Monday, September 15, 2008

Cosmo 69 Party 2008

After the Bench Blackout Jeans and Underwear Fashion Show, the next big thing, literally and figuratively, dahlings, is the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008! Just like in the past editions, it will surely be a night of excitement. Imagine the sensation of being immersed in a scorching sea of 69 sultry, passionate men, the 69 hottest, and Cosmo promises them to be the wettest too, bachelors of the Philippines. Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008 promises a wet, steamy, sizzling night with 69 of the most eligible bachelors in town!

The drool-worthy event, one of the most anticipated event in Manila, will be held on September 11, 2008 (think 9/11 dear), at around 8PM on A. Venue Events Hall along Makati Avenue, Makati City.

And this is the fun part. Cosmo is giving away 150 tickets to girls only (apparently, you have to be one), who will email and the email should contain their: name, age, contact number, and email address. One important detail also is that the email subject should be: “Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2008,” to make sure your entry counts. The 150 lucky chicks gets to bring one more “girl” friend each to the event. Hurry up coz deadline is already on August 31, 2008!!

The Night!

A teaser for the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2008 stayed true to its promise that it was going to be a wet and wild party—seriously. Even the weather that night seemed to be one with the theme: in spite of the torrential rain on September 11, the A. Venue Events Hall in Makati City was packed with screaming females (mixed with a good number of males) ready to see 69 gorgeous single men and this year’s Celebrity Centerfolds in all their muscular, half-naked glory

Readers of Cosmopolitan Philippines were treated to an evening of fun and excitement (complete with water guns that they could spray the hottest men with) when 69 scorching-hot bachelors stripped to their bare essentials, strutted their stuff, and mingled with fun, fearless females. The crowd went wild as seven of Cosmo’s ten Celebrity Centerfolds—actor Paolo Contis, entertainer Billy Crawford, cager Macky Escalona, Be-Bench runner-up Ron Morales, PBB star Bruce Quebral, and models Rocky Salumbides and Akihiro Sato—made their much-anticipated grand entrance.

Paolo was the last of the Celebrity Centerfolds to strut down the ramp that night, showing off his ripped body. He literally made a splash as he stopped right in the middle of the mini-fountain at the center of the stage, kneeling down as if in abandon and rendering his white pants almost see-through. He even stretched out on the ramp to have his photo taken with the audience that went crazy with his antics.

Sorely missed that evening were Geoff Eigenmann, Derek Ramsay, and Jon Avila—the three Celebrity Centerfolds who were unable to attend the event.

Eric Tai, one of the 69 bachelors, had his memorable share of the spotlight when he started off the bachelors’ parade down the stage with his impressive break-dancing moves. He even did an impromptu showdown with performer Billy Crawford toward the end of the show.

The event opened with fun and sexy games that involved ladies grinding with, slathering lotion on, and eating marshmallows off the chiseled bodies of hot Cosmo Bachelors. The Cosmo Bachelor Bash was hosted by Wave 89.1 DJs Jada Pangan and Eri Neeman.

Spotted among the audience that night were Paolo’s girlfriend Isabel Oli, Ornussa Cadness, Phoemela Baranda, Juliana Palermo, Rajo Laurel, Maggie Wilson, and Andrew Wolfe.

Feast your eyes on this year’s most gorgeous hunks which graced, not only the special supplement that comes with the September issue of Cosmopolitan, but also the Bachelor Bash’s wet and wild catwalk.

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