Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to know if your guy will cheat on you

Im not telling you naman to start becoming too paranoid and suspicious of your boyfriend’s every move noh. But nothing’s worse than being the last to know that he’s two-timing you. It would then help to know certain traits that shed light on his cheating potential.

Is he a natural charmer who usually gets his way? Is he often surrounded by women, especially in the workplace? These are just some of the warning signs you need to look out for, according to the Cosmopolitan article “Dating 101: Will Your Guy Cheat on You?” published in Yahoo! Go over the list below to see if you have any reason to be wary of your man’s cheating potential.

1. He grew up getting his way all the time, either because his parents spoiled him or he is able to bully or wheedle his classmates into doing things for him—or both. This makes him believe he is entitled to whatever he wants, regardless of other people’s feelings—including yours. Thus, he is not likely to think about hurting you when an opportunity to cheat presents itself.

2. He spends a lot of time in the workplace where he’s surrounded by women and earns a lot. While you might really prefer a guy who’s already made a name for himself, it does have a downside—especially if he’s surrounded by female colleagues all the time. The temptation of office romance is always present, especially if he spends long hours in the workplace. And his ability to spend does not help either: it won’t hurt his wallet to take a female colleague out, and his status might make him think he’s entitled to do so. But if he’s not secretive about his work and brings you to the office or company parties, you have very little reason to doubt him.

While there seems nothing wrong with a “social butterfly” boyfriend, your undivided attention may not be enough for him.

3. He’s a natural charmer who talks his way out of or into anything and enjoys being the center of attention and life of the party. While there seems nothing wrong with a “social butterfly” boyfriend, your undivided attention may not be enough for him; thus, he is easily distracted by other women who are drawn to him. If he acts like you’re invisible or does not like showing affection when he’s talking to other women, he’s likely to want to fool around.

4. His friends are mostly single men who can’t keep relationships and often bring him along to boys-nights-out. Your man definitely needs time for his buddies and their boys-only activities, but there’s always the tendency for single pals to influence him to enjoy the bachelor life like they do—and he might not be able to resist. But don’t tighten your hold on him; balance is key. It’s best if he brings you to hang out with his buddies sometimes; be nice enough to earn their respect so they’re less likely to encourage him to cheat on you.

Now that you know these potential philandering signs, here’s a word of caution: don’t overanalyze situations. Don’t make something out of nothing; just trust your instincts. and

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