Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to avoid doing something you'll regret in office Christmas parties

This is it!!!!! ayan na yung mga magwawala as if wala ng bukas..... as if wala ng party kaya kung mag wala... bonggang bonga! hahahahaha

Within the next couple of weeks, most of us will be attending our company holiday party. And while some may look at this annual event as the perfect opportunity to let loose and use too much alcohol as an excuse to profess their love for a colleague or make out with one—in full view of everyone—we beg to disagree.

Ever heard of the saying “A good reputation takes a lifetime to build and a second to destroy”? To help you avoid letting that destructive second happen during your office Christmas party, here are some “Office Holiday Party Dos And Don’ts” listed by

- Do let your hair down and wear something different from your usual office attire—be it in the form of a flattering LBD, standout accessories, or that striking red dress.
- But don’t forget that this IS an office party—hence, sexy clubbing outfits are not appropriate.

- Do give all the work-related talk a rest and get to know your officemates a little better—you just might be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find out.
- However, don’t let the overflowing alcohol loosen your tongue, making you put your foot in your mouth. You’ll definitely hate coming to work the next day—or ever. Keep yourself employed and respected by colleagues.

- Do take this rare chance to flirt: dance with your office crush or at the very least exchange flirty looks, smiles, and words.
- And while he may think nothing of seeing you take a swig from your third bottle of beer, don’t push your luck by allowing the alcohol to give you “courage” to profess your possibly unrequited love for him. You know how it often ends up (clue: awkwardly, to say the least). And if somehow you’ve both expressed mutual lust for each other, remember to keep things private—wait until you’re alone elsewhere; your colleagues do not need to be witnesses, unwilling or otherwise. and

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