Monday, December 15, 2008

Experience a different kind of party with the Hilt

Is your concept of parties limited to enjoying overflowing booze and eating as you make small talk? Well, this organization will totally change your perspective and approach to partying.

Parties can involve tarot card readings, or lessons in poker, card magic, or even billiards, according to The Hilt—a group that organizes unusual, fun affairs for singles who want to try something different from the usual movie nights or drinking sprees.

A weekly "Hilt Happening" is a ready-made get-together designed for two dozen people at most. An affair may be dedicated to a beer tasting event featuring variants from different parts of the world, a photography session, or even a ghost-hunting trip. These are offered to singles to give them something entirely new to experience and an opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests.

"Hilt Happenings cover a wide range of events, and they are never the same," says Missy Tolentino, brand manager for The Hilt. "People who want to experience our unique offerings don't have to do anything but sign up, because we take care of everything."

Since its launch last August, the group has come up with events such as "Cheaters' Poker Night," that gave guests the secrets for succeeding in poker; "One for the Roda," a capoeira session; a pool session with Former World Pool Trickshot Champion Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan; and "Illusion Avenue," a crash course on card tricks with magician Kel Fabie, among others.

To be part of the "Hilt List," simply log on to and take your pick from the month-long series of affairs. When you enlist for an event and submit your contact details, you will automatically be added to the list and receive exclusive updates from the group.

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