Friday, December 26, 2008

Shine in 2009 trends

After completing your Christmas shopping, here's a new Style challenge for you: stocking your closet with—or at least unearthing from its depths—clothes that will define your 2009 fashion statement.

If you’re worried that you have to toss much of the trendy pieces you invested in for 2008, don’t fret. You can still wear much of them next year, as the driving concept behind 2009 fashion is still the “shine trend,” according to eBay Style Director Constance White. “A satin cocktail dress for evening or a patent handbag for day are two ways to brighten your look. If you’d rather not go all out, add a touch of metallic sparkle with a bold cuff or big necklace.”

She gives a few more tips on how to equip for your wardrobe for the glam new year.

Bold colors are still in. 2009 will be all about color, particularly vibrant hues that really standout. Think hot pink, bright yellow, and intense berry tones.

The 80s still rock. It seems the reinvention of 80s fashion refuses to abate, as plaids, shoulder pads, skinny legs, and bold jewelry still define the beginning of 2009 fashion.

Be comfortable in your skin. Especially in a tropical country as ours, we have all the reason to love minis! Flaunt your legs in shorts, dresses, and flirty skirts. For 2009, the higher the hemline, the better.

Look feminine in nude, delicate hues. On days when you want to give bold colors a rest, opt for subtle hues such as pale pink, ivory, and light brown to add a feminine sophistication to your wardrobe.

Thick shoes make a comeback. Bring out those chunky shoes, as stout heels will certainly update your look for 2009.

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