Monday, September 22, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Ep.8

Not Emergency Room, nor the drama series.

Eli’s a Roller coaster! (and yes, I know he’s human.)

So what’s with the metaphor? You’ll soon know…

In the lobby, the designers had a really GOOD morning, ’cause they were served with an extravagant breakfast. Jojie then entered the room and announced that since there was no eliminated designer last week, two people will be cut off in this challenge. Also, immunity won’t be given to the winning designer anymore. I hope they’ll just replace the immunity with a reward from their sponsors, ’cause winning without a reward, is the same as being safe.

Their special guest and judge, Mutya Laxa, then explained their next challenge.

Challange: Design an outfit for a wife’s romantic evening with her husband.

Twist: Use the color red in the design. (As a symbol for POND’s.)

For this challenge, they won’t be using their models, but instead they’ll be using real moms. They were given 30 minutes to have a one-on-one meeting with one other to talk about the design. Eli’s the luckiest one, ’cause he got a well-figured model. Eli said that Judy, his model, is like the female version of him, she works out, had a great smile, and great personality (O RLY?).

In Metro, Mara went overbudget (Php 4,000), so she cut down some of her fabrics. Back to SoFA, both Veejay and Eli’s inpiration was a goddess. Speaking of Eli again, he and Philipp has the same design. Philipp gave way, and re-designed his outfit for his model.

Before the runway, Eli said he has finished packing his things so it’ll be easy to leave when he’s eliminated. I think, he should’ve just quit the competition if everything he sees is negative. Why bother saying bad things about the judges, trust his own design, and take the competition seriously (not someone who’s acting like a clown infront of a camera).

In the runway, the bestfriends Eli and Ava both didn’t use much red in their outfits, but the outcome for the two were different.

Guest judge: Mutya Laxa

My ratings:

High: Eli - His color combination is the best, though it’s similar to McDonald’s, but the yellow is very light so it pops up the color red.


Mara - She finally managed to create a decent formal dress.
Jaz - The flower design is cool.
Aries - Nice fit, and design.
Low: Ava - Her outfit was totally opposite to being romantic.

Mara, Veejay, and Aries were all safe. With Aries saying “Hindi ako nasisante.“, I wonder if he’s referring to Eli as a fashion instructor.

The top two were Jaz and Eli. Jaz did a great job constructing the rose-part of her gown. While Eli did a flattering, sexy design for his model. The bottom three were Philipp, Ivan, and Ava. Philipp’s dress made her model looked old (or a ninang, according to Rajo Laurel). Ivan’s design was simple, ’cause of that, his taste level was questioned. Ava’s outfit isn’t for a romantic date, it’s more like for a casual/beach party.

Winner: Eli
Out: Ava and Ivan

We now have the top 6, only 3 challenges to go, and we’ll finally have the big showdown of the top 3 designers in Philippine Fashion Week.

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