Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Celebrate LOVE

Thanks to my Boss (Ang Lakas maka babae)

Lets celebrate love

I woke up around 5.30am, so early to celebrate love noh... hahahaha well...

I checked my facebook and twitter and it all love wall post, status, articles or even blog are about LOVE ok.... Valentines Day nga ngayon.. fine

I had milk and empanada for my breaky. Thanks to auntie jo for my healthy breaky.

Around 8.30am im ready to work, infairness with edsa traffic no traffic because in 15 minutes I'm in already.

Arrived in the ofc like around 9am, then my boss greeted us then he gave us rose (ang lakas makababae lang)

Spag, Buttered Wheat Bread and Red Iced Tea (Country Style)

for my lunch i had spag, buttered bread and one heart shape donut from Country Style, so yummy... I'm in love with pasta, i had my lunch with Rachel Kabigting and Joy Lopez, they are my lunch date. Chos hahahaha...

Our office gave us some free fortuhe cookie, i dont know what is connection of this cookie for valentine, can some one explain this to me, i think dapat binigay nila toh nung Kung Hei Fat Choi diba. =)

The this is what i got from that Fortune Cookies:

Fortune Cookie

Then after the free cookies, we also have Sweet Dessert, why not go go go... but then again sorry fab because hindi na ako nakakuha ng free desserts.

After work, im supposed to go the Las Pinas for the Grand Opening of one new coffee shop, someone invited me to come and join him but then again i wasnt able to join him because I'm pagod, i hope he would understand diba. His name is Parker Allan and his cute, he is freelance Model, ok hanggan dun na lang. =)

I had Adobo for my dinner, and I asked my brother Ian, if they went to Heritage Park to celebrate Valentines Day with mom, and he told me that they went to mom with Dad. for sure my dad miss my mom so much especially in this kind of event. Im pretty sure naman that my Mom is full of love in heaven with God.

Hay, that all for today. Happy Love Love Love Day to all... =)

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