Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

Its friday today, so.. super late na ako nagising kasi super late na rin ako naka sleep last night, im the only person na lang kasi na awake, kaya need to you monitor mom, hay.. thanks to twitter and facebook and other thingy for making me awake.

anyways, today is friday, usually gimik night for me, but since we have this situation, no gimik for me, pero i want to go out talaga.. my plans for today is to go out but nmot with friends sympre with my mom.

ok plan plan plan plan, we are planning to go and attend mass this afternoon sa mall of asia, cguro will bring na lang the special food for mom para ok sya. then may be we can go malling and all or kahit dun lang sa side, for sure miss na ni mom yun bec as far as i know dun lagi na pupunta si mom together with dad every weekend to do jogging and aerobics. baka lumakas ulit loob ni mom and do the same thing.

thats our plan for today. attend mass and do the malling, we need to spend more time for mom and always make it special. hay... this is celebrating life.

lets still continue praying for mom ah. thanks thanks thanks.

Love love love

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