Thursday, February 25, 2010

The General's Statement

Tuesday February 23, 2010, Mom’s check up with Dr. Abad Santos, Dr. Milan Tambunting Nephrology, Dr. Dindo Isabella and Dr. Barbara Marquez Domingo Oncologist of Makati Medical Center, this is in preparation of her 4th Chemo Therapy this week. But due to some complication, the said cycle/treatment was canceled. I will not elaborate more about the complication she had. Dra. Domingo together with Dr. Dindo Isabella advice us to have her MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) so we had the said procedure at around 8.00pm.

Wednesday February 24, 2010, around 2.00 to 3.00 in the afternoon. Anna Sec. of Dr. Domingo ask me to go to Makati Medical Center bec. We will have meeting with Dr. Domingo and Dr. Ortin Radiation Specialist regarding the result of MRI. I went to MMC together with Joan, I did not ask my dad to join me bec. Of his heart, I know that this is very important and critical, that’s why I told my dad not to join us. the conversation was recorded. After a few minutes of waiting now we are complete, then the meeting started around 3pm.

Result of her MRI and Possible Treatment.

Dr. Ortin, educated us about the next procedure after her Chemo, Radiation Therapy, Mom should have 6 cycle, and she need 2 or 3 more chemo, but bec. Of the complication this was canceled anymore. After her 2nd chemo, the tumor shrink, so we don’t have to worry coz we now that its working, then after her 3rd chemo and bec of the complication, MRI result is the tumor is back in her brain. Methotrixate is no longer working for mom’s tumor as per Dr.Domingo.

The Doctor’s explained to us clearly what is the options or 2nd line as what they call it.

First Option is Retuximab

Rituximab (Rituxan) is a drug used in the treatment of Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL). It is one of a special group of drugs called ‘monoclonal antibodies’. Rituximab that attaches itself to a special molecule called CD20 that is present on the surface of B-cells. It is the B-cells that become cancerous in many lymphomas. By attaching to this molecule, Rituximab inactivates the cancer cells and eliminates them. As it binds only to a very specific molecule present on B-cells only, Rituximab produces no ill effects on normal cells in the body.

Or Radiation Therapy for 4 weeks.

MRI Result, Mom has a Bad Tumor in her brain, Methotrixate is no longer working, and Tumor is back after 3rd chemo.

Side effect is also explained to us.

CNS Lymphoma is not curative, Retuximab or Radiation Therapy can hide the said tumor but no possibilities.

Since its not curative, I asked the Doctors, what will happen to her if we decided not to go on radiation therapy or Retuximab.

My MOM is given 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Family is still on process of thinking what is the best for my mom since we've given the best that we can for her tumor, but this time no decision yet.

Now, I am asking all of you my relative and friends to pls pls pls keep on praying for mom, pls ask GOD to give mom longer life, not weeks but years. Pls include her, my mom’s name is Sylvia General and to help us in thinking what is the best for mom.

Our Family is now in pain, but we are still holding and hoping, ONLY GOD knows everything.

Thank you to all my friends who always praying for her. Maraming Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

I will only meet some close friends and relatives at this point of time, to all my friends/office executives/producers of my projects etc. pls understand our situation right now, Im on Leave, sa work and all. thank you for all your understanding, everything will be ok.

Mom, I love you So much, i know na makakaya natin to. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Ma!

Gilbert General
Second Son

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