Friday, January 14, 2011

Planner vs Planner

Pak.... i love the free mini planner from Cosmo Mag Jan Issue. Kinabog ang Starbucks Planner ko... whaaaa....

I collected like how many stickers just to have the SB Planner, Mini Planner from Cosmo ang kumabog. I like it because the planner is very chick, small and the color is pink (very geri... chosness) plus one thing that i like most is that, this mini planner has voucher from different Resto, Bars, Shop and even fitness places like Golds Gym, Fitness first (why did i mentioned this... i dont go to gym naman... ayaw ko ma haggard)

Anyway if you want to have this Mini Chick Pink Planner, grab a copy of January Issue of Cosmopolitan Mag. (Fab Geri a.k.a Anne Curtis is in the cover) and you will also get one Calendar with hotness photos of menthol.

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