Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bureau night

Attica night (The Tabasco Night)

with ara, attica

my girl friends..... attica makati ave

cheers for 2008!!!! welcome 2009 ops.... the guy whos wearing white shirt he is so so so cute as in but his 16 years old ... well i dont care all i know is his cute....

i hate this.... tabasco churva drink.... ewwwweeeeeeyyyyy

this one i love!!!! i really really love it!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Does his size down there really matter?

There is such a thing as a “small penis syndrome,” or the anxiety caused by thinking that one’s penis is too small, even if it’s not necessarily so. A lot of men suffer from this condition, even if 85% of women claim they are satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner’s penis.

It is normal for a man to worry about the size of his member. But instead of worrying too much about the size, why not worry about the performance? As the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean.” Some useful information to consider:

The average erect penis is about 5.5” to 6.2” long and 4.7” to 5.1” in circumference at midshaft. A truly diminutive dangler is less than 2.75 inches when erect. Read first; imagine later. Are you getting a mental image? Usually, the tinkler’s size boosts the male ego. But does size really matter? Maybe for some. But really, if the pinky finger can deliver multiple orgasms, it defeats the premise.

About 45% of men wish to have a bigger penis, thus some resort to extender system and penis stretcher. Some wrap it with a small towel to create the illusion of being big. These devices do not offer real benefit, unless there is a deformity.

If this problem is really affecting the guy’s self-esteem and productivity, then he should seek expert advice. But for most cases, this imaginary problem can be alleviated by taking it seriously and having sincere conversations with the partner. This might become an obsession if dismissed without resolution; thus, there should be conscious effort to resolve this.

Now, is a big penis really important? Some guys are anxious about this, but it is a fact that the bigger the penis, more blood is needed to make it erect. Thus, if the organ is too big, it will be difficult to make it rock solid. Moreover, a large member sometimes causes sex to become painful for a woman.

The relatively normal sized male member requires less blood volume, thus it is harder. So which would you prefer: large but soft or small but hard?

Be it a monster penis or micropenis, a man shouldn’t despair. A woman's satisfaction does not absolutely depend on his size. It is actually the orchestration of performance, use of fingers and tongue, position variety, and how much love there is that makes a difference. And here’s another trick: the man could lick and stroke the clit more or the woman could assume a position that shortens the vaginal canal.

But really, a huge penis is just a bonus. It does not solely define a man’s being.

All night long erection? Be careful what you wish for

i was about to get some notes from the emergency room when I heard that a person with a very interesting case just arrived and might even be placed in the ICU; as an intern, there was always this curiosity. And so I found a man whose penis was erect for almost four hours and he was in pain.

Men would really want to their member to be rock solid all the time. Others resort to medication just to keep it up for a long time. But it needs to go down after intercourse or at least after quite some time. The condition when it doesn’t go down is called Priapism. It is a painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation, within four hours.

The condition develops when blood in the shaft is trapped and the organ is unable to drain it. Priapism is considered a medical emergency which should receive proper treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. If the condition is not treated immediately, it can lead to scarring and permanent erectile dysfunction.

There are two kinds of priapism. One is low flow and the other is high flow. When we say low flow, it is the result of blood being trapped in the erection chambers. It often occurs without a known cause in men who are otherwise healthy, but also affects men with sickle-cell disease, leukemia (cancer of the blood), or malaria.

On the other hand, high flow, which is less common, is caused by a ruptured artery from an injury to the penis or the perineum (area between the scrotum and anus), which prevents blood from circulating normally in the shaft.

To prevent your man from going through such a gruesome condition, you both have to understand its causes:

Sickle cell anemia: Some adult cases of priapism are the result of sickle-cell disease and approximately 42 percent of all adults with sickle-cell eventually develop priapism.
Medication: A common cause of priapism is the use and/or misuse of medications. Drug-related priapism involves drugs that treat depression and mental illnesses. For people who have erectile dysfunction, injection therapy medications to treat the condition may also cause priapism.
Other causes include trauma to the genital area and spinal cord, carbon monoxide poisoning, black widow spider bites, and illegal use of drugs.
In treating this condition, the goal is to make the erection go away and preserve future erectile function. If a person receives treatment within four to six hours, the erection can almost always be reduced with medication. If the erection has lasted less than four hours, decongestant medications, which may act to decrease blood flow to the penis, may be very helpful. Other treatment options include ice packs, ligation, and aspiration.

