Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pia and Ken, Love Friendship Dramas...

Another Weekend coffee night with my friends Pia Salvador and Ken Ruiz, actually this night supposed to be our farewell party for our friend Kat a.k.a Tatte becuase she leaving for US, as the ugali of our friend Tatte, she is not replying to our SMS, well what new diba, That is Tatte Talkshit, Chosera and Indeanera hahahaha Kidding, anyway im super happy naman because im with my friends, grabee im super nagulat, as far as in know they are not in good term because of 1k but then again magkasama sila, as in back in each others arm ang drama ng mga friends ko. OH well thats life.

The Night is super fun because of some stories, love advices and of course Halagpakan sa kakatawa bec. of Can i move on acting ko sa LOL.

We had our coffee night in Starbucks Drive Thur in Bonifacio, again the first ever Drive Thru Starbucks in Manila and Pia was so so amaze with the place.

after our Starbucks we went to RESORT WORLD MANILA, another First Time Event for Ken Ruiz ( Lahar ng First Time Mall of Ken Ruiz, im always at her side to guide her hahahaha baka kasi mawala)

Im Super Happy to see you guys again, Happy and In Love!!! Chos.

for Tatte: well, what new.... hahaha im super happy for you friend because you found your happiness to Rick, We will miss you so much, im glad that friends ulit tayo but then again i will not see you that often. Anyways tama na the drama, Just take care of yourself, enjoy life and dont forget the padalas ah... your mayaman na.... Chos...

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