Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Aroma Therapy Set

Im so so excited to use my NEW Aroma Therapy Set. OIL BURNER, 3 kinds of Aroma Oil and Tea Light Candle. I bought this set at Dimensione High Street, its very very affordable for only 300++. you'll have this set of relaxation, come on we need to relax naman noh kahit papaano.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative healing which dates back thousands of years and is becoming increasingly popular today. Based on the use of volatile essential oils extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits, spices, roots and woods, aromatherapy is believed to offer benefits to both physical and psychological well being. In order to use the oils, some type of device is needed to disperse the fragrance. These devices are known as diffusers in general. By far the most popular and readily available types of diffusers are those that use heat, known as aromatherapy burners. There are a few different products which are referred to as aromatherapy burners, including aroma rings, electric burners and tea candle burners.

Candle Burners

The most common aromatherapy burners are those that utilize tea candles. They are also known as aroma lamps and consist of a bottom area which has a flat space to hold the candle and some type of dish directly above to hold water and a few drops of oil. Candle burners work by the principle of vaporization. When the water gets hot enough, the fragrance is diffused along with the water vapor into the surrounding area. These types of burners are available in countless designs to fit any type of interest or style. Cats, dragons, dolphins, floral themes – the list is endless. Some particularly pretty burners have cut outs on the bottom half. Known as the silhouette style, these designs cast shadows on the walls around them. Other burners are structured with the dish hanging from chains, creating an interesting impression. There are even burners available that incorporate a geode as the dish.

The discerning buyer must decide if form or function is most important to them. While many styles are quite beautiful, they are not always practical. A high quality burner should have a large vessel for holding water and a structure that does not put the dish close to the flame. Both of these features will prevent the water from evaporating too quickly, but the majority of burners are not constructed like this. There are a large number of styles available with glass dishes which are usually fairly small. The water and oil will evaporate quickly with these designs and if left unattended the dish will usually crack or become discolored. Some companies sell replacement glass dishes, but you need to make sure you have chosen a design that is compatible with them. Candle burners can also be made from various ceramic materials. These are a bit more resistant to heat damage, but even these can crack if left dry over a flame for an extended period. Soapstone is also becoming a popular material for candle burners and has an even higher tolerance to heat.

Pros: Limitless designs; can be a beautiful piece of home d├ęcor; most styles are inexpensive; easy to use.

Cons: Variety of safety concerns regarding candles and heat issues with wax, water and the burner dish; many designs are impractical and need monitoring; all designs not recommended for use more than four hours.

The bottom line consideration in choosing an aromatherapy burner is whether you are going to use it for therapeutic applications or just casual enjoyment. The electric burners are better for extended use and those pursuing alternative healing. Those who are happy to enjoy aromatherapy for shorter periods and do not have concerns about safety issues will be happy with either an aroma ring or adding the artistic touch of a candle burner. (from

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