Saturday, September 20, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Ep.7

Just like Lord Maturan’s “I star Eli”, Bo also made a customized t-shirt for his roommates. Aries’ shirt has a print saying: “Expensive like Louis Vuitton, Bo Parcon”, while Philipp’s has “Choose pro or con, Bo Parcon”. Pretty cool idea by Mr. Bo.

Eli Won?

Yes, he did. Though Mara said, without Philipp’s idea he wouldn’t. Philipp also helped Jaz in the vision challenge, where Jaz won. In my opinion, Philipp’s helping hand is too much, especially now that they are getting a bit closer to the Top 3.

Now that Bo is out of the competition, Jaz now has Lexxi entirely for her (assuming the other designers would stay loyal to their own models). Mara had to choose between the two remaining models, and as I predicted she will stay with Jo-An (her model from the very start), bidding farewell to Jhen.

The designers was then told to get pampered. They all went to Beverly Hills 6750, and this time they were really given some real relaxation (even though hours later they’ll be dealing with a new challenge). All of them was given a treatment worth Php 14,000. After the facial service, Jojie came and announced their new challenge.

Challenge: Design a uniform for Beverly Hills 6750 staff that is representative of the brand.

Twist: All designers have only four yards black, and three yards white of the same fabric.

Jojie clarified that the uniforms will be worn in an office, so there shouldn’t be evening gowns or backless outfits.

Back to SoFA, the other designers love the challenge, because it’s fair in a way that they have the same fabrics to work with, so it’s all up to their own ideas and skills to step up from the rest. The buddies Ava and Eli didn’t like the type of fabric, with Eli saying that it isn’t for women nor for a human being, it’s something for a camp (a tent maybe?).

This challenge will show who’s the best in tailoring, Eli - the immune one, didn’t care ’cause he knows he’s going to be safe. He also thinks that his outfit is simple enough that the people in Beverly Hills 6750 would appreciate it - the other designers think the other way around. Mara on the other hand is getting back from the Mara we first seen in episode one. She’s being unstable, ’cause she’s obviously not inspired at all. I think Mara’s design is for something that’s not formal-looking. In the past challenge, she was able to survive the bridal challenge, and now she’s going to face the uniform task… what a nightmare for her.

Before Jojie started his consultation, he told Ivan that Francy will be his model, ’cause Hailey has undergone an operation. If I can remember well, in the uniform challenge of the original Project Runway season one, Jay’s model wasn’t also available so he needed a replacement, and it was no other than his co-competitor - Austin Scarlett who modeled his uniform outfit for him. (Ah, funny episode… those were the days.) Now in the consultation, Eli said he’ll come up something surprising for the upper part tomorrow - Will he?

Jojie then had a private conversation with Mara regarding what she said about the usage of the glue in her bridal gown. Mara explained that she might’ve not said it properly, and the judges misinterpret it in some way, especially with the tension she had on the stage at that time. In the end she said sorry, and Jojie accepted her apology.

In the conference room, Eli said he’s not thinking of the prize nor winning Project Runway. His purpose was to deliver a positive message, which is to help each other - again, the other designers look the other way (well not completely, they are helpful too, but the percentage of competitiveness is higher compared to Eli). Philipp on the other hand, was very confident that he’ll be safe or even win the challenge, ’cause for him, his design stands out from the rest.

In the runway, Teresa announced that the winner will get free services from Beverly Hills 6750 (unfortunately that’s all she said, so I guess that’s just it - no immunity).

Guest judge: Suzette Lopez

My ratings:


Philipp - Unique in a way he’s the only one who made pants, and the design of the jacket was really cool.
Aries - Although the design was simple, it’s very classy - just what Beverly Hills 6750 is looking for. Also, the fit was perfect.

Veejay - The design was modern, but the skirt was a little bit long.
Jaz - Another clean work, and this time her design improved.
Low: Eli - Wrong fit, and very unflattering design.

Philipp, Aries, and Jaz got great reviews. Phil’s pants and fashionable jacket, Aries’ professional-looking design, and Jaz’s show of her range were their huge points.

Ivan, Mara, and Eli were the bottom three. Ivan’s uniform doesn’t fit Beverly Hills’ style. Mara’s excuse and her low confidence let down the judges. While Eli got, I think, his worst review so far, that Rajo would be willing to give him the tongue-lashing of his life. He used his immunity as an excuse, which is unforgivable. It’s like a student not studying for an exam just because he entered the Top 10 once, and wouldn’t mind getting a low score ’cause he knows what matters is the average. Eli is either having fun, or he’s just using his charm to lure people on his side.

Winner: Aries
Out: None.

When it came to the bottom two, Teresa and the other judges, let Ivan, as well as Mara to stay in the competition. Mainly because, neither of the two got the lowest score. It was Eli who should’ve been eliminated but he’s immune, so they can’t send him home.

Back to the confession room, Eli said that he’s ready to be out. While Jaz, and Mara expressed their feelings about Eli being fake to them.

Next week, we’ll be saying goodbye to two designers because no one was eliminated in this challenge.


I love the ending music for this episode.

Oh… and this: (I can’t believe I’ll be seeing this two so, no, make it - very close.)

If you didn’t know, Eli and Aries used to have a cat and dog relationship in the beginning…but now..well just look at them xD *sigh*

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