Monday, June 7, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Night

well well well.... SATC2 i love it! why why and why???? bec. SATC is one of my gave series plus i really really love Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha.. i love the Character.. it's very me. whaaaa... anyways..

I love it bec. i watched it with my real and trusted friends you know who na. =) we watched this sa Greenbelt 3 at 7.20pm. other friends had their dinner at Pepper Lunch.

Then after the movie, we went to Malate for Vid-oke night (not my thingy) i dont know why but im not fun of going to a Vid-oke salon and Sing Sing... but since my friends love it... then go. whaaaa

Honestly i super miss them as in super miss them.... minsan kasi hindi ako nakakasama bec. of my busy sched. but now i really really want to be with them since friends kami since elem. hay... kahit na we are not kumpleto.

More More with them soon...

To all my friends, thank you ever so much for everything you know na what i mean.until next movie or gala.

I love you so much guys. =)

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