Monday, January 10, 2011

Fabulous Geri a.k.a Jun Sabayton (Laugh Out Loud Abs-Cbn)

About the Show: (

ABS-CBN premieres its newest TV comedy reality show “Laugh Out Loud,” to be hosted by witty host-actor Luis Manzano, this Saturday (Dec 4) and will bring Pinoys funny videos of real-life reactions of real people caught up in unusual practical joke situations be it at work, at school, on the streets, and everywhere else.

“What makes LOL different is that pranks are well-thought-of. We assure you that we will bring 99.9% of laughter right on your television screens,” said Luis.

Joining Luis as co-host is the Queen of Cosplay turned TV host Alodia Gosiengfiao, who will embark on her first ever Kapamilya project.

“I feel very honored to be part of this show! I’ve never really done a show with ABS-CBN and I feel very nervous, to be honest, because people might have very high expectations. I’m working with pros and veterans in the field. So yes, as a newbie, I really hope to learn a lot and improve from working with the team!” she said.

Viewers must watch out for the wacky pranks the show prepares each week, which will also be watched by a laugh team composed of celebrity groups or barkadas who will laugh with together with you while you’re watching at your homes.

The team will pick its top three reactions from the videos, which will be subject to text votes via “Laugh Out Loud” text promo. The reaction with the most number of votes will win P10,000.

Don’t miss the premiere of the newest comedy reality show “Laugh Out Loud” this Saturday (Dec 4), 9:45 PM after “MMK” on ABS-CBN.

Fabulous Geri a.k.a Jun Sabayton

I started my new year with a BANG as in bang na bang, LOL as this episode was aired last January 1, 2011.

This ep. was taken last year around October, i went to ABS-CBN for a formal interview, why not! I had two interview, 1 interview with Exec. Producer then the 2nd one was with LOL Team.

1 interview was a formal interview, they are looking for some production staff talaga. then they told me about my final interview and wala ako idea na LOL na pala yun. the first interview was my final interview na pala and yung sa LOL is to tape this ep. hahahaha.

well what i can do this is it. hahahahaha i really really had fun doing this ep. kala ko yung mga na prank is nakakaloka pero mas nakakaloka pala yung akin.

Watch this ep.

Alam nyo ba na habang nag air yung ep na toh, nasa Starbucks Drive Thru ako with my friends, maraming tumatawag at nag text, tweet, facebook sa akin regarding this. Ibat ibang reaction at aliw na aliw ang mga friendships ko.

At guest what nakuha yung episode ko for text promo, celebrity judges are na aliw with may pinaggagawa.

And the winner is me, hahahahaha laugh trip talaga oh, nanalo pa talaga ako.....

Thank You Note:
Maraming Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng napasaya ko sa episode na toh, hindi ko maiisip na matutuwa kayo at hahagalpak sa kakatawa, nakakahiya man pero masaya narin ako dahil lahat kayo ay na aliw ko.

Sa lahat ng mga nag vote sa akin, maraming maraming salamat sa pag aksaya ng load and effort na ipagkalat ang video na toh. aliw much, I can say instant celeb ako ah. Maraming Maraming Salamat Talaga.

Salamat ulit.......

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