Friday, December 26, 2008

The best and worst trends of 2008

We enjoyed giving you a rundown of the hottest trends this year, and we loved wearing them, of course. However, some trends are better left on the runway, mostly for their impracticality, and some for their sheer lack of appeal. named the best and worst fashion trends this year. Here we name five of the best and worst that made it to their hit list, which will hopefully help us decide what trends to follow and what to ignore in years to come.

Best Trends for 2008

1. Maxi dress: The long, sweeping sundress became a wardrobe staple and a favorite outfit for almost any occasion, paired with anything from strappy, heeled sandals to flip-flops.

2. Ruffles: Worn to work or on a nightout, ruffles updated any outfit this year, particularly when worn in black and neutral shades.

3. Menswear: Pants—the wide-leg, slouchy, giant-cuffed types—ruled the runway this year.

4. Ultra violet: All the outfits that made statements this year came in different shades of purple.

5. Lace: The trend that can take a woman from the bedroom to the office to a night club, lace brought out the feminine yet daring side of women.

Worst Trends for 2008

1. Bright tights: There’s a trend that truly isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t even have materialized. This is apparently one of them.

2. Leggings: They’re fine worn as tights—in black—but not as pants, 80s-style.

3. The arts & crafts couture trend: A good example of a trend better left on the runway. Feathers and mirrors on your clothes may look stunning but are certainly not practical.

4. Knee-high gladiator sandals: See note above; this trend is definitely not practical for walking, not to mention a hassle to wear and take off—30 minutes to undo all straps? If you must, just wear the ankle length pairs.

5. Extreme details: Sculptural styles were great, but not if it would be impossible to get to work in them without ruining and “de-puffing your sleeves, collar, waist, or anything else.”

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