Monday, December 15, 2008

Personalized Beauty Fixes

These quick little moves address your individual makeup woes.

DILEMMA: “I have ugly eyebags and dark circles from too much puyat!
FAST-FIX: Dab a concealer one shade lighter than your skin color on dark circles to instantly brighten your face and make you look well-rested.

DILEMMA: “I don’t have time for full makeup!”
FAST-FIX: Brush foundation powder all over face, particularly around your nose and eye area.

DILEMMA: “I always look so sleepy.”
FAST-FIX: Curl lashes to open up your eyes. Start at the base, squeeze, and hold. Repeat at the middle, then finish at the tips. Top with mascara.

DILEMMA: “Everyone says I look maputla!”
FAST-FIX: Dab a dusky-pink color cream on cheeks and lips for an instant flush of color.

DILEMMA: “My foundation is too thick pala.”
FAST-FIX: Thin out of your face base with a few drops of moisturizer for a more natural finish.

DILEMMA: “I can’t stand plucking or threading.”
FAST-FIX: Brush on clear brown mascara to define and groom brows in place.

DILEMMA: “I’m intimidated by colored eyeshadow.”
FAST-FIX: Line your eyes with colored eyeliner instead. It brightens and defines them with minimal effort. Try it in brown, navy blue, or purple.

DILEMMA: “My skin’s so sallow and washed out.”
FAST-FIX: Dust cheeks with a bronzer, then brush it on neck, shoulders, and collarbones. You’ll instantly look sun-kissed and energized.

DILEMMA: “I can’t find the appropriate lip color for the office.”
FAST-FIX: Swipe on a sheer plum-colored lipstick for work. The tint will make teeth look brighter, while the creamy formula will make lips look polished—just like your outfit.

DILEMMA: “I got a pimple bigla!”
FAST-FIX: To quickly hide a zit, dab foundation powder on the blemish with a damp sponge. Brush foundation powder all over face for a clean finish, and to make concealed blemish blend in.

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