Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue Day Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day Paps (Mr. Benjamin Sergio General)
its our first time to celebrate Fathers day with out my mom, so sad but we have to celebrate Father's Day na happy as what my mom want. (miss you mom).

Blue day for us, me wearing giordano blue shirt and short, Ian wearing blue Pinoy Lab polo shirt then Dad wearing Blued polo shirt.

We had dinner at Tien, Ortigas. Davao Tuna Grilled, of course will eat sa like ng dad ko since special day nya.

Dad Had tuna something with sabaw (i dont know what is that) then me and my borther Ian had Sisig.

but then again we had our snack first with Mom at Heritage Park Bonifacio, as requested by my Dad, sadness because i can see to my dad how he miss my mom =( but then again we have to move on, super painful parin to us. esp to dad.

Happy Happy Fathers Day Paps. We love you so much.
I will take care of you forever.

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