Friday, December 10, 2010

Music Week

Well Well, Holiday Month so meaning im busy with all parties, event and reunions. This past few days im super busy downloading musics for my ipod. Why... whats the connection, well for me kasi music managed my bad mood as in, like for example if i have a very nakaka stress sa work then play music it changes my mood and im good to go for my next schedule also if im waiting for my friends, aside sa pag tweet or facebook playing music is killing time for me, i dont know but time is very fast when i listen to the music specially if you love the music thats playing in your ear.

anyway for this week, i downloaded a lot of albums, like Hed Kandi Musics, Bossa n' Marley, Stones and Roses. I love their musics as in... its giving me GV mood. 

Thanks To and itunes for my music. I super LOVE IT.

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