Shine in 2009 trends

After completing your Christmas shopping, here's a new Style challenge for you: stocking your closet with—or at least unearthing from its depths—clothes that will define your 2009 fashion statement.

If you’re worried that you have to toss much of the trendy pieces you invested in for 2008, don’t fret. You can still wear much of them next year, as the driving concept behind 2009 fashion is still the “shine trend,” according to eBay Style Director Constance White. “A satin cocktail dress for evening or a patent handbag for day are two ways to brighten your look. If you’d rather not go all out, add a touch of metallic sparkle with a bold cuff or big necklace.”

She gives a few more tips on how to equip for your wardrobe for the glam new year.

Bold colors are still in. 2009 will be all about color, particularly vibrant hues that really standout. Think hot pink, bright yellow, and intense berry tones.

The 80s still rock. It seems the reinvention of 80s fashion refuses to abate, as plaids, shoulder pads, skinny legs, and bold jewelry still define the beginning of 2009 fashion.

Be comfortable in your skin. Especially in a tropical country as ours, we have all the reason to love minis! Flaunt your legs in shorts, dresses, and flirty skirts. For 2009, the higher the hemline, the better.

Look feminine in nude, delicate hues. On days when you want to give bold colors a rest, opt for subtle hues such as pale pink, ivory, and light brown to add a feminine sophistication to your wardrobe.

Thick shoes make a comeback. Bring out those chunky shoes, as stout heels will certainly update your look for 2009.

The best and worst trends of 2008

We enjoyed giving you a rundown of the hottest trends this year, and we loved wearing them, of course. However, some trends are better left on the runway, mostly for their impracticality, and some for their sheer lack of appeal. named the best and worst fashion trends this year. Here we name five of the best and worst that made it to their hit list, which will hopefully help us decide what trends to follow and what to ignore in years to come.

Best Trends for 2008

1. Maxi dress: The long, sweeping sundress became a wardrobe staple and a favorite outfit for almost any occasion, paired with anything from strappy, heeled sandals to flip-flops.

2. Ruffles: Worn to work or on a nightout, ruffles updated any outfit this year, particularly when worn in black and neutral shades.

3. Menswear: Pants—the wide-leg, slouchy, giant-cuffed types—ruled the runway this year.

4. Ultra violet: All the outfits that made statements this year came in different shades of purple.

5. Lace: The trend that can take a woman from the bedroom to the office to a night club, lace brought out the feminine yet daring side of women.

Worst Trends for 2008

1. Bright tights: There’s a trend that truly isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t even have materialized. This is apparently one of them.

2. Leggings: They’re fine worn as tights—in black—but not as pants, 80s-style.

3. The arts & crafts couture trend: A good example of a trend better left on the runway. Feathers and mirrors on your clothes may look stunning but are certainly not practical.

4. Knee-high gladiator sandals: See note above; this trend is definitely not practical for walking, not to mention a hassle to wear and take off—30 minutes to undo all straps? If you must, just wear the ankle length pairs.

5. Extreme details: Sculptural styles were great, but not if it would be impossible to get to work in them without ruining and “de-puffing your sleeves, collar, waist, or anything else.”

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pinoy Icon

Pinoy Pop Icons is a pop art exhibit that hails the achievements of contemporary Pinoy icons - popular Filipinos who have carved their niche in Pinoy pop culture.

Art is Me pays a fitting modern-day tribute to these select men and women, particularly in entertainment and sports. They have become everyday heroes - entertaining and inspiring, to the point of instilling a great sense of pride through their achievements as Pinoy talents. In its humble way, it is hoped that this artistic medium will serve as a catalyst to awakening a renewed appreciation, interest, and respect for these everyday Filipino figures.

See your favorite Pinoy Icons in different Pop Art Styles:
- Fernando Poe Jr
- Lea Salonga
- APO Hiking Society
- Sharon Cuneta
- Dolphy
- Gary Valenciano
- Peque Gallaga
- Efren Bata Reyes
- Manny Pacquiao
- Michael V.
- Judy Ann Santos
- Parokya ni Edgar

All artworks will be printed on canvas and will measure 36"x48" each.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Personalized Beauty Fixes

These quick little moves address your individual makeup woes.

