Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Ep. 9

The princess maybe young, but the store isn’t.

I just want to say, this episode’s opening is probably the best. With the evening shots and scenes, plus the ballad music. Though it’s also the saddest, with some of the designers crying like a river.

When Mara and Eli woke up, both of them were puzzled because their roommates, Ava and Ivan were not around anymore. Mara said that Ava was her support-system, that actually makes sense because they’ve worked together in real life. While Ivan, is the only roommate of Eli remaining, although it wasn’t only him that’s affected. In fact, the roomies in the other room, Philipp, Veejay, and Aries seemed to be more depressed. With Philipp saying, if only Ivan’s orientation about fashion was not limited. Veejay and Aries were so upset ‘coz other designers were not taking their chances seriously, and with that Aries said, he’ll make sure he’s going to enter the finals, and he’s dedicating it to Ivan and the rest of Mindanao. Jaz on the other hand praised Ivan ’cause his designs were very Filipino, and he’s the fastest sewer.

In the models, two of them were eliminated - Chris and Francy. Philipp chose Paola, cause he promised Ava that he’ll keep her model safe. The designers then got inside a van, and they were taken to Cinderella where their mentor is. Jojie explained the subject of their next challenge which is retail.

Challenge: Create a ready-to-wear collection for Cinderella’s 60th anniversary.

Twist: Choose outfits inside the store to deconstruct for your team’s collection.

In this challenge, they’ll be group into two. Eli, being the winner last challenge, was given the opportunity to choose his teammates. Philipp, who was beside Eli, walked away from him, but then Eli still felt his presence and chose him as a teammate along with Mara. The other team was consisted of Jaz, Aries, and Veejay. Eli and Jaz were the team leaders. Veejay said, he and Aries chose Jaz as the team leader ‘coz they’ve already experienced being leaders in the competition, which was on the Hip-Hop challenge. Philipp on the other hand chose Eli, for the reason if anything goes wrong it’ll be just fine for him to be eliminated, especially ’cause he wanted to go home in the first place. Eli then said this is different, ’cause this is a retail challenge, and if he’s going to be cut off, people in the retail industry will be laughing at him.

The designers were given Php 2,000 each (6,000 per group), and 30 minutes to shop. Eli’s team chose dark and vibrant colors ’cause they thought of something that would be appropriate for the rainy season, and what would instantly appeal to the customers. Jaz’s team chose sale items so that they can buy and use more fabrics, with Veejay buying XL-sized (extra large) clothes. Jojie reminded them that they’re collection must be cohesive, and the clothes should be wearable, practical, and follow Cinderella’s style.

In SoFA, the designers started to mix and match all the clothes they bought. Mara was very excited ’cause she’s good in reconstructing clothes, but then her design isn’t something for retail. Eli was also excited ‘coz he would finally experience working with Philipp, who’s very focused and detail-oriented, just what Ava have told him in the past. Speaking of Philipp, Aries noticed that he’s the one acting like the actual leader, he’s checking the works/progress of his teammates and even doing the stitching for them. He said that knowing Philipp, deep inside, he really doesn’t like to do the works of others. Mara also felt what Philipp is going through, and she doesn’t know if it’s still fair and equal, ‘coz for her, it should be a division of labor. Aries is also willing to defend Philipp, for the fact that he’s doing most of the work.

If Aries felt bad for Philipp, Eli on the other side, felt bad for Jaz. Saying, Aries and Veejay just want to save their asses, so they chose Jaz as their team leader. Eli also noticed that Veejay copied his style, particularly the collar part. But then later, Aries’ team also saw Eli’s team changing their designs which were similar to theirs. So I guess both teams are equal now (insert-laugh-here).

In consultation with Eli’s team, Jojie said their pieces can’t be considered as a collection. Eli then defended his team by explaining that each dress will be have the same color. In Jaz’s team, Jojie just nodded, I think he was so amazed he was left speechless.

Few hours before the runway, Aries did Veejay’s pants ’cause Veejay sorta had a breakdown, and ’cause of that he wasn’t able to make his own jacket. Eli on the other hand admitted that he felt pressured working with Philipp, and he needed to do his best to not let him down.

To the runway…

Guest judge: Dennis Castillo

The winners will have their outfits displayed in a Cinderella store for a month. While, the winning models will receive gift certificates, courtesy of Cinderella.

My ratings:

High: Veejay - I like the design of the collar and especially the pants (even if Aries was the one who made it, it’s still his design)

Average: Aries - Eventhough he wasn’t able to make the jacket, I still like the back-design of the sando, which I’ve seen in some clothes he had created in the past challenges.


Philipp - His garment looked like a sporty attire for a hooker.
Mara - The mini-jacket and the jumpskirt didn’t match.
The catwalk in this episode was breathtaking, each model showed their “fun” side. The best for me was Jaz’s team, her idea of Charlie’s Angels style worked very well.

In the defense, Jaz explained how their concept was as a collection. With the absolute fact that each of their garments can be mixed with the other pieces, something that the other team failed to do. Aries added that they were actually planning to make a fashion store, Rajo then happily said, he’ll be the first one to invest in it. In Eli’s team, the judges positive comment were only about the colors, and their effort, besides that they were really disappointed. When asked about who’s going to be eliminated, Eli said he’s ready to take full responsibility, because he’s supposed to have advantage in the retail challenge, but then the outcome didn’t make them (the judges) happy. Jaz on the other side said, she’ll want Aries to stay, and basically that’s it.

The judges loved Jaz’s collection, but wasn’t a fan of the print. (Ouch, to the guest judge.)

Winner: Veejay
Out: Eli

Eli has said before that he’s ready to be eliminated anytime, but I think not in this one. In Veejay winning the challenge, he said that it’s about time, ’cause he’s been hungry for a win since day one. To Philipp, he hopes that he would stay in the Philippines, ’cause this country needs talented designers like him. Finally, his message to us viewers, “In life, the best way to learn things is through playing, and it’s more than the prize that they offer. To have friends, and good memories, and laughter, rather than always being competitive.” I’m telling you, if he’s in a Mr. Universe or gay pageant, he’ll definitely win.

Now that he’s gone, their room will now be totally empty.

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