Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute speakers for your iPod

Wanting to play music from your iPod without earphones plugged into your ears need not diminish the cuteness factor of your music player.

The time for huge, bulky, and mesh-protected speakers may have come and gone. In its place now are digital speakers that deliver powerful sounds without taking up too much space and being an eyesore, such as these gizmos from Ozaki, a Taiwanese brand licensed by Apple to create iPod speakers for the Asian market, among others.

Ozaki believes that size is no guarantee of power, as proven by this irresistible iMini, a cube speaker that functions as an iPod dock, radio, speaker, and alarm clock. iMinis can even be customized with iMini Pet stuffed toys!

With speakers as cute and multi-functional as these, will you put up with listening to music through your earphones alone? and

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