DILEMMA: “I have ugly eyebags and dark circles from too much puyat!
FAST-FIX: Dab a concealer one shade lighter than your skin color on dark circles to instantly brighten your face and make you look well-rested.

DILEMMA: “I don’t have time for full makeup!”
FAST-FIX: Brush foundation powder all over face, particularly around your nose and eye area.

DILEMMA: “I always look so sleepy.”
FAST-FIX: Curl lashes to open up your eyes. Start at the base, squeeze, and hold. Repeat at the middle, then finish at the tips. Top with mascara.

DILEMMA: “Everyone says I look maputla!”
FAST-FIX: Dab a dusky-pink color cream on cheeks and lips for an instant flush of color.

DILEMMA: “My foundation is too thick pala.”
FAST-FIX: Thin out of your face base with a few drops of moisturizer for a more natural finish.

DILEMMA: “I can’t stand plucking or threading.”
FAST-FIX: Brush on clear brown mascara to define and groom brows in place.

DILEMMA: “I’m intimidated by colored eyeshadow.”
FAST-FIX: Line your eyes with colored eyeliner instead. It brightens and defines them with minimal effort. Try it in brown, navy blue, or purple.

DILEMMA: “My skin’s so sallow and washed out.”
FAST-FIX: Dust cheeks with a bronzer, then brush it on neck, shoulders, and collarbones. You’ll instantly look sun-kissed and energized.

DILEMMA: “I can’t find the appropriate lip color for the office.”
FAST-FIX: Swipe on a sheer plum-colored lipstick for work. The tint will make teeth look brighter, while the creamy formula will make lips look polished—just like your outfit.

DILEMMA: “I got a pimple bigla!”
FAST-FIX: To quickly hide a zit, dab foundation powder on the blemish with a damp sponge. Brush foundation powder all over face for a clean finish, and to make concealed blemish blend in.

Look-Better Legs

Exchanging long pants for bare legs is one of summer’s great pleasures—but only if you feel good about how your legs look. While few of us have flawless gams (especially after a kid or two), you don’t need a perfection permit to wear shorts. But your legs can look a lot better fast. With these simple strategies (plus some easy fake-its), you’ll be a shameless show-off in no time.

“Dry skin is unhealthy skin,” says Sandy Johnson, M.D., of the Johnson Dermatology Clinic in Fort Smith, Arizona. “Well-hydrated skin provides a better barrier to the environment.” And it makes legs look smoother and prettier too. To fight flakiness:

Choose the right moisturizer
Our skin is naturally hydrated in the summer because of extra moisture in the air,” explains Dr. Johnson. That means you can retire the rich creams in favor of lighter formulas. Lotions are the least heavy, because they contain more water and less oil than creams. Dr. Johnson recommends picking one with water as its first ingredient.

“Whatever moisturizer you decide to buy, apply it while your body’s still damp,” she says. “This seals the water into your skin.” Try Burt’s Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax, Beauty Bar.

Do a serious scrub
Unless you exfoliate first, even the best moisturizer can’t do its job. “As we age, our skin becomes drier because the bottom layer doesn’t regenerate as frequently,” says Dr. Johnson. Exfoliation strips away flakes on top, allowing fresh cells to come to the surface. Try Lemon Exfoliating Massage Bar, Beauty Bar.

Soften in the shower
Get a head start on hydration whit the latest generation of body washes: cream oils. These products—usually a mix of glycerin, oils and petrolatum—cleanse and soften all at once. “Cleansing can strip moisture from the skin, but cream oils have been shown to improve skin’s moisture content after washing,” says Ellen Shepard, senior research and development scientist at Uniliver. Try Mint Condition, Soap Opera.

Miracles may not come in jars, but a tube of self-tanner comes pretty close. Besides banishing a weary pallor, a tanner evens out tone, hides imperfections, and just makes everything look a whole lot better. The color should last at least three to five days (or longer, depending on which product you use; tanners containing high amounts of dihydroxyacetone—DHA—are usually the slowest to fade). If you fear that self-tanner is too tricky to apply, relax. Thanks to new formulas, getting a glow is easier than ever.

