Sunday, December 7, 2008

What the stars say about your career in 2009

Thinking of leaving your job or traveling abroad to look for work? Are you in for a busy year? Find out what's in store for your sign after the jump.

Aries: Friends play a big part in your ambitions. While this sounds good, be sure there's no deception that could compromise your ambition. Travels related to higher education, publishing, or creative arts provide stimulation and avenues of growth.

Taurus: Restless for change? You may find opportunities for expansion and excitement from membership in new groups or encounters with influential people. Expect the unexpected when it comes to money: you may experience erratic streams, but a lucky break is also possible.

Gemini: You should get ready for a strange but eventful year that may result in an important relocation and social position. Some Gems might land a job that they never dreamed of or expected. "Nobody is the boss of me" could also become a relevant motto - you may strike out on your own.

Cancer: Your outlook is generally expansive and optimistic. This time around, you're more willing to pull up stakes and make a home away from home. An unexpected opportunity to travel abroad and study or undergo further training may come this year. Writers can publish.

Leo: Jupiter in Aquarius rewards you with opportunities to be in the limelight, which you love, anyway. An opportune year to get things done, ask favors and seek counsel while everyone's attention is on you!

Virgo: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, promises some pats on the shoulder for a job well done. You're inspired to try new approaches for greater efficiency. Turning out goods faster and better than everyone else keeps you motivated. But could there be some things that are kept from you at work? Watch for hidden agendas and maneuverings behind your back. People may not be what they seem.

Libra: Work becomes play, because if you're into it, you're into it heart and soul. Your sign is hungry for achievement and accolades, with money not too far behind. Begin a romance with individuals who can inspire you, while friends can fuel your ambitious streak.

Scorpio: Selling your home or property this year may result in a hefty profit. A note of caution: Jupiter makes things look bigger than they actually are. Temper optimism with realistic assessment. Big bangs and big duds go hand in hand this year.

Sagittarius: Grass does look greener when viewed from a distance. The grass is greener on top of septic tanks, too. You needn't look far and wide for your four-leaf clover, however. Just take a good look around and under you!

Capricorn: A new job at this time promises higher pay and opportunity for major lifestyle improvement. Still, some coin-counting is in order. Make good use of this favorable influence to start a savings plan.

Aquarius: No matter what your dress size, you're big in the eyes of others! Don't waste any more time mulling things over. You've done that in 2008. In 2009, self-promotion should be your first order. Place yourself where you can be seen. Toot that horn!

Pisces: This year you give more importance to the image you project to others. Because of this, you may want to change your dress style and appearance. Get ready for a series of personal makeovers! and

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