Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Scam

Kat de Castro tweeted "The designer asked 30k for this suit. Pero bakit may Dansen tag? Sa SM ito di ba? Napeke kaya yung friend ko?"

A client went to the designer (P.Q.) to have a wedding suit custom made. He paid Php30,000 for the suit only to find out that the designer bought the suit from SM's local label DANSEN. I visited SM department store to check how much it is priced, and to my horror, it's tagged for PhP3,300!!

BEWARE people as i have been a victim of this con artist myself. I otherwise call him the TROLL! read my previous FB status to learn more.

BOBON Official Statement:

In response to the Facebook post “Fashion Scam” showing a photo of a suit with a label “Bobon by Puey Quinones” alongside the label of another local clothing company, as well as related Twitter messages, we wish to clarify that BOBON is not in any way involved in the design, production or sale of the suit in the photo, or the affixing of the “BOBON by Puey Quinones” label to the suit.

BOBON, owned and operated by Urban Lifestyles, Inc., started as a collaboration with a single designer in 2008 and has since grown into a collective effort involving several Filipino designers. BOBON is not affiliated with any one designer. Although the label “Bobon by Puey Quinones” was initially used in 2008, this label was discontinued more than a year ago. Since 2010, all BOBON pieces simply bear the label “BOBON”.

We have no knowledge of how the label “Bobon by Puey Quinones” ended up in the suit in the Facebook post as we have used every effort to reclaim and destroy these old labels. We are certain that this suit was not purchased by the owner from or through BOBON. All BOBON pieces are sold exclusively at or through the BOBON store at The Podium and we have no record of this transaction.

We wish to assure our loyal clients and friends that all BOBON pieces are original custom designs by our designer partners. We are committed to maintaining high quality and originality in our creations and remain steadfast in our support of Filipino designers.

To our clients, partners and friends, we thank you for your continued support and belief in us.

BOBON Management
Urban Lifestyles, Inc.

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