Prep for perfection
Yes, exfoliate (it’s the key to even, long-lasting color). But also be sure to shave or wax before you tan. “Removing hair soon afterward will remove the tan as well,” says Pam Oullet, spa director at Willow Stream Spa at Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada. And since self-tanner affects only the top layer of skin (the DHA causes a chemical reaction that darkens the cells of the epidermis), exfoliation will strip away color too. So skip the scrubbing for at least three days post-tan.

Try a tinted version
Formulas that are slightly bronzed make it easy to see where you’ve already applied tanner—and which spots you’ve missed. Try Prestige Cooling Leg & Body Bronzing Stick, Beauty Bar.

Put it on like a pro
Apply creams and lotions by rubbing firmly in a circular motion; smooth away extra product to avoid streaks. One lotion we like: Saucy Girl Shimmering Leg & Foot Balm, Beauty Bar. Try Model Co. Tan Airbrush in A Can, Beauty Bar.

Ace those trouble spots
Dry knees, ankles, and feet tend to sop up extra product and then turn darker. Oullet recommends sooting on a regular moisturizer beforehand, which will lessen the amount of tanner that’s absorbed. To avoid a line where your ankles meet your feet, she says, “do your leg first, then add a little moisturizer to the residue that’s left on your hands and run hands from your leg to your feet.” Use a tissue to rub around nails to remove excess.

Nervous? Tan gradually
Tanner-lotion hybrids have low doses of color combined with moisturizer, so it’s harder to make a mistake. You’ll see a suble difference a few hours after you first apply it, with the color increasing each time you slather it on. Try Duwop Revolution Tinted Body Moisturizer, P1350, Beauty Bar, or a body bronzer like Sally Hansen Vitamin K AirbrushLegsä, at department stores.

Stubborn spider varicose veins can mar the look of your legs. For permanent solutions, talk to your doctor about in-office treatments such as lasers and sclerotherapy (around P15,000 to P32,000 per treatment). In the meantime, there’s plenty you can do at home to minimize the look of prominent veins—and to help prevent new ones from forming.

Stuck in line? Stand on the balls of your feet and contract your calves to keep blood moving, says Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Body for Life for Women.

Pop a baby aspirin
One a day thins blood and improves its flow, taking stress off veins—but ask your doctor first, says Thomas F. O’Donnell, M.D., director of the Venous Center at Tufts-New England Medical Center.

Don’t cross your legs
It cuts off blood circulation, says Dr. Peeke.

Cover up with makeup
The right heavy-duty concealer (one designed for the body, not the face) can really disguise spider veins. Go for a long-wearing, water-resistant formula like Ever Bilena Pro Leg Makeup, P125 at department stores.

Get a glow
A self-tanner’s allover color will reduce contrast on your legs, so discolorations are less noticeable.

Consider creams—carefully
Don’t expect an over-the-counter potion to completely erase veins, says Paul M. Friedman, M.D., a dermatologist and director of the DermSurgery Laser Center in Houston. Only medical treatments can produce those results. But some creams can improve the appearance of capillaries. One product that seems to show promise: Hirudoid Cream, P242, Mercury Drug.

Tips for making your kids eat healthy lunches

With the economy the way it is, most mothers would rather pack lunches for the children rather than give them lunch money. But this does not ensure that your children are eating healthy lunches. Here are some guidelines to pack power into their lunch boxes:

1. Plan ahead of time. Make a weekly menu so you don't repeat dishes. If you think about it, it's just five days! While you are at it, involve your child by asking him what he wants.

2. Nutrition is part and parcel of the meal. Children need carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Include fish, chicken and beef, with rice and fruit.

3. Avoid refined carbohydrates. It causes your child to have energy and attention deficit for the rest of the day. Focus instead on fiber and healthy fats that will help keep him satisfied and his metabolism running high.

4. Convenience should be taken into consideration because eating in school is different from eating at home. Fish should have no bones, chicken filleted, and beef sliced thinly so it is much easier to eat. Choose fruits that are also convenient to eat such as bananas, sliced mango, or pineapple. Pack these separately so the juice will not mix with the food.

