Monday, January 12, 2009

5 worst dinner date booboos--and best ways to recover!

Let’s face it: being asked out to dinner by a guy you really like can be one of the most exciting experiences—yet also the most nerve-wracking. In your jumpiness, really embarrassing dinner date accidents are likely to happen. Think spilled food and drinks—or spraying your date with something from your mouth. Eww!

Don’t fret; while there’s no telling when these dinner date disasters might hit you, there are ways to emerge from them with much poise. Save your dinner date from becoming one you’d rather completely forget (and will forever cringe from) and ensure it remains smooth-sailing with tips from Yahoo!’s Foxy Festivities bloggers Rita Mauceri and Elycia Rubin. Here’s how to deal when these mishaps strike:

Spraying your date with food from your mouth. We’ve been told since we were kids never to talk while chewing, but if for some reason you couldn’t avoid it and you accidentally spit a bit of food on your date, DON’T PANIC! Playfully wipe him off with a napkin. As you will discover for the rest of this entry, laughter and a casual shrug are your lifesavers. If he didn’t even notice, casually touch his arm to brush it off as you’re talking.

“Malunggay on your teeth” incident. Are you familiar with the Pinoy dating anecdote involving malunggay on a woman's teeth? It can also happen with things like pepper, shards of meat, and other green leafy vegetables that have an annoying tendency of clinging to your teeth without you even noticing—until your date points it out. And when he does, laugh it off and excuse yourself to remove it in the restroom—not at the table.

Spilling food or drink on your lap. There’s nothing a charming smile and "whoops" can’t do when these embarrassing situations arise. Then just wipe yourself with a napkin or, if it’s a really bad spill, excuse yourself to remove it in the restroom with soap and water.

Dropping a utensil on the floor. When this happens, just flag a waiter and politely ask for a replacement. Don’t make too much of it. No need to be the one to pick it off the floor, unless you’re in someone’s house; in that case, carefully pick up the utensil and rinse it off in the kitchen.

Getting food on your face. There are certain dishes you should veer from if you want to remain poised during a date, such as saucy pasta and barbecued chicken or huge hamburgers. If sauce or fragments end up on your chin or cheek, just wipe it off with poise. If your date was the one who pointed it out, charmingly laugh it off and say thanks as you wipe it off.

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