Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion + Geri = Fabulous Room

Last night while browsing some fashion website like, i saw this Pre-Fall Balenciaga 2011 Collections and i came up with the idea na since i cant wear clothes like that why not incorporate them with my room.

My mom gave me sofa for my room, the sofa is for my friends because way back 2002, mom told me that "Bakit ba pag may friends ka sa room mo pinapapunta not in our sala..." so mom decided to give me one.

I asked Imelda to look for sofa cover that's look like the Balenciaga Pre-fall 2011 collections, after few hours she gave me this kind of cover..... and im so so fabulously excited to change it.

check out my PRE-Fall Balenciaga Sofa (so fab, so geri) chos....

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