5. Interaction during mealtimes is as much a facet of school eating as it is at home. So, plan dishes that will allow the child to interact with friends. Shared meals are much more fun than sitting in a corner all by himself, after all. Pack an extra apple, slice the meat so they can offer it to friends, and add more rice!

6. Invest in a thermos your child can use for bringing hot soup. Also, freeze some homemade juice and pack them frozen. That should thaw by lunchtime.

7. Do not forget sandwiches! There are so many to choose from: egg, hamburger, cheese, and more. Go easy on the mayonnaise though, it packs a lot of fat and does not keep well in our tropical weather.

8. Be creative with food choices. Think colorful pasta salad, homemade pizza pan de sal, and colorful cookies they helped bake over the weekend.

9. Pack love notes for your child, serving as a simple reminder that you were thinking of him.

Experience a different kind of party with the Hilt

Is your concept of parties limited to enjoying overflowing booze and eating as you make small talk? Well, this organization will totally change your perspective and approach to partying.

Parties can involve tarot card readings, or lessons in poker, card magic, or even billiards, according to The Hilt—a group that organizes unusual, fun affairs for singles who want to try something different from the usual movie nights or drinking sprees.

A weekly "Hilt Happening" is a ready-made get-together designed for two dozen people at most. An affair may be dedicated to a beer tasting event featuring variants from different parts of the world, a photography session, or even a ghost-hunting trip. These are offered to singles to give them something entirely new to experience and an opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests.

"Hilt Happenings cover a wide range of events, and they are never the same," says Missy Tolentino, brand manager for The Hilt. "People who want to experience our unique offerings don't have to do anything but sign up, because we take care of everything."

Since its launch last August, the group has come up with events such as "Cheaters' Poker Night," that gave guests the secrets for succeeding in poker; "One for the Roda," a capoeira session; a pool session with Former World Pool Trickshot Champion Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan; and "Illusion Avenue," a crash course on card tricks with magician Kel Fabie, among others.

To be part of the "Hilt List," simply log on to and take your pick from the month-long series of affairs. When you enlist for an event and submit your contact details, you will automatically be added to the list and receive exclusive updates from the group.

Practical beauty tricks for the holidays

With our impossibly hectic schedule during the holiday season, it’s easy to neglect our appearance. Apart from not having any time to spare for ourselves in between shopping for gifts, attending parties or arranging them, and advancing work in preparation for the extended vacation, who even has extra cash to spare on new skin care products or pampering with everything else we have to spend for these days?

Good thing there are practical beauty tricks you can follow, courtesy of the stars and skin care experts. Look beautiful in an instant, using things you already have in your home. We picked five among “21 Beauty Blues Busters” found in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan to give you that quick beauty fix you need and absolutely deserve.

1. Always bring a toothbrush.
No matter how strict you are about your diet, it would be almost impossible to resist all that great holiday food! However, there is a very practical way to keep yourself from overeating: having a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag, says Garrett Warren, Denise Richard’s trainer. “The taste will help kill your appetite and cause you to eat less,” he shares in The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. Opt for whitening toothpaste to help prevent your teeth from getting stained.

2. Accessorize.
Needing an instant beauty booster—but not having enough energy to do much about it? Pinning a sparkling brooch to your top or pulling your hair back in a ponytail with a glittering clip will instantly cause you to be in a festive mood and make you feel glamorous. Just remember that “ponytail holders should be soft with no visible metal that can catch hair—and don’t ever use rubber bands...they are notorious cuticle strippers,” says Stephanie Pedersen, author of K.I.S.S. Guide To Beauty.

3. Perk up your water with a bit of lemon.
Drinking up in Christmas parties? Alternate your cocktails with water, and better to add a few slices of lemon to taste. “This Chinese herbal remedy is a sure-fire method of energizing your body,” says beauty writer Esme Floyd in her book, 1001 Little Beauty Miracles. She adds that this helps “detox your entire system, clean the blood faster, and rid toxins that are responsible for poor skin.”

4. Love your milk.
There’s more you can do with dairy than including them in your holiday feast. Take a leaf out of Cleopatra’s beauty book and add milk to your warm bath, suggests Floyd. “Cleopatra was famous for her smooth skin and milk baths. Follow her beauty secret by adding three cups of powdered milk or fresh milk to a warm batch,” says Floyd, to supposedly exfoliate and soften your skin.

