Monday, September 1, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Episode 5

I didn’t like this episode.

There I said it.

Two disappointing episodes in a row… Episode 4 has fights, and instead of some “relaxation”, the designers got tired (Who wouldn’t lost his/her energy after swimming then hours later make an outfit?! I myself got tired watching it, I even wanted to just turn off the tv.)

Now this episode …I’m not suppose to tell you this early, but I will anyway. First, the reward of the winner was a… digicam, hate it, hate it, hate it! A gadget?! An immunity is waaaaaay better than that! Second was this sermon thing, I don’t think it’s delightful to see grown ups being reprimanded. I know they are just trying to open the eyes of the designers, even Apples encouraged them. (Yes, Apples, I think it would’ve been better if it’s Rajo who did it. Apples is like the bitchy but doesnt-mean-any-harm judge, while Rajo is the professor-type.) Still, it was too straight-forward, and I felt bad for the designers.

Childish fights, grown ups lecturing grown ups, what’s next?

To the main episode…

The designers got all tanned up after their swimming “break”. In choosing the models, Eli stayed with Lord’s model Sally, while Philipp had to choose from the remaining two models, which he have both worked with - Chrismarie and Kat. In the end, he stayed with Chrismaria. Teresa told them that they’re going for a field trip, and this time they should “open their eyes”. At first, they thought they are going to a very depressing place. Aries and Mara even thought they are going to work with garbages, turns out it’s a vision challenge. After seeing Teresa and Jojie, Teresa gave them all digicams which they would use to capture images in Cubao Expo that would catch their interest. They’ll be given two and a half hours, after that they’ll go to Metro, then to their workroom and choose one picture that will be their inspiration for their outfit.

Challenge: Take a photo and create an outfit that shows your thought process.

Jojie explained to them, they (the judges) don’t want to see flowers just because they took a picture with flowers. In short, they shouldn’t be literal in their work. Instead, they want to feel/experience the texture and ambience of the photo in their dress.

After the picture taking, they went to Metro Gaisano to buy their needed materials. Ivan took a nap, while Aries was very joyful, he danced and even flirted with a salesman (or maybe just some man). Eli and Ava bought spray paints, with Ava saying it’s the solution to your (their) problems. Mara thought of going to the hardware to use different materials, but unfortunately there’s no much time left. After some time Ivan woke up, unlucky for him no one is there to accomodate him.

In the workroom, they started to print their captured photos.

Their inspirations:

Aries - antique cart owned by NiƱo Mulach
Ivan - Philippine Eagle
Eli - antique vase
Philipp - moroccan-inspired / mexican texture of a wall
Veejay - a fish-like abstract
Bo - tear-like structure
Jaz - Bamboo lamp with a red fabric on top
Mara - a spikey pillow
Ava - painting by Noel Pascual with circular texture
Winnie - mural places in Italy
I don’t know if what they are doing will benefit theirselves, but each designer are really very helpful to each other. In episode one, there’s Ms. Loida helping Mara, in this one, Eli helped Winnie, and Philipp took care of Jaz’s problem in the skirt she’s making. I know it’s good to help, but then at the same time, this is a competition. If it’s a technical issue like the sewing machine-problem with Mara then it’s all right, but when it comes to the actual making of the outfit, I don’t think other designers should mind what the other is doing. I remember in season 4 of Project Runway US, the winner Christian Siriano said something about not helping in the actual constuction of the dress, because the designer might be the one on top, not because of their own ideas, but because of his.

In the consultation, Winnie said she’s planning to make a trench coat, but then because of the time issue, and being known to work slow, she wasn’t able to finish it. Philipp almost made a mistake again in his editing. He’s planning to put a necklace that doesn’t fit at his gown at all, luckily Jojie was there to say “no more“.

In the evening, Bo was in the confession room, he said that making an outfit in just a snap for Project Runway is not possible. He thought he was going to be on top, be he failed, he then turned around and cried. At first I thought he was just joking around, but he was really serious. He said he misses his outside-world-life. He also thought that when he saw PR in television, it’s going to be easy, but now that he’s in it, turns out it’s not.

In the day of the runway, the designers started to judge other’s designs. Aries said he likes Philipp’s work, ’cause there’s a lot of handwork on it, but in the translation of his inspiration, he said he was a bit confused. Veejay on the other hand said that Winnie’s dress is beautiful, but he find it too simple, while Eli’s dress has again, poor construction.

In the runway…

The winner will receive a Canon Ixus 80 IS camera, instead of an immunity for the next challenge. In the US version, they just gave away the cameras to the designers, here it was a reward for a challenge. Is the budget of the show that low?

Guest judges: Jun De Leon and Mich Dulce

My ratings:


Mara - She put a lot of effort in her outfit.
Jaz - Simple, and well made.
Aries - I like the tailored jacket, though it looked like it was more inspired by the kid, not by the cart.
Average: Veejay - He perfectly mimicked the painting and made his own pattern out of it.


Eli - Remove all the blue, and what you get is a dress that you would want to tear apart.
Ivan - I can see the word ‘literal’ all over his dress.
The judges liked Jaz, Philipp, and Bo’s dress. Bo’s usage of the fabric just didn’t go the way he wanted it to be. Philipp’s gown didn’t reflect much on his inspiration. Jaz on the other hand, had a great texture of the skirt, that you can clearly see from her photo. The bottom three were Ivan, Eli, and Winnie. Both Ivan’s and Eli’s dress were literal, while Winnie’s outfit didn’t reflect the picture at all. If she just made a patterned-colorful trench coat, it could’ve been safe. But seeing her unfinished coat, it still won’t work ‘coz it’s all black, with the picture being very colorful. Both the winning and the losing design has one similarity, which is simplicity. The advantage of Jaz’s dress is that it reflected the photo, while Winnie’s outfit did not. Though if we’ll not base from the challenge, Winnie has more chance of being safe, ‘coz her dress is considerably wearable than Eli’s.

Winner: Jaz
Out: Winnie

In Winnie’s farewell statement, she said that the dress she made for this challenge was her best work so far, and I totally agree. She also admitted that she could’ve put more details in the dress, but it’s just not her style.

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