Monday, December 15, 2008

Practical beauty tricks for the holidays

With our impossibly hectic schedule during the holiday season, it’s easy to neglect our appearance. Apart from not having any time to spare for ourselves in between shopping for gifts, attending parties or arranging them, and advancing work in preparation for the extended vacation, who even has extra cash to spare on new skin care products or pampering with everything else we have to spend for these days?

Good thing there are practical beauty tricks you can follow, courtesy of the stars and skin care experts. Look beautiful in an instant, using things you already have in your home. We picked five among “21 Beauty Blues Busters” found in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan to give you that quick beauty fix you need and absolutely deserve.

1. Always bring a toothbrush.
No matter how strict you are about your diet, it would be almost impossible to resist all that great holiday food! However, there is a very practical way to keep yourself from overeating: having a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag, says Garrett Warren, Denise Richard’s trainer. “The taste will help kill your appetite and cause you to eat less,” he shares in The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. Opt for whitening toothpaste to help prevent your teeth from getting stained.

2. Accessorize.
Needing an instant beauty booster—but not having enough energy to do much about it? Pinning a sparkling brooch to your top or pulling your hair back in a ponytail with a glittering clip will instantly cause you to be in a festive mood and make you feel glamorous. Just remember that “ponytail holders should be soft with no visible metal that can catch hair—and don’t ever use rubber bands...they are notorious cuticle strippers,” says Stephanie Pedersen, author of K.I.S.S. Guide To Beauty.

3. Perk up your water with a bit of lemon.
Drinking up in Christmas parties? Alternate your cocktails with water, and better to add a few slices of lemon to taste. “This Chinese herbal remedy is a sure-fire method of energizing your body,” says beauty writer Esme Floyd in her book, 1001 Little Beauty Miracles. She adds that this helps “detox your entire system, clean the blood faster, and rid toxins that are responsible for poor skin.”

4. Love your milk.
There’s more you can do with dairy than including them in your holiday feast. Take a leaf out of Cleopatra’s beauty book and add milk to your warm bath, suggests Floyd. “Cleopatra was famous for her smooth skin and milk baths. Follow her beauty secret by adding three cups of powdered milk or fresh milk to a warm batch,” says Floyd, to supposedly exfoliate and soften your skin.

5. Love your coffee even more.
With all that extra eating we do this season, some of us might be horrified at the sudden onset of cellulite. Before cursing all that holiday food you were unable to resist, you might want to try Tyra Banks’ little trick: she makes her own coffee scrub mix (made of actual coffee grounds), and applies this on her thighs “to help increase circulation and minimize the bumpy, orange peel-like formations.”

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