5. Love your coffee even more.
With all that extra eating we do this season, some of us might be horrified at the sudden onset of cellulite. Before cursing all that holiday food you were unable to resist, you might want to try Tyra Banks’ little trick: she makes her own coffee scrub mix (made of actual coffee grounds), and applies this on her thighs “to help increase circulation and minimize the bumpy, orange peel-like formations.”

When sugar becomes a problem in your sex life

When a person is healthy, sex problems may surface only once in a while. But sex is greatly affected when a person has a long-standing disease.

Diabetes, for instance, affects a woman’s sexual libido, lubrication, and ability to achieve orgasm; it causes impotence in men, on the other hand. According to studies, sexual dysfunction caused by diabetes is more prevalent in women (at 43%) than in men (at 31%). This remains a silent problem especially for women, especially since women do not talk to their doctors about it, and neither are doctors discussing it with their female patients. As a result, sexual problems caused by diabetes remain unnoticed.

- Diabetes causes a woman to get vaginal lubrication problems, making intercourse difficult. It becomes painful for the vagina when the man inserts his member, rendering sex a negative experience for the couple. Her partner might think she dislikes sex when she might actually be craving for it, but her vagina just can’t take it. When a woman has diabetes, the pleasurable feeling from genital stimulation is replaced with discomfort and pain.

- Tiny blood vessels in the vagina are also affected, inhibiting the intimate sensation. Uncontrolled sugar levels destroy “myelin” (nerve covering), usually resulting to numbness or a tingling sensation, and may impact the nerves in the pelvis—which are directly connected to sexual stimulation.

- Women with diabetes are prone to yeast and other urinary tract infections. The vagina is moist and warm, which are among the conditions for yeast to develop; add excess sugar to the equation and you have the ideal breeding ground for yeast. This makes love-making uncomfortable even if the infection has been cured. It produces vaginal irritation and a painful burning sensation—enough to make a woman want to avoid sex for a long time. To make it worse, the longer a woman goes without having sex, the more difficult and sometimes painful it can be for her to begin doing the act again.

These are just some of the sexual problems a diabetic woman faces; we haven’t even mentioned the depression it results to.

But there are some things you can do if you’re in this dilemma.

- Start with consulting your doctor about your bedroom problems. Doctors will help you regulate your blood sugar through medication and lifestyle modifications. Don’t be shy about giving specifics; don’t hide. Talk to your endocrinologist and gynecologist. It will surely make a difference.

- Talk to your partner. You have to be honest about your condition and things you can and cannot do. If he loves you, he will surely understand and will take care of you. A loving relationship conquers all.

Entice his senses and prolong sexual bliss

Does he hop into the shower or roll off the bed to smoke and watch TV after the deed—while you are left craving for round two?

The trick to making him want another round (or more) lies in knowing how to tantalize his already excited senses after steamy sex. In this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan, you'll find tips on how to turn him on again through his senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch—and prolong that post-sex bliss. Here are five of them:

Sight: Bask in all your naked glory. “About 50 percent of women develop a pink blush on their face, chest, and stomach post-climax. Seeing the way your body reacts to his will thrill him.”

Smell: Immerse yourselves in “that musky, post-sex scent” by holding on to each other long after you’ve climaxed, instead of jumping into the shower. This will intensify your bond.

Sound: “Passionate words are more effective when said in the left ear because it corresponds to the right side of your brain, which remembers emotional language better.”

Taste: If you must do anything after sex, it has to be indulging in chocolates. After all, it “increases levels of the feel-good chemical serotonin in your brain—kind of like getting a natural high.” And of course you know it’s believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Touch: Contain the heat from your excited, tangled bodies after sex by cuddling under a blanket, as “the warmer your temperature, the easier it is to stay turned on.”

Rave Party 2008

SMX for Our Christmas Party: Rave Party 2008
Thanks to:
Mossimo for my Top,
Guess for my white pants,
Puma for my shoes
Tony and Guy for my Hair
Lacoste for my bag.

Table 176:
Pia and Jen Dacara (1st row) Chai, Ken, Ken Tin, Tots, Mark, Jei, Bd (2nd row)
Eric and Fab Geri (at the back)

Pier 1 Roxas: after party with some friends.....

