Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ready for 2011, Starbucks Planner for me!!!!

Starbucks planner
my 5th year of collecting stickers for starbucks planner.

I got it last night with Majo, kasi she asked me to have coffee after her work so i told her that ill meet her sa BO's Coffee then will go to Starbucks Drive Thru.
the pila last night sa Starbucks Drive Thru is crazy super haba, then while we are waiting for our turn, i asked maj to take a photo while im getting the planner (celeb lang), after few mins, its our turn na.
Ill have the Red Starbucks Planner because Red is my fave color.

I really really love the starbucks planner so cute and fabulous. One thing more about starbucks planner ls eco friendly planner sometimes you also get some freebies or discount.

For this year you need to complete 17 stickers for you to have starbucks fabulous planner

you get one sticker if you order coffee (normal coffee or special christmas coffee)

finally after one and half month collecting of stickers, i got my planner, this is my 3rd starbucks planner for the year. The first 2 planner i give it to my friend as a early christmas gift.

Planner planner and planner. I dont the usual way for this planner, meeting events etc. For me i use it as my scrap planner. How?

The normal way. I list all my meetings.

Then once i get in to my meeting, im taking photos then i paste it on that aay syempre have to print the picture first then post it.... I mean paste it.

By the way i would like to thank my friends who help me out to complete my stickers, Achie, Roan Reyes, Patricia and Dodley of MMC, Atty Sheila Santos, Majo.

Thanks to Starbucks 6750, PCC the Fort, Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Resorts World Manila, Starbucks Drive Thru.

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