Sunday, February 13, 2011

Krazy Food, Krazy Friends, Krazy Ken

2nd Flr: Resort World Manila, Krazy Garlik

Afternoon of Saturday, I got Instant Message from Pia using facebook asking me about our plan for Ken's Birthday Celebration, Pia is panicking because no plans yet to make her ex ken happy on her birthday hahahaha well... she want to buy flowers and cake, i told her that all that she need is in Resort World Manila, Pia ask for help then sympre since they are friends ok fine whats new diba. =)

I asked my PA to contact Resorts World Manila and ask all the contact number of all the fine dinning in RWM, after few mins got all the list.

I told Pia to try Krazy Garlik since hindi ko pa sya na try. they she ask me to call Krazy Garlik and reserve for us.

We started our dinner around 9pm because Pia and Ken are late super late and i hate it. (infairmess they gave me cake)

Anyway, while waiting for them I had Fruit Shake Ripe Mango, for 110php you will enjoy your Shake served in a very tall glass garnish with Ripe Mango on top. when i zipped my shake, it reminds me of my boracay days (wala lang, i always drink mango shake kasi when im in bora) I can say that 110php is worthy of Mango Shake.

Krazy Garlik had a special drink list other than the usual soda-bar-shakes stuff. They were healthy tonics, and I got to try Travel Sickness, a blend of red apple, kiwi, watermelon and ginger. Truly refreshing!

Spoon, fork and Knief

Gralik Shaped Plate

I ordered 6pcs Garlic Bread while waiting for them (again they are so tagal). Garlic Bread is totally different from a normal garlic bread from other resto, with them ramdam mo ang lasa ng garlic, its seems like garlic na nilagyan ng bread, you can also taste the buo buong garlic on top of your bread, plus infairness not that oily.

6pcs Gralik Bread

They Serve also complimentary appetizer i dont know kung ano name of that but i have pic to show, we never tried it, i dont know why, well for me i dont eat pure veggies kaya its all good.

Complementary Appetizer

They Finally Pia and Ken arrived, they are 1 hours late.

Then we started ordering our dinner.
Tom Yang Soup of the Day, Dori Fish with Creamy Seafood, Penne Abbraitta, Garlic Crispy Pata and for our Drinks we had Ripe Mango Shake.

Tom Yang Soup of the Day


Dory Fish with Creamy Seafood

Penne Abbriatta

Garlik Cripy Pata

Since its Ken's Birthday, they do have this complimentary Ice Cream top with one Candle and Strawberry Syrup. The servers greeted her and sang a song for her.

Ken Ruiz The Birthday Girl

Servers had good attitude, very enthusiastic. Aside from one of them accidentally flicking a pen and sending it flying at me, service was generally okay.

Thank you so much Ken, Happy Happy Birthday

then after few hours of eating chikahan and picture taking....... ONE BIG BURP para sa amin. food is nice, place is fab.

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