Monday, September 8, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Episode 6

The dark clouds has passed away.

Well not quite, in the beginning of the episode, Eli was taking all his stress out in the conference room. Saying the judges are very unfair, and they are already preparing for Aries to be the winner of this first season.

Before taking their new challenge, all the models went out wearing a bridal gown. The designers were all shocked and happy… except for Aries who was I think in his twilight zone thinking something very deep. As the last week’s winner, Jaz had to choose first, and she picked Lexxi. For that, Bo ended up with Jhen again. Michelle was on the luck ‘coz Eli promised Winnie that he will let her model stay in the competition (not sure how long though). It was Veejay who get to choose from the remaining two models - Sally and Angel. He’s so loyal, so he stayed with his Angel.

Now for their challenge, Jojie walked in the runway stating their new challenge, which is to make a bridal gown.

Challenge: Design a new bridal outfit from an existing thrift bridal gown.

Twist: 50% of original bridal gown must be used.

They’ll be given 20 minutes, and 3,000 pesos to shop.

In choosing the fabric, Philipp took a risk by usng a tablecloth-fabric for his gown.

Back to the workroom, the designers expressed their opinions about the unfashionable gowns, with Mara saying: “The dress is obviously very ugly.” (Let’s just hope the original designers of the thrift gowns doesn’t watch Project Runway *lolz*, ‘coz they might curse the designers or maybe themselves.) Jojie then also started expressing his own opinion to the current designs, telling Veejay to redesign some part of his dress ‘coz he has already seen it. Asking Eli if he could improve his design, etc. After the consultation, the designers started being serious in their work, especially with the high expectations of the judges from them. It’s like they’ve become strangers to one another.

The next day, Aries’ chosen fabrics didn’t match well with the fabric of the thrift gown, so he’s starting from scratch with only a day remaining. Eli on the other hand also changed his design, but this time it looks effortless ‘coz he didn’t do any sewing-stuff. Will their gowns work on the runway? hm…

While I was watching the show I was like half-awake, then suddenly Philipp was singing this glorious song “Hallelujah… Hallelujah… To the lamb… “, after that he turned around and faced the camera like he saw the killer in the movie Scream. I laughed so hard, but in a good way, it woke me up for the runway show. Eli was being so negative again, saying that the judges might not like his gown because they don’t like him, but he doesn’t care ‘coz he doesn’t like them either. All I know is, what the Judges didn’t like were his previous works, not his personality.

To the runway…

Guest judge: Dennis Lustico

My ratings:


Eli -His ‘effortless’ gown worked after all. His labandera-inspired wedding gown looked so flawless.
Jaz -Again, very neat design.
Veejay -Love the construction and the fabrics he used. So modern.

Philipp -The circular end of his gown was really different.
Ivan -His effort in the bead-works were worth it.
Low: Bo -His gown was way too sweet, like Teresa said it looked like he made it for a Disney character.

The judges literally liked all the wedding gowns made by each designer. These are their comments for those who remained: (But wait! When Teresa told Ivan, Aries, and Philipp they were safe, Aries was so shocked that he even hugged Eli out of his enjoyment! Eli’s reaction was like “Do you know who you are hugging to?”)

Eli -”Your dress definitely reflects elegance.” -Teresa “I have to say, of all the wedding gowns I’ve seen for this challenge, this is one of my favorites. I also have to tell you that this is probably the most glamorous labandera I’ve ever seen.” -Rajo “You’ve made me really happy today.” -Apples
Bo -”Too sweet.” -Dennis
Jaz -”You can walk away today and charge a lot of money for that.” -Rajo “I’m amazed of the construction, the fitting, the thinness of this part here, it’s beautiful. Perfect. ” -Dennis
Ava -”I see you, I see Ava.” -Teresa “I just want to congratulate you because one, you’re true to yourself, and two you remained true to your vision.” -Rajo
Veejay -”I’ve been waiting for you to step up all this weeks and you have finally.” -Apples “There’s going to be a lot of bread and butter for you after this.” -Rajo
Mara -Well there’s no much really praise for Mara this time ‘coz she used glue again. But they said that if she just changed the color of the sach then it could’ve look for bridal-ish.
By the end of the chat, Rajo congratulated all the designers for giving their best in this challenge, he even had goosebumps ‘coz of what they’ve displayed. Apples also added “The fight is on!”

Winner: Eli
Out: Bo

Jaz was really funny, after she left the runway she did the “I love it” expression again. Then Eli followed her jumping for joy ‘coz he won, but Jaz didn’t believe him, not until Veejay entered the room and congratulated (also hugged) Eli.

Bo was the first designer of the Fab 4 to be eliminated, leaving Philipp, Aries, and Veejay in the contest.

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