Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy Saturday Friendship Night!!!

OMG!! As in OMG, im super super busy last night because of my lakads. Christmas season is the best time for reunions/gatherings/events. Kaya naman last night i had two Reunions. Its a COLLEGE Days Reunion Philosophy and Communication Arts.

Cogito Ergo Sum (Philo Reunion and Christmas Party)

We have dinner last night in Dencio's ABS-CBN with Atty. Sheila Santos, Francis Salazar, Aibee Padua, Lieslie Dizon, Jon Ken Ramos, Prof Olo, Jj Joaquin and Jaypee Reyes.

after 7 years... take note 7 years... the Philo Reunion naman was fun and fab night because after we had our dinner, videoke naman sa Music Match in timog also, gosh timog talaga is so so far. but for the sake of friendship... good vibes lang.

I hope to see you guys again...... soon

so after Philo Night Reunion, go naman ako sa Pasay for Comm Arts reunion, but this time marami kami unlike last last saturday.

they had dinner naman in dampa, i think all sea foods ang kinain nila, no idea because nasa philo reunion pa ako, i followed na lang sa drinking chuchu. =)

after dinner, went to blue wave for some Chill Chill night. Drink, Drink and Drink. hay... so super saya much, its like "Bring Back the past" hahaha kwentos from the past, chismis, confirmation about issues like"Song Writer namimigay ng SLR sa jowang lalaki"and gimiks like "Ipanema days na naka uniform pa ng letran."

Batch 99 Mini Reunion super mini reunion because were 5 (Still in Blue Wave)

lenz and I saw our classmates way back in high school naman.... James Armas, Gabby and Don. whaaa another drinking churva coz its James' Birthday, ok fine for lenz why not kasi he might think that he can also bring back the past... hahahaha (akin na lang yun) that night im super sleepy na!!!

Saturday night for me is very busy fun fab night. Happy to see all friends na nag grow. unlike before.....

Thanks guys for inviti8ng me. till next time. =)

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