Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Binatog Afternoon.

When i was a kid Binatog is one of my favorite merienda food, i remember Imelda cooked one for my just for my merienda, also Palitaw.

This afternoon, while watching ASAP ROCKS, Party Pilipinas and PO5 i heard this bating bating "musical instrument" that manong binatog is now ready to serve me. chos, That bating bating this the one they used to call your attention and have buy his binatog.

I asked Imelda to call the manong binatog and buy 40php of Binatog for Merienda.

How to cook Binatog? This is the Binatog Recipe i researched and video on how to cook binatog. enjoy. =)

Binatog is boiled corn kernels sprinkled with salt and grated coconut on top. This is one of the popular meriendas [afternoon snack] sold on the street. I don't put salt on my binatog, though. I prefer sugar.

Sugar makes everything better.*grins*

This is a very humble snack,sold by a vendor pushing a cart with two pails and clanking a metal which serves as a bell. The bigger pail contains the boiled kernels...

and the small pail contains the grated coconut.

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