Monday, December 15, 2008

Rave Party 2008

SMX for Our Christmas Party: Rave Party 2008
Thanks to:
Mossimo for my Top,
Guess for my white pants,
Puma for my shoes
Tony and Guy for my Hair
Lacoste for my bag.

Table 176:
Pia and Jen Dacara (1st row) Chai, Ken, Ken Tin, Tots, Mark, Jei, Bd (2nd row)
Eric and Fab Geri (at the back)

Pier 1 Roxas: after party with some friends.....

White Avenue with Wilmark (his cute) he introduce his self to me ... why not, his Indie Actor... Go!!!

Burger King!!!! its time to eat after all the.... i really really had fun kahit na medyo wala ng bat for pics... hahahahaha

more pics:

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