Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Tam (Herbalist)

Dr. Tam, a registered Respiratory Therapist at North Hollywood Medical and Dental School, California, USA furthered his medical education at the Clayton College of Natural Healing (formerly Alabama College of Natural Healing) in Alabama, USA, becoming the Philippines first Naturopathic Doctor.

A devoted husband and loving father, Dr. Tam has taken his Vegan lifestyle and Naturopathic practice to heart given his wife’s previous encounter with Breast Cancer. Encouraging better health care is a personal mission this kind-hearted doctor has come to understand and assertively promote.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Tam has been a vigilant Medical Missionary and Health Crusader with numerous distinctions and affiliations under his name.

Living Food Phils. Inc. (CEO)
Dr. Tam Vegetarian Association of the Philippines. (President)
Kaalamang Pangkalusugan Foundation (founder)
Huwarang Pilipino 2003 award recipient
Originator and formulator of Dr. Tam’s MiracleTea (cleansing tea) and LiveGreen (food supplement).

Member Organizations
American Naturophatic Medical Association (ANMA)
Association of American Nutritional Consultant (AANC)
Phil. College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM)
Phil. Institute for Traditional Alternative Health Care (PITAHC)

“Educating people about better care of their health as a challenge for them to live a life free from disease is what I would like to leave as my legacy…” - Dr. Tam Mateo

Visit his website: http://drtam.org/

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