Sunday, December 12, 2010

2003 CA4a MIni Reunion

as i promised i will blog my last night gimik or reunion. yah right im blogging right now as in, now na... chos...

OK OK last night we had our Reunion... we had simple dinner lang  in Kabisera The fort with Chariz Datu and Bf (soon to be husband) Camille Cuneta Gallo (thanks for the ride Cam) and Nino Carlo Razor. Sayang nga eh im expecting some of our CA (Comm Arts) friends like Aileen Castro but then again i think she is complaining about traffic kasi naman mang gagaling pa sya somewhere in alabang, then Lenz Abaya naman may dinner with his team (Jp Morgan Chase Team), but its all good may be next time they can join us for another reunion.

The night: all filipino foods, like bulalo, chicken something with brown churva (i dont know the name) but it taste good naman then kare-Kare, according to Chariz super na miss nya ang filipino ulams, (Chariz is all the way from Dubai)

while eating i asked a lot of things about my friends asa dubai na friend nya rin like Philip, Phen and Girlie plus Leah. more more chika and i cant post it coz baka magalit yung isang friend ko. 
after dinner we had beer for old good times sake. 

Chariz asked me san ba ang Serendra, then i told her why? funny coz she dont have any idea about the place then sabi ko tara lets go to Serendra. sabi nya, pasensya.... "OFW lang" and this statement super tawang tawa ko..... =)

After Serendra, we went to Resort World Manila (The New Villamor) hahahahaha then we had coffee tapos more more chikahan... 

Well, last night was a very very fun night. Makita mo ang old friends mo super saya, balikan ang mga kagagohan, mga kwento and some chismis na clear during our school day. 

Note: Im super happy for Chariz Datu, ikakasal ka na girl, see you on your big fabulous night.

The New Love Team CAMZOR Cam Gallo and Razor

I love it!!!

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