine-problem with Mara then it’s all right, but when it comes to the actual making of the outfit, I don’t think other designers should mind what the other is doing. I remember in season 4 of Project Runway US, the winner Christian Siriano said something about not helping in the actual constuction of the dress, because the designer might be the one on top, not because of their own ideas, but because of his.

In the consultation, Winnie said she’s planning to make a trench coat, but then because of the time issue, and being known to work slow, she wasn’t able to finish it. Philipp almost made a mistake again in his editing. He’s planning to put a necklace that doesn’t fit at his gown at all, luckily Jojie was there to say “no more“.

In the evening, Bo was in the confession room, he said that making an outfit in just a snap for Project Runway is not possible. He thought he was going to be on top, be he failed, he then turned around and cried. At first I thought he was just joking around, but he was really serious. He said he misses his outside-world-life. He also thought that when he saw PR in television, it’s going to be easy, but now that he’s in it, turns out it’s not.

In the day of the runway, the designers started to judge other’s designs. Aries said he likes Philipp’s work, ’cause there’s a lot of handwork on it, but in the translation of his inspiration, he said he was a bit confused. Veejay on the other hand said that Winnie’s dress is beautiful, but he find it too simple, while Eli’s dress has again, poor construction.

In the runway…

The winner will receive a Canon Ixus 80 IS camera, instead of an immunity for the next challenge. In the US version, they just gave away the cameras to the designers, here it was a reward for a challenge. Is the budget of the show that low?

Guest judges: Jun De Leon and Mich Dulce

My ratings:


Mara - She put a lot of effort in her outfit.
Jaz - Simple, and well made.
Aries - I like the tailored jacket, though it looked like it was more inspired by the kid, not by the cart.
Average: Veejay - He perfectly mimicked the painting and made his own pattern out of it.


Eli - Remove all the blue, and what you get is a dress that you would want to tear apart.
Ivan - I can see the word ‘literal’ all over his dress.
The judges liked Jaz, Philipp, and Bo’s dress. Bo’s usage of the fabric just didn’t go the way he wanted it to be. Philipp’s gown didn’t reflect much on his inspiration. Jaz on the other hand, had a great texture of the skirt, that you can clearly see from her photo. The bottom three were Ivan, Eli, and Winnie. Both Ivan’s and Eli’s dress were literal, while Winnie’s outfit didn’t reflect the picture at all. If she just made a patterned-colorful trench coat, it could’ve been safe. But seeing her unfinished coat, it still won’t work ‘coz it’s all black, with the picture being very colorful. Both the winning and the losing design has one similarity, which is simplicity. The advantage of Jaz’s dress is that it reflected the photo, while Winnie’s outfit did not. Though if we’ll not base from the challenge, Winnie has more chance of being safe, ‘coz her dress is considerably wearable than Eli’s.

Winner: Jaz
Out: Winnie

In Winnie’s farewell statement, she said that the dress she made for this challenge was her best work so far, and I totally agree. She also admitted that she could’ve put more details in the dress, but it’s just not her style.
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