White Avenue with Wilmark (his cute) he introduce his self to me ... why not, his Indie Actor... Go!!!

Burger King!!!! its time to eat after all the.... i really really had fun kahit na medyo wala ng bat for pics... hahahahaha

more pics:

The 8th World Bazaar Festival

The 8th World Bazaar Festival in World Trade Center Pasay City.

Ticket price 25php

10am to 12 mid night

well, last sunday since christmas party... im planning to buy damit sana... thats why i went to WTC for some cute damit that will fit my personality... hahahaha love it! around 1pm nagpunta na ako alone lang, then i text my cuz chim and bea asking kung nasa WTC sila. so yun na! pag punta ko dun.... nakakaloka.... ang dami daming tao... as in!!! kaya naman hindi ako masyadong nag tagal kasi i cant stay ng matagal ng ganun ka dami yung tao... very OMG as in!!!!! well medyo naglibot naman ako... sa WTC

Pag pasok mo pa lang you will see a lot of christmas decorations as in.... Sale sya as in sobrang cheap may be bec. christmas mo lang sya ma use da bah... not unless you want this deco every bday mo, dami all localy made yung mga decoration....

then you will see some pic of showbiz persona.. sympre aside sa nandun ako hahahah may mga both din sila like nung sa pinsan ko who won the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Beatriz Saw... its in c27 near Judy Ann Santos Both.

Bea's Both C27 near Judy Ann Santos' Both near stage.

well.... may nabili naman ako kahit madaming tao... Golla Digi Case.. love it! kasi dati ko pa gusto toh kaso its to mahal... but dun sa WTC its for 180php kaya naman buy ako agad. kasi sa Mall like POWER MAC, iStudio its 750php kaloka noh!!!! naka save ako...

after ko sa WTC dahil nga wala akong damit na ma-buy for our christmas party, i went to G4 naman then dun ako naka buy ng damit

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Printed Matter (Serendra)

Serendra The Fort for Printed Matter, Unique, Invites, souvenirs and more!!!!

Fort Bonifacio Branch, 2/f Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: 856.59.06 / 517.52.22
mobile: 0920.426.22.22

Printed Matter: i love the store kasi its very unique, the color, plus when you get inside you will love it, talaga as in na loob ka ng doll house.... OMG cute!!

yung mga samples nila.... sobrang dami as in.... plus yung girl na nag ayos nung order ko sobrang nive i can say....

Sample.... cute this is for weddings.... hehehe how i wish.....

Note books.... cute and Fab... like me hahahaha!!!

Waiting are... small but very POSH!!! hehehehe

working place.... dito ka gagawa nung order mo... like nung sa akin... dito ako gumawa nung mga names nung mga friends ko for christmas...

Printed Matter is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of Kerwin & Phoebe Chua. It all started when Phoebe, a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, wanted to have a very unique set of Invites for their wedding. Conceptualizing unique and eye-catching invitations, her ideas were noticed by a popular Web-Based group of Soon to Weds called W@Wies, a popular e-group belonging to the Weddings at Work website. ( Not long after, requests came pouring in, asking Phoebe to help them achieve their own “Personalized-Look” for their own wedding invites, and after months of hard work; Printed Matter was rewarded by being voted into the top 10, and top 5 Wedding Suppliers of the year by the W@Wies.

At present, Printed Matter has slowly expanded its services to help cater to clients from different areas. Opening a Design Studio at the Oasis, a wedding venue in Aurora Blvd., San Juan to cater to clients in the Manila, Q.C. & Greenhills area.

Then on May of this year opened Printed Matter Express; a retail kiosk at the Glorietta Activity Center (between McDonald’s & Esprit) to cater to clients from Makati, Alabang and further South, and very soon (November, 2007) we will be opening Printed Matter Concept a “Concept Store” at the 2nd Floor of Serendra in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig to cater to clients who want their very own special ideas turned to reality! Lastly, Printed Matter wouldn’t be where it is now, had it not been for all your support through the past two years. That is why We would like to personally thank all our clients who have contributed much of their time and their very own share of ideas. Thank you so much for believing in Us!

Our warmest regards,
Kerwin & Phoebe Chua
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